93 Replies to “Acoustic GUITAR MUSIC Relaxing Background Classical Instrumental for Studying Study Songs slow soft”

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  3. acaziki says:

    Beautiful !!!

  4. Rascar Capac says:

    Loving it as always…

  5. Adem Gördük says:

    Beautiful music. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  6. Mohamed Samine says:

    why 2 dislike :, amazing !!

  7. Anna says:

    Thank you so much!
    This really inspiring me by writing my songs, thanksssss ! Xoxo

  8. MorningAfterStudios says:

    This is more calming than imaginable… I saw my school grades, all I need to do (mountains since i was sick for a while) my grades theyre low due to that and this is clearing my head

  9. Jordon Enlow says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this it's helping get thro my first broken heart with the girl who is carrying my child….

  10. JTWATTS says:

    Who needs a therapist if an acoustic guitar can get the JOB DONE???

  11. doc henry says:

    well said.

  12. James Steven says:

    So sorry to hear. I hope everything works out fine eventually buddy. Chin up and think soon you will become a father whether your ex is carrying it. Don't worry about her needs too much and think about supporting your child. Good luck man *thumbs*

  13. Chuy Alvarez says:

    This music is great. Not only does it help block out the background noise, it also helps clear your mind.

  14. 015cn says:

    hey thanks for uploading but im curious to ask you, what place is this, where was this video filmed at what beach? im Curious because i love to visit this place some day!

  15. WavesDVDcom: Relax Music & Nature Sounds Videos says:


  16. 015cn says:

    of course lol thank you!

  17. adem sertlioglu says:


  18. Dan Lamar says:

    lol got me

  19. cptn boo says:

    Playing minecraft and hearing this song: Perfection :3

  20. colindgauthier56 says:

    First song is really similar to Breezy from FF8 ^^

  21. Lukas Jury says:

    I have been listening to this and it really helps to knuckle down on study! If you want to see some eccentric chill out solo acoustic guitar you may enjoy my channel 🙂 Sorry not trying to promote, just an honest suggestion.

  22. WavesDVDcom: Relax Music & Nature Sounds Videos says:

    Check this artist out! He'll be a big youtube star someday. Lot's of talent!

  23. Redshoot111 says:

    Just nice to listen… <3

  24. Matthew Izett says:

    i've just found this
    7 hours after my last exam 🙁

  25. Suicide says:

    hi, can I use this music for a video (lets play minecraft :P)??

  26. WavesDVDcom: Relax Music & Nature Sounds Videos says:

    Sorry no – I have paid a license fee to use it on my videos. I do not have the rights to grant you permission. Sorry.

  27. Cliff Kaskie says:

    very pretty,im a composer as well…love the flow

  28. charliejamz says:

    Great picture quality! Smooth song

  29. Fanny Zetterqvist says:

    Hi! Do you know who I should ask if I want to use this song in a movie I'm working on?

  30. WavesDVDcom: Relax Music & Nature Sounds Videos says:

    You can license the CD like I did. Info is always in the description and opening credits.

  31. Fanny Zetterqvist says:

    Where can I found that?

  32. ramona pizarro says:

    Wonderful. Thanks for sharing your talent. Greeting from Florida. R.P.

  33. Teal'c says:

    I listened to this twice in a row. It's really nice but I still can't fall asleep. 🙁 oh well, maybe tomorrow night I can sleep. Enjoyed the song, thanks.

  34. Rico Panes says:

    all i need is you

  35. Klyde Klyde says:

    i can play acoustic i can record some music if you want free or charge

  36. Tosio Sano says:


  37. Asutosh Sharma says:

    Very soft and relaxing music

  38. Shroukie Poo says:

    Thank you for uploading this 🙂

  39. Northax says:

    Do you do deep breathing while listening to this?

    I've gone through some sleep deprivation and it kind of threw my sleeping schedule off and so it's a bit difficult to get back to sleep. I don't have an eye-mask yet to block all the light out so I made my own with a dark piece of cloth and string.

    I do deep breathing and close my eyes, then focus on a single object in my mind, to distract me from other thoughts (if mind is racing); then I relax all my muslces, even in face (gets droopy), etc.

  40. Northax says:

    And then I tell myself just to let go and "drop" everything. Sometimes takes 15-20 minutes, but I usually get to sleep now. Need very dark room (or covered eyes) to produce melatonin in the brain. Look into natural sleep remedies on Google (I go to naturalnews website for everything like that, but random other websites can help in this case, I'm sure).

    Make sure all light is off and total darkness; no computer screen, no clock digits even. Total darkness.

  41. Northax says:

    Also look into melatonin supplement capsules; just don't totally rely on them, or else your body might stop making it's own melatonin (when it's totally dark), I've read. I've not tried it yet but my friend has and he says it knocks him out around 45 minutes after he takes it.

    Oatmeal and rice (I prefer 100% ORGANIC, unrefined, in all my food choices) help produce melatonin in the brain, I've read. You can look up others if you want.

    Read a book (in dim light) about an hour before sleep time?

  42. Northax says:

    Also, whenever stressed throughout the day, for ever reason, just stop and do deep breathing technique, closing your eyes and focusing on a single, calming object in your mind. For me, it randomly came to me to do this when my mind was racing whilst attempting to sleep one night (after the sleep deprivation I had ruined my schedule) and I just imagined a blue, glowing bar in my mind and focused in on it while doing the deep breathing; it helped a lot.

    So I do it when any negative thoughts come.

  43. Northax says:

    I think you click on the "Show more" under the video; read through it.


    Very beautiful acoustic guitar music…peaceful smooth!
    Very relaxing scenes….beautiful ocean…it goes perfectly with instrumental songs!
    Thumbs Up!

  45. trung hieu says:

    fantatic sound

  46. Leonilo Patayon says:

    beautiful music! the sound is very relaxing, what a talented guitar player.

  47. BaconTheForsaken says:

    Four words:I'm in high school… This really helped … I listened to this while reading my bible… Thank you… And yes very good guitarist

  48. DRABSCHY says:

    can u tell me the chords for the second song of this video plz thanx

  49. Zevival says:

    Posted on my birthdayyyyyy

  50. Dan says:

    Studying here!

  51. Rodrigo Lepe Martínez says:

    Que encantadora, es más que relajante, es dulce, es enaltecedora. Es vital. Gracias..

  52. MetalSoul05 says:

    Is it possible for me to get the tabs for these songs? I'd appreciate it, this is beautiful music 🙂

  53. WavesDVDcom: Relax Music & Nature Sounds Videos says:

    Sorry, but this is royalty free music that I licensed.

  54. MetalSoul05 says:

    Aww, to bad for me, but thank you anyway 🙂 Can you at least tell me how to find this playlist on the website? Buying it isn't a problem.

  55. WavesDVDcom: Relax Music & Nature Sounds Videos says:

    Credit and links are in the description like usual.

  56. deaktee says:

    Hey man and every GUITARISTS!

    TABS on w w w GUITARTABMAKER com

  57. Tessa Tapia says:

    Thank you.

  58. CanYouBerzerkLikeMe says:

    Listened to this cause I think I have tinnitus :/ it somewhat helped

  59. Jayden Henry says:


  60. WavesDVDcom: Relax Music & Nature Sounds Videos says:

    Sorry, this music is not available for download because I had to license it to use for my video – in other words I can not offer downloads. When I can, I have links in the descriptions with my partners and credits for music that can be legally downloaded. 😎

  61. deaktee says:

    Guitar lesson for the 1st song here: Morning Sun – short guitar lesson – with COMPLETE TAB

  62. jose gopilan says:

    Do you know the guitar tabs for any song in this video?

  63. deaktee says:

    Super good news for those guitarists who want to learn these songs:
    The tablatures are on http://www.guitartabmaker.com

  64. Matthew James Hardin says:


  65. Hussein Basiouni says:

    tabs pleaseee!! 

  66. Brogana M says:

    would happily purchase this on itunes…if only

  67. Melanie Cramer says:

    This is so lovely… Im dealing with a fractured rib, contusions all over the place, and definitely loving this relaxing music… Thank you so much for sharing this with the world!

  68. Jacob Singer says:

    Is that my Florida coast?! Damn i need to get to the beach more often before work.

  69. polly jetix says:

    Am just learning how to play… this is wonderful… my favorite style.

  70. svg571 says:

    WONDERfUL ,i like the sunset also

  71. Heavenly says:


  72. Thyago HMTR says:

    Good night from Rio de Janeiro! 

  73. Gurmaan Singh says:

    Great stuff, more videos similar to this please!!!

  74. grandmaster says:

    Is there any way the creators of this could make a 1 hour version of this with just acoustic guitar solos and waves, or can someone give me a link to something very similar to this which is just as good, this is too short, and too amazing

  75. Jay the Wanderer says:


  76. I_Love_Creampuffs says:

    Beautiful <3

  77. gabomon says:


  78. Elie Chan says:

    it really awesome but I would like a 20 min version.

  79. frédéric scilironi says:

    a l aise blaise petit Frere
    Dieu nous ime!!

  80. LeslieAnne84 says:

    Very pretty but, at the moment, I'm looking for something much slower and more calming. Can anyone point me towards something like that?

  81. Thusitha Thanthirige says:


  82. Bowen says:

    Hey this is a great song and all but is it okay if I can use it in a video that will be great, of course ill give credit to you and put it in the description thanks.

  83. Alex Ross says:

    got and B+ on my math test because i studied to this music!

  84. Jenna Bojarski says:

    I got A+ on my exam thanks to u guys

  85. rachid bencherki says:


  86. Priscilla Sandoval says:

    I totally LOVE this video. The music is so relaxing and the scenery is soothing. Thank you so much for this. Please make more! Thank you a million times.

  87. Robbie Lanigan says:

    wish this lasted longer, feel so in the zone when listening to this

  88. lilflamingo says:

    This is very soothing. It reminds me of the guitar in the music by Bread only perhaps more upbeat. Some of their music was a bit sad.

  89. GuitarMan7 says:


  90. Muhammad Naim Karim says:

    i like this music.. can make me rilex and I am easy to study.. thanks who make this music video.. awesome…

  91. Tina Sage says:

    Love it!

  92. Fantom Gaming says:

    ɪ ᴡᴀs ʟɪsᴛᴇɴɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ ᴛʜɪs ᴡʜɪʟᴇ ɪ ᴡᴀs ʟᴇᴀʀɴɪɴɢ ᴀɴᴅ ɪ ɢᴏᴛ sᴛʀᴀɪɢʜᴛ ᴀ's

  93. Jerry Pratt says:

    Acceptable music in a work atmosphere.

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