16 Replies to “ADN Compositions – IX | EPIC HYBRID ORCHESTRAL”

  1. RogueSpartan 285 says:

    Did anyone notice the text on her shoulder armor? OPD…Online Police Department. HAHAHAHA

  2. Floralyse MV says:

    Even though the farewell and painfull goodbye time after time the memories we had will now only remain as a part so the one who will face the path i walk will be crushed and broke like shards of glass.

  3. Alan Stevens says:

    Paragon was absolutely fantastic, and I loved every single moment of it. Truly, a great game!

    I was that Kallari main btw, who murdered everyone from the shadows xD

  4. Drop Cake says:


  5. Tizulive 92 says:

    Oh my this tune, tells a story

  6. FitzChivalryFarseer2 says:

    Shame Rip she was my second favorite to my waifu Zinx

  7. Xpertvision says:

    Musica Forte para gente brava, um abraรงo de Portugal ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Viniloxia Kan Music says:

    Amazing composition and production! Hope someday I reach this quality level as a composer/producer

  9. PrimeHunter says:

    If god exists paragon will revive

  10. Daniel Fuentes says:

    <3 <3

  11. miguelon toh loko says:

    Lt. Belica from paragon (image ๐Ÿ™

  12. Hamlet TheMagicalPianist says:

    How do i upload or submit my music to your channel? @ThePrimeCronus

  13. camiaguy says:

    Rest In Peace Lieutenant Belica =..(

  14. classical followers says:

    Please make devil epic music

  15. Luis says:

    Fallen angels will rise… Careful.

  16. AN MEDIA. says:

    This channel is perfect for mines!

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