Derek Sivers & Ariel Hyatt Discuss Internet Marketing For Musicians

promoting yourself on the internet is a topic that I'm extremely passionate about and something I do all day long and I wanted to get Derek's take on marketing on the internet and Internet techniques and possibly some tips specific Read More

Techniques of Orchestration Part 1 | How To Orchestrate a Chord

hi everyone I'm Rick Beato in today's everything music we're going to talk about orchestration in particular how to orchestrate a chord amongst the entire orchestra coming up next on everything music you okay what are we going to talk Read More

Sets and Set Notation

it set is a collection of objects the objects that are in the set are called elements or members of the set okay well we're not done with a definition yet we have to question it what objects can we Read More

Art Marina Abramović Rhythm 0

Abramovitch performed rhythm 0 in which she stood impassively and put herself completely in the hands of her audience I was standing there in the middle of the space with this table with objects I put the objects on the Read More

PodRide pitch v1,1

hi my name is Micah and I am the designer all right the basic idea with portrait is to have a weather protected and more comfortable bicycle my solution is this four wheeled fully covered bicycle car it is small Read More


art Williams has spoken to many business groups throughout the years the following speech was delivered to the 1987 national religious broadcaster convention and has become a classic example of arts philosophy on winning in business it is simply entitled Read More