Art Passion Mehndi class : use of worksheet material || digital downloadable designs for practice

If you are forgetting your designs ? Or you don’t like copying someone else’s designs and you want to create your own designs Then this video is for you Hello namaste how are you all today? I welcome all o f you to Art Passion online mehendi class And this is our extra class This extra class have been requested by our generous supporter who support us by buying our product Specially those who bought our DIGITAL downloadable material / designs The class related material is available on our website and with our supplier they are buying this and supporting us upon their request this video have been created because they want to learn how to use homework worksheets /digital downloadable material they want to learn how to use them and practice themselves at home If you are forgetting your designs you are fed up copying other artist’s work you desire to create your own designs then this video would be very helpful to you so even though you have not bought this worksheets do watch this video because it will give you clear idea how you can combine our classes youtube videos and worksheet material and become very independent mehendi artist The one who can create their own designs Some people are confused regarding digital downloadable material so lets explain little bit regarding this as I said in my introduction video that whatever class video will be uploaded on youtube same time class related material worksheet would be uploaded on my website from there you can buy it how to buy that ? let me explain that first when you will go to my website in design section you will find class related material there when you buy that material you will receive downloadable link with your invoice from there you can download this homework worksheets material on your hone/tablet/ computer then you can take printout of that material that will be with you forever so this way you can purchase from our website if you are not comfortable with website then you can purchase this from my supplier they will send you as forward once your payment is done yes please do understand this material is NOT FREE you have to buy it because developing material is time consuming hard work so let me show you how can you use this worksheets and create so many of your own practices designs and that’s so easy there is no limit only your imagination and creativity is the only barrier Frankly speaking on youtube I avoid sharing my designs that is for sell because there are set of people who are helping us buying our material/product and on other side there are few cheapskate who just take screen shot for their selfish motive But no problem for our supporter we con do anything So these are class 1 worksheets/material I have taken print out of those worksheets you m might think it has only two pages but in these two pages I have shared so many variations through that you can create so many designs as you can see here I have shared so many border ideas here I have used those border ideas in practice so it give you understanding how you can use those border elements I have given example of checks like how many layers it has and when you use them in your designs you can create new design all the time as you can see I here have used two layer checks in this design if you want just change the combination and you will have new design every time by changing checks layer and filler then you will have multiple new designs let me explain little bit how you can mix match these elements and how you can create your own designs then I will show you one practice example but with pen drawing because with cone it will become very time consuming as you can see I have used triangle for example here same triangle I have used in my border practice if you see carefully in triangle we have lines and one variation is with bold lines so here we have two combinations so you can replace single line design with bold line design then in this border also as you can see I used round petals but you can use another border combination and change the design as you can see here how with single line the one we used in our practice during class then there are more variation to it like combination of Bold and single lines then I have used straight and slant line combination so if you want you can use them in entire border like use straight line in entire border or bold and single line combination in entire border using cross line in border using any block combination you can change your border design so the way you change combinations every time you will have new design like straight line I have given variations or triangular line too so with those elements I have created two full fledge practices here in worksheet so I will show you one more practice demonstrating how to use our worksheets element and create your own designs so you have better understanding about it as you can see I have given so many border ideas here you can take any border from that for practice like we will take this border so what will we do first Please do practice with mehendi cone if you want to be mehendi artist then you have to practice with cone thats the best for you because you have to learn how to control cone and its very very important do not practice with pen or pencils here I am using pen so I can save some time I drew lines first then frill and now I can draw this petal to complete border I won’t go into too much detail otherwise video length will increase you can complete this border like this if you wish you can draw something at bottom line you can give four line variation that you can add you can take any combination from this and create border here we can take thin and thick line combination with cross block I am trying to create this element we can create entire border with just that element that way you will practice line and create new element too and if you keep practicing this way you will start creating your own designs and elements and after so. many practices it will become your habit then you will start making your own mehendi designs and you won’t even realise that so here I change this entire design /element now I want one more frill border here after making frills I have so many combination to use I am using this simple u petals so this way you can create one border element Now if you want to create checks in this part so you can use any checks combinations here like single layer checks double layer checks, triple layer checks or anything from these combinations you can add into your designs whichever checks you want to practice you can use that as you can see I am using about layer slanted checks we have already practice this checks if you want to practice this checks mostly these types of checks won’t go with slanted line. it can be complicated you can use complicated checks in straight line checks so during practice when you face such complication then you will realise or learn the right use of each elements and its very important to learn right usage of elements that only you will learn with practices the more you will practice the more you will have confidence to use all elements For that reason also practices are very important As you can see this complicated looking checks we created with very easy techniques it looks complicated but its not so here you can use any checks combination as I have shown in my practices too all elements are created using only line, frill and dots but I can say with guarantee that if you use your creativity and imagination to fullest then you can easily create more than 50 such combination practices thats why this is homework practice Its impossible to teach everything through class or video what happens when we go to class for learning teacher gives is demonstration like when we go to tuition, teacher teaches us one sum with particular method and to practice that method they gives us worksheets through that we can self practice those methods and try to strengthen whatever we have learnt same thing happens in mehendi class teacher gives one demonstration design we practice that demonstration design and then to practice more they give us demo related references so we can practice by ourselves so we are trying to follow same method here the only difference is here we have free classes and have to BUY material outside you pay for classes and thats why material cost is included into it thats why you think material is free if I still want to extend this practice and I can explain to you the line variation is very important whenever you have to progress with design don’t forget to give line variation Then only your designs will stand out then again you can draw one frill line this time we drew big round petal I have so many different borders ideas here that you can find in this worksheets you can use this types of triangles in this border then you progress with border If you want to practice slant lines then you can create border with slant lines you can use checks here too and take your designs to another level so its all your imaginations we have given ideas and creations will be yours then soon I will meet you again with my new video/class hope you all got clear idea how you can practice with us through our videos and with our material /homework worksheets how can you practice your own that was the only purpose of this video I am sure have clearly explain this entire topic here after this also you have any confusion you can let us know through comments if you still not buy our class 1 material/worksheet then what are you waiting for go to our website or contact my supplier and buy it I promise you that it would be very helpful to you when you will try to create your own material for your class/student/workshop it will guide you so soon we will meet with new video till then stay blessed , stay inspired, take care bye C U

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