PHP Composer Quickstart

hey youtubers today I'm going to talk about composer a PHP dependency manager and this has been needed for a while I haven't personally got into the thick of it but I know at some point it's just ridiculously good Read More


welcome to top10archive for this installment we're taking a look at the world of YouTube and the success it may bring specifically for singers songwriters or musicians to qualify for our top ten pick the artist must have been found Read More

Building Chords, Easy Music Theory

one question that I get asked a lot is how I stay so fit and handsome into my late 20s most of the other questions I get are about guitar chords now when you first start out in your first Read More

Music Theory Fundamentals 1: Notation Basics

hello welcome to the first of a series of tutorials I hope many more tutorials to come I'll be covering music theory just may be quickly a little bit about myself my name is Jeremy hunt and I have a Read More

you've yee'd your last haw

where are the horses I got the horses in the back I'm the horse he was talking about yes I'm a glowing horse have you never seen a glowing horse before are you discriminating me right now yes not cool Read More