Art for Anxiety | Self Art Therapy Session

Today I’ll show you how I make art when I am feeling some anxiety. I Invite you to create with me today as a way of doing some self art therapy. Art helps us have a deeper understanding about our anxiety, practice compassion to it, release some tension And feel renewed and refreshed. The art materials you can bring are paper or a sketchbook, Oil pastels Or you can choose to bring some colored pencils In addition you can bring a notebook or journal and a pen to write with Before the art Let’s invite some mindfulness and become aware of our body. Gently place your attention on your breathing coming in and going out. in the next out breath Breathe out a little bit more air. Then naturally your in-breath becomes deeper Notice the breath coming in filling your lungs and releasing. When we’re ready simply draw a circle on your page – it doesn’t have to be perfect And imagine that this anxiety we feel is visible. Imagine it has shapes, lines, and colors. How would it look like? Perhaps it’s big or small, or heavy or light. Simply allow the image to come to you. Began putting that image on to your page with the pencil or pastel when you are ready. Remember there is no judgment and there is no right or wrong way to do this 🙂 Simply focus on the process of expressing your thoughts and feelings and release any worries about what it will look like. If you’ve been making art for yourself what kind of art do you make? Let me know in the comments. I make art for myself, and I’ve been helping a lot of people with art therapy. As a way to keep up with my own self art therapy practice I’m sharing this with you and hope that it is helpful. I believe in the healing power of art therapy and I always try to practice what I say to others in my own life. When you are done with your piece, bring your journal and pen for reflective writing. Write down your responses for the following questions: First question is what do you see in the image or artwork you just created? Write in an objective way, simply describing how the image looks. Second question is What do you think the image is telling you? If the image could talk to you, what do you think it will say to you? And the third question is What would make the image feel a little bit better? What are some of the changes you can make or some additions you can make to make the image feel a little bit more soothing or calm? So, how was this for you? Share your thoughts and feelings in the comments. So thanks for following along with my self art therapy practice and thank yourself for Making this time to do some creative self-care. if you enjoyed this video Please like, subscribe, or leave a comment below about your thoughts or just share it with a friend who really needs this video. Thank you, and I’ll see you next time. Bye

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  1. Thirsty For Art says:

    Hello, this is my first video ♥︎ I want to know when do you feel anxiety the most? How do you deal with stress? Let me know!

  2. Nessa V says:

    Thank you for making this video. My daughter suffers from anxiety and depression. She struggles with trying to find what her triggers are. She is a free spirit and is always drawing and painting. I think this video will be great for her!

  3. Deborah Meyers says:

    Your beautiful sister brought me here I have her to thank for finding your beautiful channel I can't wait for more of your videos thank you so much for your amazing spirit xx

  4. Orestis Ntelmas says:

    Hii! I really liked this video and found it very helpful. I mostly draw flowers and skies. I found it very relaxing and healing! I don't feel anxiety very often but when I do it's very intense and it's about me not being good enough or skilled enough. I really like how relaxing your videos are please keep going 💜 Much love from Greece!

  5. chopin skrewed says:

    This was so beautiful! Thank you so much!

  6. Karolina Maj says:

    I used to paint Portraits with oil paint. But I stopped because of school stress, because I had to study a lot. Now I‘m trying to motivate myself again to start painting again.

  7. Massiel Morales says:

    this was nice. i actually enjoy it more than journaling. <3

  8. Jucebaux says:

    Coming here from your sisters channel, beautiful video! Liked and subscribed ❤️

  9. angie h says:

    That is a perfect circle :0

  10. Nekro Fushii says:

    Me:*watercolor based artist*
    Damn it

  11. Rae says:

    you and your sister are so wise I love it #subscribed

  12. xoxo says:

    You and your sister are gifts from the universe. I needed this. Looking forward to more. Please do a video on depression.

  13. Alison Jones says:

    Creating art and making crafts has saved me from serious anxiety and depression and so I make sure I have time to create something nearly every day . I started making cards then jewellery and at the moment I'm loving watercolour painting .😃

  14. linda warman says:

    I get chronic anxiety, but I don’t draw. Most of the art work I do is knitting, when anxious or depressed. I also journal, yet not every day. These seem to help calm me more,

  15. Kassee Smythe says:

    One thousand subscribers in your first week! I can tell I'm not the only one looking forward to your next video. Thank you.

  16. Lori Arbel says:

    what a beautiful video, your voice is very healing as well

  17. princess el says:

    Amazing first video🙏💙

  18. Crystle Rose says:

    I have a question. I used to make art for 10 years, but I gave it up for a difficult to explain reason. But now that I feel safe enough to make art, I've struggled for a few years to restart the habit. How do I get myself to make art regularly again? Any tips are welcome from anyone.

  19. Alaam N says:

    I love this please post more ♥️

  20. Charlie Marlière says:

    I like your voice and the mood of this video. Please Continue! I

  21. Michelle Azevedo says:

    thank u so much

  22. Candy Mayorga says:

    Beautiful first video!❤
    I have always loved art, it's my favorite, but today I just learned something new!❤

  23. Kiley Boi says:

    This was an amazing video and helped me very much☺️ I usually have trouble finding how to put my stress into words so drawing it out then describing it helped me find to source easily. Thank you so much I hope to follow your journey here on YouTube and support you💕

  24. Sierra Elizabeth says:

    You have such a soothing voice, and this is a very relaxing video. ❤️

  25. Misty Mint says:

    🌼You have a lovely peaceful presence 🌼

  26. Marcos Gonzalez-Tapia says:

    Welcome to the YouTube family thank you for your video

  27. Ruma says:

    I have always used writing and painting as outlets but I have never combined the two. Thank you for this great video.

  28. Irma Gonzalez says:

    I have anxiety, and i have never supposed to use art therapy for my situation, thanks!

  29. LOLO says:

    This was great! Also super amazed at that freehand circle.

  30. Estefany says:

    Love this ! I've recently been getting into oil paint 🙂

  31. Ansel Ayala says:

    Your voice is so peaceful, thank you for sharing xoxo.god bless you …….

  32. Angelina Malik says:

    art for penis

  33. Kath Olliffe says:

    I was introduced to art therapy when in hospital and I found it was helpful even though I don't feel artistic. My own expression of art is through collage in my junk journal, and handwriting in my daily journal.

  34. Orsolya Lévay says:

    I am so happy to see this wonderful, peaceful, soothing content. Thank you very much for it! I already prepared my painting set for some stress relief thanks to you:)

  35. Barbara Massey says:

    Beautiful, peaceful video. Healing presence. Thank you!

  36. Lulu Pop says:

    So relaxing. Recently I managed a moment where I was falling apart into hopelessness by using art. I sat down. Journaled what I knew would help. Reminded myself that I am not the feelings that were occurring. And then I drew a mandala with just black ink and it was so soothing. Not the first time and won’t be the last time. But art really helps!

    Thank you for this video. Looking forward to more 🙂

  37. Linso Timungpi says:

    Instantly admired you.

  38. Shahiba Rozali says:

    Okey, im gonna subs! Both of u have the same soothing voice. Im obsess..

  39. Konsuelo Ramírez says:

    This therapy seems so promising to me. I wish i had a keen art talent so i could create these beautiful things

  40. Indrayani Tripathi says:

    Beautiful …just very beautiful ! Never looked into art therapy but it does sound extremely promising for bringing inward focus. Looking forward to more videos !

  41. Yüzüklerin Hanımefendisi says:

    Thanks to you, I had a great evening and now I feel ready to do anything productive 🙌

  42. Li Li says:

    Hello, I m so happy to meet u sisters 😄 vedio so claim and relax. Thank you..❤

  43. Legend Of Chelda says:

    Thank you and your sis so much!!! You both are a godsend

  44. Grace Mackenzie says:

    I needed this😭💛you and your sister are so calming and kind!!

  45. Grace Mackenzie says:

    I’ve never had a kind art teacher and I just found my love for art last year💛

  46. Asa Burnley says:

    Wonderful. ❤😊

  47. Lauren Barber says:

    more videos!!!!!

  48. Marie P. says:

    Depuis que je suis toute petite j'ai toujours aimé ce qui est créatif (dessin, peinture, collage etc…). Je me suis rendue compte que cela m'aidait beaucoup, l'art me permettait de surpasser mes problèmes le temps d'une création. Je suis persuadée de la valeur thérapeutique de l'art et c'est pour cela que ça fait des années que je veux devenir psychologue art-thérapeute ! Aujourd'hui je suis en Licence 2 de psychologie😊 Actuallement, je souffre d'anxiété, et j'ai pour habitude de la dessiner dans un carnet où je représente mes états d'esprit. J'ai adoré cette vidéo et je vais essayer la méthode d'écriture avec les 3 questions. Merci beaucoup!

  49. Emma Lee says:

    I do a little art therapy with kids, and this is such an inspiring video! I personally love using watercolour, because it requires a certain amount of surrender. Much love to you, I can't wait to see more videos!

  50. Lilja's Art says:

    Your video is very beautiful and soothing. I'm a face painter and watching your video made me wonder if I can use the art of face painting as a therapy for others, too… Thank you for inspiring me and great job, the quality of your first video is so good. Looking forward to seeing more of these.

  51. Jenny 77 says:

    beautiful video! love it!

  52. ShaiTalks says:

    Thank you for this one.. I would try this for sure.. 🙂

  53. Mariia Rozum says:

    Before I thought any drawing is an art therapy and I was wrong. Thanks for sharing these instruments with us!

  54. Minerazur says:

    Art always helped me with anxiety and rough environment. Thank you for this video it was really helpful for my practice, and you are very soothing 🌷

  55. alibone195 says:

    I absolutely love art, drawing and making things it helps calm me down, this video was very helpful and brilliantly filmed. Thank you so much 😊 would you ever film a room tour/closet tour video?

  56. SamsonArmstrong says:

    I personally don't feel too much anxiety or stress anymore since I graduated school. However, I feel I put too much pressure on myself to do things I want to do, and live with a lot of shame. I'm hoping getting back into art and letting myself enjoy the process will bring my the joy I once had. Thank you for making videos!

  57. Jessica Lamont says:

    Thanks for your video. I really enjoyed it. I haven’t tried art therapy before. I don’t believe I need it at this stage. I do like that it is available for everyone and it is a good way to use creativity to help.

  58. Peanutcookie says:

    its an interesting thought to express your feelings in art. Im drawing for me as a hobby sometimes. I enjoy to learn how to draw portraits, because my wish is that some day ill be able to draw the REAL person… with all the feelings and specifics they have 🙂

  59. H MZ says:

    Thank you Youhjung for this helpful video 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  60. Simply_Elvin says:

    I'm working on getting rid of the perfectionist mindset. Oil pastels cause me anxiety because the image I'm trying to portray doesn't come out as expected. In addition, looking at the small white spots of the paper and the chalk-like texture drives me nuts. Nevertheless, I watched your video by making it sink in and doing my best to relax and enjoy it. Thank you.

  61. The Helpful Assistant says:

    I have been anxious all day today and have done a lot of things to help, trying to avoid taking medication. This was really good. I found it interesting how I was drawn to dark colours and not my favourite colours. There was no yellow and it was very dark and disjointed. I realized that I am not feeling in harmony with myself. I am not feeling settled and that it was very dark. It was nice to think about what I would need to change to make it better. I wanted my favourite colours, as well it needed yellow and I very much would like it to have eyes. I don't know why, but I felt strongly about that. Thank you so much!! This was so good.

  62. 12345 678910 says:

    Came here from your sisters channel, and instantly love yours as much as hers❤️❤️❤️

  63. Dana Barbieri says:

    Thank you. I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to implement the changes we wrote down but I did anyway. I used watercolor because I enjoy that. This was a very interesting exercise. I look forward to more.

  64. Melony Crayton says:

    Loving your channel! I look forward to more content to integrate into my personal life and professional life as a counselor in training. By the way, your voice is really soothing!

  65. Klaudia M says:

    I love your and your sister's youtube videos. Your sister is my favourite youtube-er. However, I have noticed (and it is a bit disappointing) that both of you advertise different products through your videos. That's a bit disappointing as it makes me wonder if you're doing this video journey mainly for financial reasons. I hope not. I still will watch your and your sister's videos as I absolutely love watching them and find them relaxing. But it is a bit disappointing seeing all that ''indirect'' advertising of products you use. Well, anyway, I just wanted to share that with you and I still wish you both only the best. And I'll stay subscribed as you're both so talented as for your youtube ''art'' of mindfulness and peacefulness.

  66. Doon Valley Greens says:

    Beautiful video

  67. Shanaly says:

    I love this!! cant wait to try it. looking forward to more videos like this,would love a longer one like 15 minutes or so! <3

  68. Kathy Ang says:

    Thanks to your lovely sis for bringing me to your channel. Thanks for sharing though I am not good at art but still appreciate what you have done.💖💖💖

  69. sabrina pernille says:

    Thank you. I feel I really need this. I desided to try it and was surprised by the strength of emotions flowing into the pen. I will love to do more art therapi with you. It was an releseing experiance for me and I really need to do somting to hel

  70. Ani Lemaster says:

    I LOVE this video. Please keep up the good work and make more videos.

  71. JAsparklefret7 says:

    Your sister brought me here. Your both so pretty!!!! I'm so inspired by both your journeys. I'm not a minimalist but you and your sis got me thinking and rethinking of my cluttered life. Please share more on your diet in contrast to your sister. Thanks!!!

  72. YI JIAOYUN says:


  73. lazymusician10 says:

    I'm going to try this with my tinted charcoal pencils. Adding color does help more with expressing emotion.
    Thank you for sharing. An I hopefully you can suggest some art techniques for depression/severe depression. I would find it most helpful. 🙂

  74. Amy Mallett says:

    Do you make your own candles?

  75. The Eternal Season says:

    Thank you for making this channel. I come back to this video any time there is something causing me anxiety. It helps a lot.

  76. sara says:

    The circle = alleviation

  77. Ethel Dawe says:

    I love this video thank you .your sister and you have such calming voices always centres

  78. Lara Rose says:

    Life changing

  79. Sally Heath says:

    This was amazing! I follow your sister and found you in the video about living together.
    You are truly wonderful people and such an inspiration for simple, compassionate living.
    I wish your new channel every success 🙏🏻🙌🏻💕

  80. A Ric says:

    Liked and subbed. I visualized this because there’s no paper around. My circle was the color of red, orange and yellow. Almost like fire. I rented a house that the bedroom ceiling had this huge circle around the fan in these colors. It gave me so much anxiety. I always said it felt like burning in hell! The owner said it was a special faux/expensive so I could not paint! During the practice my mind turned the hot colors to ocean 🌊 shades and the fire 🔥 turned to waves. Now I live back at the beach. My place of peace. What a great exercise 🙏🏽

  81. Hasshan Mohamed says:

    That was really relaxing, thank you!

  82. Theresa 1967 says:

    Really good!! Thank you 💕

  83. macie kincaid says:

    very helpful. thank you ! ❤️❤️

  84. Missy Stewart says:

    So, I stumbled upon your video yesterday when my anxiety was high. I am an artist and when anxiety is high for me, my paintings get put on hold. But I worked with you on the video. I did though change my colors I added to be watercolor, I just "did", no thinking just adding. Then I went back a few hours later and took a look to see what it was. Then I drew out with a pencil what I saw. I felt my art moved up a level. I felt the emotion from it. I felt emotionally better. Thanks for sharing this blessing with others.

  85. Jessica Vergara says:

    Thank you so much <3

  86. Kelly Moreno says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! 🙏🏽✨✨✨✨✨

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    Very nice practice…thank you kindly

  88. Mariam dimah says:

    How do you let go off wanting things to look perfect

  89. Mo Reynolds says:

    Hello, I’m a new subscriber. Mo, UK XX
    I loved this video. I shall be doing a lot of catching up on your other videos. Your voice is very calming. Xx

  90. blue orange says:

    Thank you !!! from Greece/ Europe

  91. Isabela Moreira says:

    Seu vídeo era tudo que eu precisava hoje!! 😍🤗

  92. maryann riddle says:

    I color to this video and I feel good when I listen.

  93. Artistic Minimalist says:

    I've just finished a BA of Fine Arts and would love to do Art therapy. However its not an option right now due to my stressful role as a carer (which I love doing for my son). Only since graduating I have just started now to do art for myself. Lecturers often dictate without knowing there doing so, your creativity output. As a special needs parent (and single mum) it's great to see art being used as therapy and I hope my son can take advantage of its benefits as well as myself!

  94. Inès Kandiah says:

    Love your videos! Just discovered you a few days ago. I was curious about what kind of the fountain pen you are using? Thank you for your inspiration and your beautiful energy!

  95. Mrs Heart To Art says:

    New subscriber! I really appreciate this video.

  96. Cloe Byeol says:

    I want to watch your whole channel at once. Your content is quite unique, I'm so thankful for your work.

  97. Art and Music Session says:

    Helow fellow creature, your truly correct, that art is another outlet to release the stress, and build the focus and patience .your newFrenhere admire your works.

  98. Silver Linings says:

    I just found your account on Instagram, I'm super excited to watch your videos. I used to do more art when I was younger but the perfectionist bug bit me bad. I'm really looking forward to using art as a therapy tool as well. I did a session of art therapy a couple years ago at the clinic using watercolors and was amazed that I could sit down and enjoy art again and feel good about it. I really really hope I can bring that experience back into my life with your channel. 🙂 🙂

  99. Mary Sunde says:

    I'm an artist that has experienced trauma and want to help others heal,. Do you have a certification for Art Therapy and if so how long did it take and how much?

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