Art Marina Abramović Rhythm 0

Abramovitch performed rhythm 0 in which she stood impassively and put herself completely in the hands of her audience I was standing there in the middle of the space with this table with objects I put the objects on the table very carefully chosen because the objects was for pleasure and there was also the objects for pain and objects that can bring you to death some of the objects included were a rose a feather grapes honey a whip scalpel a gun and a bullet if the beginning the public was really very much playing with me later on became more and more aggressive it was six hours of real horror they would cut my clothes they will cut me with the knife close to my neck a drink my blood and then put a plaster over the world they will carry me around half-naked put me on the table and stop the night between my legs into the wood and even somebody put a bullet in the pistol and put in my hand and sing if I were pressing it her hand against my hand if I resist but I remember after six hours when the calories come and say this piece it's finished that I start being by myself is that water to the audience you know- the blood and I knock tears to my eyes everybody run away you truly run after the door I remember coming to the hotel that evening looking myself in the mirror seeing really big piece of white hair

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  1. Sachin Kamble says:

    She is great woman

  2. 李林 says:

    and its experiment in the public, if its not. she will die. its just shows the society is full of all kind of people, some small part of dangerous people exiests in every society. strict punishment is important

  3. The Art of Ent says:

    Honestly i understand her a little better now.. Her strength is unfathomable.. But this is what she dedicated herself to.. And somewhere she found the wrong help.. God Bless her soul.. I can only pray for humanity..

  4. Sobari Bari says:

    out of the box's

  5. euro eu says:

    it was all planned

  6. s.lena says:

    it shows that a large portion of societ really need laws for preventing them from acting like animals. Thus, the countries with systemic corruption problem and a lack of better rule of law have the most casses of violence against women. Also sadism runs deep in Serbian culture.

  7. Hazim Alsaif says:


  8. sacha rto says:

    i bet she dont have the courage to do the same ''act'' today (with a gun and bullet)

  9. Dana Woods says:

    Most of you commenting here are nothing but crazy, mean-spirited, paranoid people.. Marina seems to a me a perfectly decent, good, and also very interesting performance artist and person . Her "spirit cooking" is performance art not "Satanism" . It seems "evil" to you because you have relatively limited experience of life , of unusual art, unusual spiritual practices, including that of many tribal people's who go through varied painful rights of passage, or , on the other hand,ceremonies where one self-harms to share in the pain of others. (such as the Sun Dance of the Lakota Sioux where people put hooks through their own flesh , with the other end of the rope connected to the Sun Dance pole, and pull against it while they pray – mostly the men, the Lakota women may do this also , but may be more likely to offer a small chunk of their own flesh as prayer.Do you think this is "evil" also Wake up people!!, stop acting corn fed and inbred, and realize that the world is much bigger or diversified than you think it is. Stop imagining things in the closet in the dark are "evil" because you can't see them! Because Marina A knows the Podestas , Clintons and any other person DOESN'T mean that she had any part in anything bad they MAY have done, doesn't mean that she had any part in it. Also, considering who she is, by seeing various clips of her movies and performance art, and these various interviews, she is, to me, simply a person bushing the boundaries of HER own experiences, and not someone who harms others ,but actually just the opposite in spirit and practice. She seems like a GOOD person, can't you see that? As far as the Podestas or James Alafontis of Comet pizza , and his friends ( who may very well just have a weird adolescent sense of humor) I say MAY because I still see the "evidence" used as largely insubstantial, and I've looked at the instagram photos, comments and the names (and jokes re names like "Cummings" for example – thus "cum panda" since it was probably him dressed as a Panda for Halloween, and the photo of him labeled "chicken lover" with the young boy was probably just that weird humor (and it is a stretch to call some Mardi Gras beads a "bracelet" with symbolic meaning. Also I've seen the seemingly strange Podesta emails, and the supposed correspondences to pedophilia terms, and if that's true it's horrible , and I hope it's being investigated sincerely by honest people. BUT, on the other hand, all we know is that the source has been this or that person on Reddit or Tor or wherever, who we don't even know, (who said they mean that!!! ,and also I have seen the correspondences change drastically depending on who's quoting what anonymous source)In any case a conversation about Pizza gate, or its veracity doesn't belong on Marina Abromovich's videos. Again, how inconsiderate and mean-spirited are yo? Moreover, you are not unlikely candidates for being sued for libel or defamation of character, though I doubt she'd do that, being the person of character she appears to be. It's ironic you are proving her substantiated theory, that given the tolls to harm, and the freedom to do so, you would choose to do that to her rather than see the harmlessness of her person, and treat her well, ie ignore her if you don't like her or what she does, or treat her with respect if you can stretch yourselves and see that she is simply doing what SHE feels inspired and guided to do with her on life.

  10. Thread Killer says:

    I wonder if she would do this performance again today..Open to the public

  11. East Sunshine says:

    You guys really don't get it… She's showing that a lot of people pass by you in your life. Some bring joy, happiness and some bring pain. That's her performance

  12. Juan Valadez says:

    This sick performance reflects how the elites see us- as their flesh and bone play things. It's an invitation to objectify and disrespect the human form as nothing more than a material thing.

    These people are sick sick sick, but at least they help us understand why there has to be a hell.

  13. Happyfeet says:

    May God have mercy on her soul.

  14. soundofm135#### # says:

    this is remarkably vile. why this is permitted on this planet.there must be an "insult to the eyes" written into the criminal law.
    this sort of public exposure is criminal-it is not art. it is called "art", to coverup its real nature and function.

    ask yourself: is there a difference for you between a body, living body in a state of well-being-and a bludgeoned, poisoned, decapitated corpse. Now realize that this body is only a chemical process-everything it sees influences it profoundly.

    existence of such "art" is criminality, virtual criminality, virtual sadism, virtual murder, virtual sexual perversion. this should be banned and a law made against such art-that is if we DO see the difference between a well-being of a living body on all levels, including visual-or the opposite of it.

  15. analog-65 says:


  16. clinique says:

    go to prison bitch pr witch burn

  17. Deeke777 says:

    I have a feeling that people are just bored, and have to resort to doing abhorrent, ridiculous, self-destructive and ritualistic things to explore "art" and find new "interpretations" of the artistic world.

    But what it really comes down to is masking certain things; if you let people do whatever they want to you, without restrictions, they'll most likely resort to animals.

    We don't need art to expose this behavior. All you need is a history book.

    These people are just bored and feel like the sense of "occult" gives them a purpose–the same way people like Lady Gaga call themselves artists, but in reality, they're just tired of what they consider a mundane existence because they're so beyond the realities of life, as in having to actually work hard for money.

    Once you get to that point in life, you can plateau, and life becomes drab and boring. Once you have money and no longer have to worry about it, certain things lose meaning to you.

    So you attend events like this to find a "spark", something new, something EXCITING.

    But it's a fleeting high, and can lead to a rather dark pathway to the extreme.

    But in reality, it's just people breaking the taboos of society for the sake of "art". It's rather fascinating to see what's allowed and what isn't as long as it's deemed "artistic," isn't it?

  18. URCHIN SAM says:

    I always said Italy and Italians are dirty and disgusting. Another proof well documented here. I don't know how they can even call themselves Europeans, they are so unlike other Europeans.

  19. Yve Miro says:

    this is really amazing

  20. pan iopan says:

    Can't view it in the UK?

  21. Gertrude Tarpeh says:

    this is sick poor spirit..

  22. Delsin Rowe says:

    Who dafuq would attend to this shit and fuckin hurt her…. Bloody fuckin sociopath rich mofo who feel fuckin sad?

  23. Julia Singh says:

    это п@здец, господа

  24. A B says:

    What was even the point of her performance.!

  25. Salvadõr Dalí says:

    horror show. rob zombie is the authority on that topic imo😌

  26. Salvadõr Dalí says:

    that art is just a Tuesday night in san Francisco hah

  27. Salvadõr Dalí says:

    my oh my…. to some any object can be deadly dear elder one, just ask HHTDL.

  28. J says:

    This bitch is sickening

  29. repetitive reality says:

    becouse she likes it.that's why she did it. becouse she's a witch.

  30. Schrodinger's Cat says:

    Very smart way to provoke people into the dark side and immorality. Disguise it as art and experimentation

  31. Anette Desire says:

    Mental illness is the new norm considered art

  32. Peck Proctor says:

    They should've shot her I might have saved a lot of innocent children in her satanic rituals behind closed doors

  33. TakeWiseAction says:

    Hey I have a tip.. If YOU like death then YOU go DIE! Hoooray! A win-win for everyone!

  34. BIOTRIBE says:

    Marina is a charming fraud. She is a neo-liberal artist.

  35. jesus is a worm says:

    Why is this inappropriate

  36. Giovanna Ribeiro says:

    This woman is my inspiration in life.

  37. hussain ahmed says:

    جريئة .لكنه درس سيبقى عالقا في أذهان الناس .بأن كل الذين الي بجوارنا س يتحولون الي وحوش في لحظة ما لو سمحت لهم الفرصة

  38. Fatma S. says:

    where could I find full footage of this performance?

  39. Pedans says:

    they would drink my blood… yeah, that's normal…

  40. Bo Landreneau says:

    Further proof there's a sucker born every minute – every second for those who think standing still is an art. Go to any major city and see people doing in costume. They're just more poorly-paid hucksters. She's not a performance artist, she's a scam artist

  41. The Young Turd says:

    Marina is Einstein of Art..

  42. WickedMo13 says:

    So this is where Yoko stole her idea from

  43. Bikewithlove says:

    This isn't art, but it is a great demonstration of the complete lack of philosophical grounding in Americans; especially in art scenes. A person is not the same as an inanimate object, and to seriously pretend this is the case is egregiously backward, not to mention pretentious. The problem with performance art is that the highfalutin 'performers' who line their pockets with money from naive sycophants have to keep themselves insulated high up in their ivory towers, and rightly so; to keep far away from every school kid who knows that this kind of thing is laughably idiotic.

  44. Witch Doctor Poet says:

    Sadly, most people are only comfortable with what they can objectify and control.

  45. Arthur Tully says:

    What did you expect. If people knew they could get away by murdering her they would.

  46. ninuxy says:

    Marina is America, and those people are Donald Tramp's sycophants. That's what's happening to America; these pigs are some how convincing themselves that what they are doing is ok.

  47. Kuroshitsuji _UNDERTAKER_ says:

    WTF !!!!!

  48. M Walls says:

    didn't Shiloh lebouf do this and got raped?

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