#AlaVaikunthapurramuloo Musical Concert Highlights | Allu Arjun, Trivikram, Thaman | AVPL On Jan 12

I am Govind Padma Surya from Kerala. So my Telugu is still not fluent. This is my first Telugu film. And which better film to start off in Telugu industry? I worked in Kerala and Tamil industry. But trust me. Trivikram garu is the coolest director I have worked with. They say we work well when we are all relaxed. When you go to the set and
See that beautiful school smile from him, Everyone in the set is so relaxed. We enjoyed so much working in this film. And Bunny garu. He is not only Allu Arjun. He is also our Mallu Arjun. You should see the kind of celebration happening in Kerala And I invite all these Allu Arjun fans to
Come to Kerala also to Celebrate the Malayalam version ‘Angu Vaikuntapurathu’ He has as many fan following as the mainstream
Malayalam actors in Kerala And He is our own actor there. I am very happy that I am a part
of this huge film. After so many years,
I have acted in a Telugu Movie. And… I feel very proud. Trivikram sir… Allu Aravind Sir… Bunny sir… Sushant. You are all like my family. Thank you. After ten years, I wanted to do a Telugu movie And there is no better opportunity than this. When one makes a movie…
Putting in a lot of effort, Even though we put a lot of effort
And we are behind the scenes, Where is Mr. Radha Krishna? Oh, he is here. My friend… He is the one who worked the hardest.
That is the reason why On this stage,
I would like to congratulate him. Next, You call him a magician with words.
This magician, told us a very small story
and made it into such a big film. He brought it out so well that people now say that the movie is a hit
even before its release. And this sentiment… And this sentiment…
This sentiment came from all of your hearts. That is why we feel good about it.
We are very happy. Now,
If you would like to speak a few words, sir, Tamman? Where are you, man? Come on, drum roll for him once. Tamman gave me a very good opportunity. To say good bye to 2019, he gave me the movie ‘Prathi Roju Pandaga’. Now, to welcome the next year,
He gave me this movie. Thank you, Tamman. For that good bye and this welcome. Thank you Yes! now, Shall we welcome that magician with words
On to the stage? Trivikram Srinivas sir. His words are like pearls. We feel like collecting them and
Putting them in our secret stash. ♫In Vaikuntapuram…♫ In a 10 X 20 room, In the afternoon, Between 3pm and 4 pm, When the entire world had their lunch
and are in the mood for a siesta, a 30 year old young man and a 60 year old man indulge in a broken tune and write it. This song has touched the hearts of millions of people. That song is ‘Samaja Varagamana’. So, He stepped down from the pedestal of his age, and Tamman surpassed the limits of his capacity. The both of them,
Came together on a common point And brought this film to this grand stage. Earlier, as Mr. Shyam said, That song is an opportunity. One can walk with its support. It’s our friend. We can tell our problems to it. It is a lover. We can lie down in its lap and
get loved in return. It is our teacher. When we are in need of something, When we are ignorant, It gives us knowledge. It takes us forward. That kind of beautiful song… It felt that it needs to be honoured. That is the reason for calling this a ‘Musical night’. The reason is because,
We need to respect that music. This strong desire, Combined with a lot of respect… The person who brought it out first, Allu Arjun. When I say Bunny,
It sounds a bit childish. He thought about it from that perspective. That is the reason why I call him Allu Arjun. The reason is because,
Right from the movie ‘Julayi’, I knew him as a Bachelor. Now, he is married
and the father of two children. He has journey forward in life and the maturity comes forth in his words, in his life,
in his work, in every aspect of his life, and he even brought this into the movie. We were working late last night until 2 am – Myself, Mr. Bunny, Tamman, the editor, Naveen Nooli and Mr. Vinod from Madras. We were working to make sure to bring this trailer for you.
To make it this attractive. All this effort is to make sure
that my dream becomes a beautiful memory for you. And it should bring about happiness. And for this, Mr. Aravind, Mr. Radha Krishna, took the decisions very boldly. They assured us that they were behind us. They even assured us that we could make mistakes
and they would be able to handle it. They encouraged us to go big
and assured us of their happiness for our efforts. They said all this
And constantly supported us. Whatever we asked for,
was provided in keeping with this philosophy. Another thing, the beginning and the end for that movie
is Allu Arjun. The reason is because
when we began this movie, when we wanted to make a movie, when we were sitting on the balcony of my office
and drinking black coffee, he said, “we are very happy sir.” So, let’s make a movie happily. There is nothing more to be said beyond this. This is all I wanted to say”
This is what he said. That word ‘happiness’ From then on, until now,
Its been 11 months we have been trying to experience that every day, since that day. If I have to say one more thing about him,
I won’t go beyond this. I will conclude it here and stop irritating you people. When we were in Kakinada, we had to pack up early because of the rains
we were sitting and talking. Tamman, Bunny and myself were discussing that the lyric videos for songs were very boring. If we could incorporate the mixing engineer, each of those people who played the instrument for the song. come up with an idea
to include everyone in the song. That video is of ‘Samaja Varagamana’. So, He wanted to ensure people enjoyed the video
And the music as much as he did of the song. He inspired each and everyone of us. I am thankful for his hard work. Sir, you will get really far ahead in life
and you can. We will also become a part of that journey. The movies in which we don’t work for you,
we will become witnesses. and the audience. And for the movies that we work on,
we will become the directors. We will become your partners. And with you,
We want to get further ahead in life And we wish this whole heartedly for you.
We also wish that your love for us stays the same. Let’s meet on the 12th. Let’s celebrate the festival And let’s stay happy. In Vaikuntapuram. It welcomes you. Thank you. Greetings to each and every one of you. There has been a huge time gap. There can be a gap between the release of movies But there can never be a gap between celebrations. Lyric writers, singers
And countless more musicians worked on this I extend my gratitude to each and every one of them.
Thank you, All of you put in your efforts.
But I am the one who reaped the most benefits. I extend my heartfelt gratitude for the entire lot of you
On this stage. So, thank you. Thank you. I said something to Mr. Trivikram earlier. Tamman, I cannot give you a better compliment than this. I think it’s the silver lining. That is –
Sir, Tamman gave us a lot of blockbuster albums. He gave many wonderful hits. But, after this album,
Tamman has commanded respect. He is at a stage where he commands respect. That kind of respect…
I liked you from the very first movie that you worked on. When a music director you like Grows into this kind of stature,
And that too with my movie, I am very happy for his success
Thank you so much brother. And… I have to say a few words about Trivikram. In a word, The only person who can give us this kind of happiness
is only the director. Trivikram Srinivas is that kind of a director. Today, if I am at this stage,
One way or another, one of the strongest reasons is Mr. Trivikram Srinivas. He gave me a lot of hit movies. And I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation
for Mr. Trivikram Srinivas once more on this platform. Thank you, sir. I am not such a great orator as you. So please try and understand my appreciation. Generally, Always My father with regards to me Or me with regards my father,
We get very shy talking about each other The reason is because of the way
Our family operates. There is love
But we don’t speak a lot. There is anger as well as issues,
But we don’t express them. We keep them all well hidden inside. In all these functions,
the first movie I worked on was with my father. My father launched me. From then on until now,
I made at least 20 movies. He was a part of 7 or 8 of those movies. There are some hits in those And there are some flops as well. But I have never…
not even once In this entire span, have I ever thanked him In this entire span, have I ever thanked him I never said a thank you,
even at home. For the first time,
In my life, Thank you, daddy. Thank you is not just for making movies with me. After my son was born,
I understood one thing. I can never become as great as my father. I can never become as great as my father. Probably not even half. My desire in my life
Is to probably match up to half of what my father is in his life. I love my father more than anything in this world. I’ve never had an opportunity to tell this to him. And I think this is one of the best opportunities to tell him,
Daddy, I love you I never told you this before but
Thank you. Thank you. Suddenly, talking about my father,
I forgot about other things. One more thing. Even with such a long gap as this… All of you keep telling me
That there has been a gap between my movies But for me, I don’t feel it.
When people told me about it, I got to know about that…
Do you know the reason? It’s because of my fans. It’s been a year and a half.
More than 500 days I have been idle at home Even with that when I open my face book, Instagram
Or any kind of social media… Wherever the case…
Be it on the radio or even the songs, They keep asking me,
When my next movie is going to be? They have been going crazy over me. So,
my fans…Thank you. I love you. I felt that this gap didn’t last for more than a second.
Believe me. This void has been first by only two things. One – you (fans)
I am telling this with all my heart. When I go home,
I spend time with my kids, These are the two things
that make me pass the time without knowing the seconds slipping. Thank you so much.
My fans Celebrities just have fans.
I have an army. Thank you. A lot of my fans have got a tattoo of me. A lot of young boys have got my tattoo. I saw the AA tattoo. I tell you just one thing. As long as I am alive,
Until my last breath. I will ensure that you have a tattoo of a great person on you.
And your parents will acknowledge it. I will push forward until then
And keep going on and on and on. I will take you that far with me. I will make sure that you the tattoo that you have is of someone great.
This is a promise. Thank you. Thank you to all my fans. I am a Chiranjeevi fan. I am a Chiranjeevi fan.
Until I die, I will be his fan.
After Chiranjeevi sir, The person I admire the most is
Rajnikanth sir. He is a role model.
He is an inspiration Rajnikanth sir. Rajnikanth sir’s movie Dabar is releasing. I like the director, Murugudas sir. This movie is in combination with the both of them. This is coming on Sankranthi. They are Tamilians.
And they are going to release the movie in Telugu. Sir, we whole-heartedly welcome you to the Telugu industry. I wish that your movie does well too this Sankranti.
This is my heartfelt wish, as a person who admire Rajinikanth. Along with my movie,
The other movie releasing is ‘Sarileru Neekevvaru’ Mahesh Babu’s film.I wish the entire cast, crew,
the entire directors, producer and Mahesh Babu sir
All the best for the future. For this Sankranti.
There are many admirers for him. He has a lot of fans as well. I wish all of you have a great Sankranti this year.
This is my heartfelt wish. At the same time, another person that I like is Mr. Kalyan Ram His movie is also releasing. His movie ‘Entha Manchivadavura’ is also releasing. I wish him also ‘all the best’. This Sankranti, I wish all of you stay happy.
My deepest wish for you all. It doesn’t happen often but
Once in a while when it does, it’s magic. That tune of ‘Ramulo Ramula’, I am going to do that famous step once, brother. Because we need to end it with a bang. ‘Ramulo Ramula’ song playing.

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