Great Composers: "Tchaikovsky"

Tchaikovsky's music like that of no other composer chance to get you right there his music is himself and the only keys just understand his character I think he wrote about his life Tchaikovsky himself felt that the Russian people Read More

News Reports of Famous Deaths (Musicians Tribute)

Elvis Presley died today he was found at his home in Memphis not breathing his doctor pronounced him dead at 3 o'clock this afternoon the Jimi Hendrix Experience is over the acid rock musician died today in a London hospital Read More

How to convert a number to scientific notation

in this video we're going to learn about something called scientific notation scientific notation is the way that scientists like to write very large or very small numbers in a way that makes the math a little bit easier for Read More

Space Jam Theme Song

everybody get up it's time to slam now we got the real Jam going down welcome to the Space Jam base gives your chance do your dance at the Space Jam the space