作画風景 : ネジを描く(字幕で解説)

Drawing the final cover page for EAT-MAN the main dish Trying several ideas … This one “Name” (sketch shown to editor for approval) Based on this the rough is drawn Copy paper size B4 first, overall drawing actual object for reference rotate paper to adjust the shape & balance drawing the surrounding rough finished drawing paper placed over the rough IC drawing paper size B4 135kg weight This time I’ll be inking based on the rough below… it’s secured with tape to avoid movement cleaning the rough below the surrounding will be inked directly… so on this much cleanup inking starting from the cleaned area the coin below the triangle… prevent ink seepage and… smearing due to rubbing the triangle can be placed over ink that is still wet… making for smooth workflow adding more to the rough as needed this bolt is the central image, so it is carefully drawn shading with “maru”-pen (mapping pen) to get a metal feel real reference for shadow and light next, the machine in foreground first, ink the straight lines and connect freehand Rubble are drawn based on rough below there’s no definite shape so lines are added ad lib the details will be drawn later, so first, draw it all with a saji-pen (spoon nib) This saji pen is worn after few weeks of use even after repeated washing ink won’t come off time for a new one Nikko saji pen the worn nib will be mounted on another holder and used for fat lines A brand new nib draws fine lines a bit of play here snake-robot Teromea sneaked in using a brush pen with sumi paint in the beta (blackout) with the beta the drawing comes together finishing with details using maru pen adding all the details keeping the light direction in mind inking complete Thanks for watching

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  2. Михаил Иванов says:




  4. jsilva11749 says:

    Amazing! Sugoi!

  5. Luis Eduardo LEON says:

    It is beatiful

  6. Kelp says:

    te aprecio

  7. 結月:ハヤテ says:


  8. Tomas Soejakto says:

    This doubles as an ASMR video 😉

  9. Teru Trying says:

    So damn delicate and complex😂 that's amazing. thanks for the video! People like you are so talented 😊 I love the imagination and you using the nail reference. It's refreshing to see each drawing lines😃

  10. GMgoku says:

    Que lindo dibujas quisiera dibujar como usted sensei Esperare otro video con ansias

  11. Drawing Time Lapse says:

    really cool! Like your drawing!

  12. Jek MX says:

    Fantastic, I learned a lot from this!

  13. Francilyo Maurino says:

    I like the noise of the pencil, it calms me down

  14. Ken Hukushi says:

    翻訳 入れました。 認可されなきゃいけないとか 書いてあったので、時間かかるかもしれません。

  15. T E N N O says:

    Face reveal!

  16. Gabilar says:

    I admire your thoroughness in putting the details
    1:31 You reminded me of me, when to draw the hands of the characters I guided myself from my own hands ♥

  17. ホタテユウキ says:


  18. Mugiwara no Zoro says:

    The only thing i can say is "incredible". I would like to be an artist as perfect as you. Thanks for showing us your skills.

  19. DΞVIΛИT says:

    Damn , never expect less from you sensei .

  20. Serftoob says:

    Excellent work!

  21. Pedro Wilbert says:

    Como é belo ver uma arte surgindo com os materiais ainda primários, caneta tinteiro e nankin, nada de tablet digital. Belíssimo!

  22. Tony32 says:

    I'm mesmerized!

  23. mateus jfs2904 says:

    I feel very inspired to draw my manga after I see a video of you

    How many sajis and maru do you normally use in a month of work?

  24. Abril Agüin says:


  25. Pedro 500conto says:

    Muito lindo cara

  26. Ryokucha San says:


  27. pattadon kamon says:

    Your subtitle is very helpful for student like me, thanks alot sensei! Big fan here from Thailand.

  28. pattadon kamon says:

    I have a question sensei, all you used is only black ink right? coz sometime i saw it turn to dark-blue, not sure if it is a light reflect on paper or my laptop's screen.

  29. The unassumng local guy says:

    That coin trick is genius.

  30. Juan David Quiros says:

    It would be nice some music in the background.

  31. JH KOU says:


  32. Andr Wood says:

    This video is really cool. It give me some ideas for my work. Thank you

  33. Animes Fandubs Y Demás cosas says:

    When sketch is better than what u draw

  34. Діма Линник says:

    цікаво, дякую за відео!

  35. j0ca1995 says:

    one of the most beautiful screw's i ever saw in my life

  36. The GEnious Gamer says:

    beautiful linework. i don't even understand how it's possible to ink those nice elegant curves, I need to practice a lot more!

  37. ginjamen says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! you teach me a lot in your videos. Please continue with great work and have an amazing life.
    My youtube account serve to see your channel.

  38. Faizal kuntz says:

    Why the pencil sound so loud…

    I can make music out of that

  39. Jin Roh says:

    Oookkay subbed.
    Thanks for sharing all the materials you use. I think that's one of the biggest problems I have when it comes to finishing the work. Not knowing what to use :/

  40. MechanicalPencilGirl says:

    What type of paper are you drawing on?

  41. BlackInkVillage says:

    amazing artist, really inspiring screw…

  42. SgtGo says:

    But… what is it?

  43. Ruan Mars says:

    now this is what i call ASMR

  44. Casper says:

    How long did you take to make this page?

  45. Edith Lewis says:

    He’s very talented.

  46. ミウ says:


  47. J.C.Tello says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your process Mr Yoshitomi.
    My best wishes Sir.

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  49. super mangaka says:


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  51. Jose Adriano Queiroz says:

    Muito legal ,cada detalhe que impressiona!

  52. 久利生音心 says:


  53. CastelDawn says:

    it has to be the sexiest video i have ever watched

  54. Jose Barahona says:

    Such an amazing talent! Thanks for sharing!

  55. Juliana Loyola says:

    amazing work! your video me helped a lot to draw and ink my works!! Arigato!! <3

  56. あさだせだん says:

    EAT-MAN THE MAIN DISHお疲れさまでした。


  57. a a says:


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