[1theK Dance Cover Contest] (G)I-DLE((여자)아이들) _ Senorita(세뇨리따)(mirrored ver.)

((G)I-DLE- Senorita) Why are you looking
at me like that? Why do you not say anything? You don’t avoid my glance either Why are you coming so close to me? We still don’t know a lot What should I call you? A little faster maybe busier Whatever it is I don’t care I don’t care
I don’t care Something different something worse Whatever it is I’m ok I’m ok I’m ok What am I going to do? Whoaohoh Whoaohoh Whoaohoh Whoaohoh Whoaohoh Whoaohoh Come here come here come here come here Whoaohoh Whoaohoh Whoaohoh Whoaohoh Whoaohoh Whoaohoh Hey senōr Come closer to me Hold me tighter I want to know about you I fell in love with you I don’t know it is true Just love you so Love you so Please call me Senorita Senorita Senorita Senorita Are are you smiling like that? My heart keeps wanting you How could I let you go? Just focus only on me It’s not important what others’ think Hold me fully in your arms You don’t need to know my name Tell me you want me love me Whoaohoh Whoaohoh Whoaohoh Whoaohoh Whoaohoh Whoaohoh Hey senōr Come closer to me Hold me tighter I want to know about you I fell in love with you I don’t know it is true Just love you so Love you so Please call me Senorita Senorita Senorita Senorita Yoofoofoofoofoofoofoofoofoo Yoofoofoofoofoofoofoofoofoo Yoofoofoofoofoofoofoofoofoo Yoofoofoofoofoofoofoofoofoo Senorita Yoofoofoofoofoofoofoofoofoo Senorita Yoofoofoofoofoofoofoofoofoo Senorita Yoofoofoofoofoofoofoofoofoo Senorita Yoofoofoofoofoofoofoofoofoo Hey senōr 1, 2, I Hi, we’re (G)I-DLE (G)I-DLE’s song, ‘Senorita’
cover dance competition is going to be held for 2 weeks from
tomorrow on 1theK social media The winners will be
handpicked by (G)I-DLE Senorita cover dance competition We would appreciate
your participation! 1, 2, I Thank you
We’re (G)I-DLE

100 Replies to “[1theK Dance Cover Contest] (G)I-DLE((여자)아이들) _ Senorita(세뇨리따)(mirrored ver.)”

  1. Felicia Natania says:

    Let's wear dress and not tell Soojin

  2. Felicia Natania says:

    Yuqi's ribbon almost slipped her because it's too long, I'm worried

  3. 잡덕잡덕 says:

    아이들 좋아하지만 춤이 약간 따로 노는거 같다… 근데 우기님 끈 길어서 밟힐거 같아서 위태위태…

  4. DJbarney1atthehouse _ says:

    Why are you wasting shuhua's beautiful voice

  5. Jhoana Gonzalez says:


  6. 소리잔 says:

    이렇게 보니까 안무 짜임이 굉장히 좋다는게 느껴지네

  7. Sig g says:

    Yuqi's untied bow omg don't trip honey :/❤️

  8. 윤기야사랑해 says:

    안무가 안맞다는말이 엄청 나오네…내가보기에도 수진 소연 두명만 잘하고 나머지는 연습이 더 필요할듯..

  9. The Will5 OFFICIAL DANCE says:

    Check it out. SENORITA dance cover by The Will5 😘

  10. 김은지 says:

    대형 좀 어떻게 해줬으면 좋게따 수진이랑 소연은 절대 뒤로 안 보내고 슈화만 거의 뒤에 있는 느낌 맨날 뒤에만 있어서 자신감도 떨어질거 같고 속상하다

  11. 호바휘바 says:

    우기 옷 끈이 너무 길어서 넘어질까 걱정됬다

  12. Rany Karon says:

    Why shuhua is always at the back? That's unfair.

  13. Cho Leng says:

    Hi ! We are (K)-Idle !This is our entry to Senorita Dance contest: Check it out! youtu.be/eb74N26QA2U

  14. 아됴밤빵 says:

    방과후에서 이노래
    춤 진짜어렵다;;;ㅎㄷㄷ

  15. Name BeeM says:

    Why sojin have more part ??????
    Shuhua hidden at the back???
    I really don't like it

  16. 난짱구덕후 says:

    소연이 너무 조아요ㅠ

  17. 로배라능 says:

    솔직히..민니,소연,수진은약간 섹시한쪽어울리는거 같고..
    미연,슈화,우기는약간 큐티쪽에 더 어울릴듯..(개인생각😂)

  18. Diamond W says:

    There’s such a simple solution to the 6-people formation problem that they seem to always have. Literally just spread out a bit left and right. The person is still in the center, but not everyone is seen. Astro is the best example for it.

  19. Melon Mark Lee says:

    for some reason minnie looks like jihyo

  20. Robert James Bedia says:

    Wo eo we eo wo eo weo

  21. kpop crushie says:

    Yuqi outfit looks like japanese outfits 😍

  22. MermaidSyno says:

    Instead of excusing their putting Miyeon or Shuhua in the back as “they have an even amount of members”, bring attention to it and ask for it to be different! Apink, Gfriend, Loona- those have even amount of girls an they still have formations that showcase every single member. You can do triangle formations, lines, blocks. When SNSD became 8, they changed their formations to fit the 8 and did just fine. Stop excusing putting the under-appreciated members in the back just because you don’t want negative feedback on the group- I’m a huge fan of these girls, but whoever choreographs their dances and formations needs to do something different.

  23. Zoe Miurix says:

    espero y no eh sido la unica que se dio cuenta que uno de los listones negros del vestido de yuqi se deshacia y llego hasta el piso (no se cayo por completo el liston) luego empeze a ponerle mas atencion al liston y cada vez que yuqi pisaba el liston se me aceleraba el corazon tenia miedo que se cayera pero gracias al cielo que noi.Y de nuievo lo digo espero no ser la unica 🙁

  24. TØP &clique says:

    Señorita tuturururututututu

  25. Kpoper que se respeta says:

    Fufufufufi yup fufudufufufid yup fufufufufufufif yuppp fufufufuf

  26. Aybike Nebi says:

    ❤❤🇹🇷🇰🇷❤❤ Love u (G)-IDLE

  27. Lovely Su says:

    i’m not a fan of gdile but like yo give the girl whose always hiding in the back time for the front like cube really be treating their idols wrong

  28. Grocery Jin says:


  29. Putri says:

    Love the outfits!!

  30. -구베- says:


  31. ᴛᴏᴘsᴘʀɪɴɢ ᴄʀᴇᴡ says:

    Check it out 💥🔥 SENORITA COVER by TSC : https://youtu.be/nbesVB_PVhs THANKS FOR WATCHING 😍🌹

  32. Eun Kyung TV! says:

    Someone looks like Joy from redvelvet it’s


  33. Tammy Chang (student) says:

    Is it just me, or is Shuhua barely part of Señorita?

  34. 오수빈 says:

    소연 진짜 넘사벽이네. 다른멤버들이랑 일케 비교하니까 다른 멤버들 다합쳐도 소연 에너지가 압살하는거같음…

  35. 오수빈 says:

    소연이가 다른멤버들 춤 다 엄청 가르쳐줘야할듯. 후렴구만 봐도 소연만 박자맞춰서 포인트 계속주고 나머지는 그냥 춤..

  36. Boon cheng says:


  37. Dalisay Umadhay says:

    Shuhua at the back while doing the dance break… SHAME ON YOU CUBE 🙁

  38. 고뜨 says:

    우기 끈 밟고 넘어질라..

  39. Melody Plays says:

    How do they dance in high heels

  40. Hando Pangestu says:


  41. Hando Pangestu says:


  42. 지선 says:

    딱딱 맞춰서 칼군무 됐으면 좋겠다. 뭔가 안 맞는 느낌이 없지 않아 있어서.. 실력 차이도 디테일한 부분까지 딱 맞춰서 춤 추면 어느정도 커버될 것 같은데

  43. Sandra Vania.W says:

    i love G(I)DLE 😘

  44. るんるんchannel says:

    dance starts0:08

  45. imagine gorillaz 7w7 says:

    Me caga que no le den tantas lineas a shuhua


    I loved Minnie's clothes.

  47. Min. Yoon. Gi. says:

    so we gonna ignore soyeons wink in the first chorus?

  48. Patricia Lacson says:

    i get uncomfortable watching yuqi dance with the lace of her dress..but being yuqi one of the great dancer im not surprise!she's really pretty!

  49. Chi Elle says:

    that precarious ribbon tho

  50. 유효선 says:

    좋아요 그리고 소연이 램 진짜 잘해요 여자아이들 칭찬해용😊

  51. Chiaki Enoshima says:

    Minnie is the cutest girl in the world

  52. btsugoi says:

    they dance so well! 🥰😍 im trying to learn this dance!!

  53. G IDLE x Taeyeon NeverLand says:


  54. cc cc says:

    슈화 춤 너무 못추는데……. 열심히 하는건 알겠는데…

  55. greenisgreener says:

    is the contest ongoing or is it over?

  56. 성운아 says:

    우기 치마에 검은 끈 밟을아서 넘어질까봐 계속 조마조마한 1인,,

  57. Sword says:

    who is that girl that starts singing at 2:16? her voice is really nice and distinct tone that i like

  58. Dark Eternal Wolf says:

    I can relate to Shuhua. She's me in oral group recitations

  59. kaly sagitary says:

    Like for yuqiiiiii

  60. 최텅빔속의 충만함 says:

    가창력이나 뮤비를 만드는 실력은 블핑에 크게 뒤지진 않는다. 즉 좀 더 가창실력을 쌓으면 비슷한 수준까지 가능하다는 의미이다.

    하지만 빠르면서 느리고 직선적이면서 곡선적이고 상하체를 동시에 움직이면서추는 빠른춤은 따라가지를 못한다.

    이런것을 따라잡기 힘들다면 자기들만의 특색있는 춤을 계속 개발해서 그 간극을 줄이는 수밖에 없다.

    실력이 꾸준히 올라가고 미국등에 투자하고 콘서트까지한다면 미국. 유럽등에서도 꽤 인기를 끌 것이다.

  61. Micaiah Dawn says:

    Who else held their breath after Yuqi's bow came undone? She's a trooper for giving it her all even with the risk of tripping over them.

  62. 다예 says:

    구두신고 춤추기 슆지않을텐데?ㅋㅋㅋ

  63. 이현제 says:


  64. Kit xx says:

    I could cry with how cute Yuqi and Shuhua look, and how all the others look so pretty.

  65. Umazing Undercover122 says:

    yuqi's outfit makes him so cuteee

  66. Umazing Undercover122 says:

    yuqi's outfit make her so cuteee

  67. staymultimin says:

    shuhua looked so down :,(

  68. jonny cinco vlog says:


  69. Goh Rui En Grace says:


  70. SkrilleX AssassiN says:

    (G)-IDLE:Let's all wear skirts and not tell Soojin….

  71. Cause why not? says:


  72. so ugly opps says:


  73. TwiceGidleApinkTN Hirai says:

    I love how they have different charismas and charm points, but manage to blend their styles together to form such a unique and powerful group😍

  74. TwiceGidleApinkTN Hirai says:

    Shuhua is so graceful, poised and ethereal💗💗💗

  75. TwiceGidleApinkTN Hirai says:

    Soojin makes people focused on her with her confident, elegant and sexy demeanour😍💕

  76. Nalan King says:

    they cello tape their shoes still 😂

  77. mcmcbami says:

    Yuqi dress

  78. Wei Qin says:

    I think everybody that with a red high heel have tap around 🤔🤔🤔

  79. Ayouw says:

    why do they have tape on their shoes?

  80. Dahian uwu says:


  81. kira says:

    Their outfits though :')

  82. gnanynm__ says:

    and i oop–i learned the dance

  83. a Khian says:

    Love yuqi😘

  84. Capitalx Is okay says:

    G-Idle- Senorita ft. Shuhua

  85. Jojo Cosh says:

    The black lace on Yuqi's outfit slowly got longer🤣😂

  86. Happy Hana says:

    Am i the only one who gets some kind of comfortable vibe from that Scottish square pattern? They give this really calm vibe combined with the white

  87. Jovanna Hernandez says:

    am I the only one How to thinks about the heels noise without music lol😂. if I were one of them, I would always mess up the dance cuz I be laughing and be the only one with the heels off😂🤣

  88. 하하하 says:


  89. 하하하 says:

    바지 입은 애가 춤 제일 잘 추는 듯

  90. ᄆᄆ says:

    춤은 실력 늘리면 되고 표정도 그렇고..옷 코디 너무 좋은데 제발 신발 좀 바꿔주면 좋겠다, 보는 내내 내가 다 불안하네

  91. 정혜윤 says:

    내가 알못이라 보고 거르면 되는 말이지만 저게 욕 먹을 정돈지도 모르겠고 애초에 저 정도 하이힐 신고 얼마나 완벽한 춤선을 바라시는지

  92. gun XTHE timer timer says:


  93. gun XTHE timer timer says:


  94. Kira W says:


  95. Ada Wang says:

    What the heck is that long socks in the high heel thing

  96. monbooboo the fool says:

    2:24 just so everyone can be anxious with me

  97. Floawt ie says:

    Soojin is body goals and her outfit is amazing <3_<3

  98. Mauricio Madureira says:


  99. 김랴밍 says:

    아휴 우기 옆 리본에 걸려서 넘어질까 걱정했다ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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