12 Replies to “ART bus brawl caught on camera”

  1. Eddie something says:

    You don't expect to see this on a city bus?!? Have you ever been on an Albuquerque city bus? I don't see how you wouldn't expect something like this…

  2. Jessica Jennifer says:

    Throw them bows

  3. noemi la79 says:

    🤣😂😂 just like the south Bronx !!!

  4. dragon joe says:


  5. Downtown Motors ABQ says:

    Albuquerque has seen its better days.

  6. HEY Johnny says:

    welcome to abq… crime infested where ever you go.

  7. get Smarty says:

    Lol remember our date on the bus

  8. J Bravo says:

    Must've been that 1st of the month check.

  9. Yng Koda says:

    What about the 66 bus ?? Its runs down the same street 2 more fights happen on that bus

  10. Yng Koda says:

    Report how to busses go down the same street and reason why crashes happen because of that

  11. Frank Castle II says:

    First ART fight of the year

  12. Barak Epstein says:

    Democ🐀rats🐀 always misbehaving

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