31 Replies to “ATEEZ(에이티즈) – '해적왕(Pirate King)' Official MV (Performance ver.)”

  1. Alyssa Guillermo says:

    1.4k dislikes?! Ateez deserves better

  2. Hugo Germano says:

    0:34 has a bug in the frame,on the left side

  3. The L World says:

    I so love it💞

  4. Gisca lee says:

    I like "Um OEOOOOOOO Um OEOOOOOOO" Part.

  5. ale HR says:

    Omg! Que hermosos 😍❤

  6. taekookdrug says:

    Ahhhhhmmmmmmmm YEOSANG IS A WHOLE MEAL IN THIS!!!!

  7. Yael Polino says:


  8. bunny boo says:

    Only the second song I've ever heard from them but if anyone ever trys to hurt san i will kill them💜✊
    ( I'll protect the others too but san is the only name i can remember rn)

  9. Maria do Carmo Pontes Cantão says:

    musica top 👏👏👏👏😲😲😲😢

  10. hyo mi says:

    I'M NEW FANS!!! THIS SONG JUST )#!#;#7*(#);:

  11. ciaracampbelll says:

    nothing well ever slap as hard as this pre-chorus

  12. Gabrielli Souza says:

    Caramba os "mano" arrasam💙

  13. EclipseSobi says:


  14. Cat a says:

    The beat drop omg😭😭😭😭 imma cry

  15. Sugar Yoongi says:

    Ateez: Will you be my friend?
    Me: I can be someone more than friend

  16. Lia Cat says:

    People this group needs out immediate attention! I'm standing!!!

  17. tiny atiny says:

    0:12 i was playing music before my flight took off, and just when this part came on, the plane took off and it was the best thing to ever happen to me

  18. tiny atiny says:

    The other day I suddenly sang “UMMMMOOOOOEEEEEOO” to my dog and he got scared jjsjdkjfjd

  19. ummi ummi says:

    They give me bts vibe wow

  20. miau nhaw says:

    i cant believe this was recorded in MARROCOS!!!!!!!! i honestly love ateez theyre extraordinary

  21. bangtan with luv says:

    what is south korea doing? This song is A BOP and this should have more hype cuz the song itself is a head banger!!! STAN ATEEZ FAM✊🏻♥️

  22. Kim Angela says:

    mingi boludo exijo ver las jirafas >:v

  23. ummi ummi says:

    I just came to knw about this group and I'm truly amazed by their talent🔥💯

  24. Stray IDLE says:

    Who thinks this sounds like mic drop

    I loVE THIS peopLe stop sleeping on them

  25. Nikita Patel says:

    123 let's go….. ATEEZ lots of love from India 💝

  26. Joziane Hoong says:

    Finally 11M u.u

  27. Dalyeidi B. Wayne says:


  28. Giftz B says:

    guys i have no idea whats going on on twitter because social media is toxic and thats why i avoid it
    but if people are hating on ateez or spreading hate to another fandom, plz don't engage
    ateez will find their own path regardless of the haters so lets just continue to support them and be positive because thats the type of fandom we are

  29. Аки Мая says:

    How many loves ATEZZ?❤️

  30. Jeny Aguilar says:

    how beautiful are the lovers besides being cute they have a very good voice

  31. 80z TREASURE says:

    Congrats 11M

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