A Crash Course in Avid Media Composer | First in Under 7 Minutes!

hey everyone this is Sean with red arrow industries and today I'm gonna take you through a crash course in Avid Media Composer first and though this free version is stripped of some functions and features that are only in the full version it's still a very powerful editing software I'm going to show you guys some basics to get you started but keep in mind there are tons of different methods to do each of the things I'm about to do ready let's begin you've downloaded and installed the program and you're greeted by this project screen after naming your project and choosing the location for it click create at the bottom now the first thing we need to do is ingest the footage you're wanting to edit to do this go to the clips bin that's already been opened for you right click move down to input and click on source browser from there navigate to the footage you're wanting to ingest at the bottom left you are given the option to link or import your footage I'm going to import it takes a little longer to ingest than linking but it makes for a smoother editing experience in the long run check import and a prompt will pop up asking you to choose your raster and the framerate you want for this project the clips I'm working with are 1080p at 23 97 so that's what I'm choosing hit OK choose your clips and this time hit the import button at the bottom right now to get some shots in a sequence double click the first clip you want to add which brings the clip up into your source monitor press I to mark in an O to Mark out around the section of the clip you want to use once you have that simply press the B button which is your overwrite button to throw it into a new sequence which is placed into your sequences bin your sequence is now displayed in the top right screen which is known as the record monitor now go back to your clips pin double click another clip mark in-and-out and overwrite it into the timeline keep doing this for every clip you want to add to your sequence once you have all the clips you want your sequence you may realize there's a few you want to replace move shorten or lengthen it's worth noting that by default the smart tool is on which allows your cursor to switch between segment mode and trim mode depending on where you have your cursor placed your red arrow moves clips while overriding your yellow arrow allows you to switch shots around and I'll explain the trim tool in just a second another thing worth noting is using the skill bar down here at the bottom to zoom in and out of your timeline to get a better view let's say you notice a shot that you no longer want but you still want something between these two shots press T to mark in and out at the same time on that shot find the shot you want to replace it with and press B to overwrite it now you like that shot but you feel like you need one more between it and the next one going back to your clips pinned mark in and out around another shot and this time press V to splice it in instead of overriding the shot there it pushed everything to the right of your position indicator down your timeline if you decide that shot wasn't really needed after all press T to mark in and out then press Z to lift it which removes the shot but leaves a gap if you want to remove a shot while closing the gap in your timeline press X to extract it great but now you feel like this shot is a little too long and this one is a little too short well either move your mouse between the clips to get your trim tool to pop up like I mentioned earlier or press you to open the trim tool and trim the shots to the length you want them so you have the shots you want now let's add music just like importing footage we're going to right click in the clips bin go to input source browser find our music select and click import once that's in double click the song to load it into the source monitor before you hit B to throw in your music make sure of three things one you need to create enough audio tracks to put your music on otherwise it's going to overwrite the NAT sounds from your clips the audio i've imported came in as two mono tracks so I need to make two more mono tracks on my timeline which can be done by pressing ctrl or command you to add a mono track to now that we have enough tracks we need to patch our tracks to the right spot move a 1 and a 2 from your source side down to a 3 and a 4 on your record side and 3 the music will overwrite starting wherever your position indicator is so be sure it's at the first frame of your sequence and only the tracks you want to over eye are selected because even though it's audio it will still over at your video unless those tracks are deselected once you have all that in order hit b-baby now you have yourself a nice little video with music if you need to turn your mats and music up and down go to tools at the top click on audio mixer and adjust as needed looks pretty good right but I still think there's something missing a little pizzazz so let's add a title to the beginning click this T icon here to open title tool make sure this little V here is green which displays our video background otherwise it will just make a title with a black background and with your text tool highlighted click somewhere on the center and type your title then click the selection tool and move it where you want close out of your title tool window and it will prompt you to save your title and will be displayed in your source monitor press ctrl or command Y to make a new video track on your timeline and with your title being patched to V to mark in and out where you want your title to be and hit that B button nice if you want your title to dissolve press the backslash button above your Enter key and hit add all right spill burg you have your video your audio and your music all how you want it it's time to export this puppy right click on your sequence and your sequences been go to publish to and I'm going to pick local Drive until you get more comfortable in media composer first just leave the settings on there default hit OK at the bottom right and your first avid based blockbuster will be waiting for you right there on the desktop thanks so much for watching if you have any questions leave them in the comments below and you should really check out our other tutorials I'm avid media composer because they're still very relevant to avid media composer first and while you're at it hit that subscribe button don't forget to check us out on facebook at red arrow industries or on our website at red arrow industries calm

31 Replies to “A Crash Course in Avid Media Composer | First in Under 7 Minutes!”

  1. Hecate Maroon says:

    Great tutorial but I just cannot get into Avid Media Composer. I had to buy it for film class, and I could never understand why the school used this software. The special effects are lacking. I use HitFilm Express now, and I like it much better. It's easier for me.

  2. Norm Bright - Aerial Videos R US Ltd says:

    Hi, I bought the software, but i cant access it at all, its very complicated

  3. mr V says:

    Short and sweeeet.

  4. Abdulla Alsulaiti says:

    Thank you so much

  5. FC WHAT says:

    Short, basic and to the point! Thanks.

  6. Randy D says:

    Thanks, Sean. Well done!

  7. NoCapVisuals says:

    Much needed! Thanks!

  8. Greg Nelson says:

    Thank you! This was really to the point. I made my first little movie in Avid with this.

  9. Tim Neighbors says:

    Thanks for posting. Good tutorial. Personally, I can't understand how people can be creative with a tool like this. But I guess it could be that I am just not used to it. FCPX, Vegas, and Davinci feel so much more conducive to creative play with video and audio than this very calculated old tool.

  10. Klein David says:

    Cant express how grateful I am – this is just awesome. Other hour-long tutorials dont explain nearly as much. THANK YOU!

  11. Data Masked says:

    This is tits. I'm a Pro Tools guru and can fly through that software like I'm programming VBA into Excel (that's fast as fuck), but know next to nothing about Media Composer. Weird, eh? Very helpful. I mean, I'll still read the manual, but this is almost perfect.

  12. Austin Harding says:

    can you explain with a lil more detail or depth as to what exactly you are doing at 4:35?

  13. Krishi Deshpande says:

    Is this run on windows?

  14. Johanson D. says:

    Oh thanks man!!! you helped me so much with your short video…thx you!!!

  15. sglasgow99 says:

    Of all the NLEs out there, Avid has alluded me the most due to it's non-standard workflow. In 6 minutes this video did more to get me started on it than everything Avid has put out themselves. You should be proud. I'll be subscribing and checking out your content going forward. Thank you!

  16. Krzysztof Siemaszko says:

    Can anybody help me? I was trying to edit some MOV file but there appears the problem "Assertion failed: normalCaching II smallChaching File: ..srcfilesysCoreWinFileLocator, Line: 1378" I don't know what to do with it. I edit fiew other MOV files and everything was ok.

  17. DUALROLE MEDIA says:

    Brilliant to the point instructions. Enough to get up and running straight away.

  18. BrakeFastBurrito says:

    Very concise.

  19. Alex Moore says:

    This was just what I was looking for. This would have been a great way to start compared to the other videos I watched. They were helpful, but too much to just get started.

  20. DSP Events says:

    Thank you! Finally to the point video.

  21. thisisKL says:

    I just got Media Composer and was so daunted by the UI but you've cleared up so much 🤘

  22. Javier Coca says:

    this channel is awesome. Thanks mate Ive learnt so much with this video

  23. Lukas Böck says:

    Ah, what?
    Importing is seriously retarded for long clips.
    Link & transcode has same result in 1/4 time because: no quicktime.

  24. Akash Buddhdev says:

    Quick and to the the point.. No long stories! Thanks, it's what most people need. Subscribed

  25. IFMACA says:

    Learned so much more about Avid Media Composer in this small video than all the other long-drawn out videos on YouTube, thank you!

  26. matt nev says:

    Hold on hold on. What's A1 and A2?

  27. Sanjeev Bhute says:

    good start,Thank u very much.

  28. Practical Guy says:

    Wow great and to the point tutorial. Any idea if you can run Media Composer First off line? I'm planing on editing footage on a laptop off grid with no internet!

  29. Ali Moslemi says:

    I am following your steps but it seems that the menu sequencing is not the same in the Avid composer I have. Mine is a Windows version 8.9.2. When the footage file is imported for the first time, then it goes to a separate window so I cannot import it for the second time? This Avid composer seems to be a pain from its download to workflow….very confusing and user-unfriendly software!

  30. Studio B says:

    Please continue. We need More tutorial

  31. Studio B says:

    Super bro. good job

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