ATEEZ(에이티즈) – ‘WONDERLAND’ Dance Tutorial

8 Makes 1 Team Hello, we’re ATEEZ! Hello, it’s Yun Ho and Woo Young of ATEEZ We came back with the full album<TREASURE EP.FIN: All To Action> We’ll teach how to dance the point choreography of WONDERLAND which is the title song ATEEZ has hard performances always, so you think it would be hard to follow? No no~ I will teach you the easy way How much do you want to know about the choreography of WONDERLAND? The choreography tutorial Let’s go~ Firstly, I will show the most point dance in WONDERLAND It’s very simple Firstly, just clap But when you do it with your feeling Your own feeling You need the groove For example, grooving with your body with clapping Or just clapping and make some grooves Facial expression is very important as well We will show our back side Let’s go~ We need to spray when it’s ‘E O E O’ It needs your own feeling as well Your feelings, we would be appreciated if you dance as your feelings It was the first point dance ‘Let’s Go’ Thank you Teacher Woo Young came back this time as well! We will show the second point choreography Firstly, move your leg forward It’s easy, isn’t it? How to go? Push it with your back leg and move forward like this Then, what about hands? Hold your belly like this. Hold it and open You need to bend back your body Your body bended, right? You might fall down if you move behind Do you know what the point is here? It’s quite hard When your shoulders turn, turn your hips at the same time and hold your knee And when your arms raise, point! Point! You pointed it, right? A chicken flies. A chicken flies all of sudden here A chicken flies and the chicken is flapping wings all of sudden After flapping, and point! Run away to the back for a while and fly again Flapping wings once~ Flapping wings twice~ It’s the point dance from here! There is a point choreography ‘Do you think this foot is left foot or right foot?’ I will explain easily I will say a left foot as ‘left’ and a right foot as ‘right’ Do it LeftRightLeft and point it with your right foot Raise your right foot again ATEEZ is the global performance idol, so we never finish here We have hand moves Let’s go Let’s go. To the beginning that the ending is waiting We showed the second point choreography Shall we try the moves? I will introduce the last point choreography Firstly, you need to step the dance break of this song cheerfully like marching You need to do dance steps You are sitting down at first and get up and point it Point it with your left foot and there are hand moves Point and point with your hands! Put your head here and put your hands too 1, 2, 3, 4 There is a preparation here You need to get ready to put. What do we put? You will put your hands under your knees and roll If I teach the feet works Left Left LeftRight LeftRight Left Like this Do this steps and put your arms too What did I say? ATINY? Like this You can think you’re marching very powerfully and strongly on these choreographies Let’s try up to here Alright, there is one more point here It looks too simple with it, right? So, ‘Let’s march~’ We have a twist here after marching The head is the point! The head! You need to make the point as good as you can because the head is the point! It’s my detail Jump up and go ahead It was the last point choreography Thank you Please sing it, Woo Young I like the reason~ How was it? You guys can listen to WONDERLAND well As we taught it the easy way Please love our WONDERLAND a lot We will be Yun Ho and Woo Young who work harder We’re Yun Ho and Woo Young of ATEEZ! 8 Makes 1 Team Thank you

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  1. Cielipe Vaklos says:

    No one:
    Pom po pom pom pom
    Pup pa pup pa pup!

  2. Giuliaa B says:

    No One:
    Wooyoung: EoSEo KaJa, eOsEO kAJa

  3. HeArTN says:

    yeah, I tried doing this in the morning
    just 5 minutes of me struggling

  4. Kate Chan says:

    ATEEZ motivates me to learn this… also YUNHO BABY

  5. Amanina Fikri says:

    watch this not to learn the dance but to watch wooyoung and yunho

  6. Amelka Pazdan says:

    Wooyoung is so cute

  7. megan m says:

    i love the way wooyoung teaches because he puts so much care and thought into teaching you the dance in the most specific and simple way

  8. 지민 says:

    their height difference is just too cute

  9. Soy R says:

    Yunho is really an incredible teacher!
    Wooyoung too btw ♡ but personally I understand Yunho more but it's just a personal point of view !

  10. lisanne says:

    i will keep it at the clap

  11. Jay Jay says:

    This is so smart tho kq THANK YOU

  12. Froongay says:

    i still cant dance

  13. Lullakai says:

    Even with the tutorial I still won't attempt it lol

  14. Felice Natalie says:

    Wah finally an official dance tutorial.. please make more dance tutorials in the future tooooo… 😍😍😍😍

  15. lai.guanva says:

    did they forget to mirror it-

  16. Filtr Kids says:


  17. Seonghwa being rude like always says:

    Ateez: does a tutorial how to do the dance of WONDERLAND

    Me: I can’t dance
    I can’t control Ma body


  18. 이시은 says:



    Like can they just step on me please-

  20. Hiba Khan says:

    Yall ❤️

  21. Sei says:

    My 21-years-old-brain: Maybe we can do this

    My 80-years-old-back: No, we can't

  22. James says:

    5:16 😳 man those cнeѕт—

  23. Revita Nasywa says:

    eoseogaJA eoseogaJA

  24. Gin says:

    *chicken flies chicken flapping*

  25. Nivenia :3 says:

    Wooyoung looks so small, MY HEART I CAN’T-

  26. lee taeyxnq says:

    yunho shouldve wear a thicker white tshirt likee it's showing a little now😳

  27. Banana Jam says:

    Who notice that in every new ateez content, there must be yunho.😂 AnewZ with yunho, AchallengeZ with yunho, and now dance tutorial woth yunho. I'm not complaining tho

  28. Banana Jam says:

    Welcome to another episode of Yunho making Wooyoung looks tiny 😂

  29. Suresh Oram says:

    Thank you Teacher Wooyoung and Teacher Yunho😊

  30. La La says:

    Kafunny kay Wooyoung shet hahahahaha tas Yunho the music. Lol madaog

  31. Gin says:

    Thank you for doing this 💕💕💕

  32. Zahrah Fathima says:

    Is anyome noticing wooyoung singing the chores 😂😂😂

  33. PEACHPERFECT says:

    san used 10 accounts to dislike this as it’s not him that can teach us the choreo with wooyoungie

  34. Лейсан Мухаметзянова says:

    The only thing i can dance – gajaaa~

    3:08 Wooyoungniee sighs as a mood for today's morning

  35. Mark stam says:

    No one:
    Wooyoung and Yunho: ka ja

  36. Valentina Maffei says:


  37. ashullu says:

    me: cant even clap my hands right

  38. Half Blood Prince says:

    Lying on my bed & seeing dance tutorial,Wah! Such a great time…😄😄

  39. Bianca Lopes says:

    eu amo demais

  40. Isra Hasnain says:

    I just have to say one thing! We ARE A SPOILT FANDOM and i feel so blessed to be served as soon as i wake up in the morning ❤️ Keep going ATEEZ! Gajahh!

  41. Sunny Hyun says:

    Ok is this mirrored

  42. Atiny forever says:

    Thank u wooyoung and yunho❤

  43. Gabri BP says:

    How are we supposed to not love them? 🤔 it's impossible 🤷🏻‍♀️

  44. ibmthe says:


  45. Ta Schi says:

    Now we need all the other dance moves too😍💕

  46. M says:

    How am I supposed to be focused when they being cute while teaching a point of choreography

  47. succ san says:


  48. Sheia Sapphire Grace says:


  49. Skye Walker says:

    Maybe I'm in love??

  50. dyoraemon says:

    the boyfriend feels on these two beautiful men ☠️💙

  51. dyoraemon says:

    No one:

    Literally no one:

    Not even my lips:

    Wooyoung's lips: imma pout

  52. Sarah Asnaidel says:

    The height difference 😭

  53. ولاء محمد says:

    teacher woo young:very very good woooooow.

  54. Xaris Villa says:

    Such memes. These guys.

  55. Chloé ! says:

    I’m going to try but can’t promise u anything lol

  56. sky awakened says:

    thank you teacher yunho and teacher wooyoung😇❤

  57. Hanifah 13 says:

    they teach us so well but I still can't do that

  58. —kpopstan says:

    watch me broke all my bones while tryna do these dance moves

  59. hehehe says:

    Why so cuuutttteeee

  60. Namtiddies 1994 says:

    Wooyong looks so tiny-

  61. Joon Moon says:

    Imagine being the group that not only makes amazing dances but teaches your fandom how to do it to

  62. Itscookiekyra says:

    No one

    LITERALLY no one

    Not even a single person

    Yunho & Wooyoung : CLAPS

  63. acupoftae says:

    Stan a group who makes a tutorial for u

  64. wahida says:

    I have concluded that i cannot do this dance 😂

  65. EMILYS HAVEN says:

    Am I actually gonna try learn this dance?

  66. Na Una says:

    It's easy

  67. talia lok says:

    ok but what is wooyoung so pretty for🥺🥵💘

  68. chuuchuu hyungwonnie; says:

    i lost my legs

  69. Sofia Paananen says:

    U know, I will never learn these even tho I understood how To do these

  70. Vittoria Elvezia says:

    Wooyoung n Yunho: it's easy right?
    Me: …which is my left n which the right?

  71. caramel kookies says:

    At 0:34 I realised once again that I stan a bunch of dorks

  72. c h r i s t i n a says:

    yunho and wooyoung’s height difference 🥺🥺

  73. Настя Батурина says:


  74. jen127 says:

    The height difference between yunho and wooyoung is soooo cute😚

  75. Duck u Bro says:

    I just wanna say that I love u Wooyoung and Yunho

  76. Fae Giggles says:

    Whhhhhhhat Wooyoung looks so small. 😍

  77. Cured by k-pop says:

    It looks so simple but when I try it, i have no idea what i’m doing

  78. Hayat Osman says:

    They are really out here giving out more dance tutorials 😂😂😂😂

  79. kpopfan 24/7 says:

    Yunho: what did I say?
    Again yunho: Atiny!
    Yunho again: like this.
    Isn't he a real tutor? 😂😘

  80. Hayat Osman says:

    Wooyoung looking like a pretty boy today 🥺

  81. Hayat Osman says:

    Very unprofessional tutorial, but what do you expect it’s ateez 😂😂💙

  82. Alina Kim says:

    Wooyoung and Yunho best dance teachers ever!❤️

  83. kpopfan 24/7 says:

    I'm honestly on my bed watching how my younger sister is practicing this next to me while I'm thinking about easier ways to do this😭😂.

  84. 아스트로ASTRO says:


  85. Isabelle M. says:

    Who thought it'd be a good idea to let Wooyoung explain…?! 😂

  86. Aziemah Zaki says:

    All of my bones are gonna break if i attempt to dance like dis😂

  87. Hacer Nur Ertunç says:

    İs it tutorial? I love that you even make the tutorial yourself. Thank youu 😇

  88. Sarah Meissner says:


  89. baby yoongs says:

    Chicken flies

  90. peach less says:

    This is the easy way? lol wut

  91. Anastasia Skz says:

    who is your dance teacher? iT's YunHo AnD wOoYoUnG fRoM aTeEz

  92. Shazuru says:

    I don't know but am I the only persons that laugh because of this😂 I think many atiny came to learn about the wonderland choreography

  93. viola n risani says:

    When your dance teacher is your fav idol 💕

  94. 마노반라리사 says:

    Them: *clap aggressively*

    Me: wait how do you do tha-

  95. vi vi says:


  96. Choi San says:

    It's not like im gonna learn it but im here anyways lol

  97. vi vi says:

    Thank you Yunho and thank you Wooyoung for this tutorial I really needed it. I love the song so much 💜 I really apprecheate your hard work.

  98. Aneila Larasati says:

    why am I laughing so hard

  99. Emine Ünal says:

    Yunho and Wooyoung ; * They dance like it's so easy*
    And there's me ; Can not even walk like Wooyoung said

  100. Ailis Finnegan says:

    Y'know when you even manage to get the clap wrong?
    Just me?

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