Avengers: Endgame Trailer Pitch Meeting

so you have a pitch for that Avengers 4 trailer yes sir I do so you know how the last movie ended with half of all living creatures dying oh yeah actually I forgot about that oh you did no like denon are you kidding me that's all I've been thinking about since April oh my god Peter Parker didn't feel so good no he didn't because of the spider sense he knew he was gonna die and my heart is broken in a thousand pieces right and Groot had so much left to live for yeah so I'm thinking that most people are in a similar emotional state as you right now so you're gonna kick off the trailer with something fun to lift our spirits no I'm gonna put something really sad and twist the knife oh you're a monster yes sir I am so Tony's gonna be floating in space leaving a message for Pepper Potts cuz he knows he's about to die oh my sweet Tony and then I figure we could have the Marvel logo turned to dust to remind everyone how their favorite characters died why are you like this rough childhood I love making people feel sad I can see that so then we're gonna see that Thanos made a little scarecrow with his armor don't really think he's gonna need that scarecrow though he just killed like 50% of all crows that's right he did those poor baby crows and then we're gonna show Captain America what's going on with him well he's so sad that he shaved his beard haven't we caused enough heartbreak now we're having him shave that glorious beard a beard his gun sir we're killing it oh you're ruthless and I hate you we're also gonna tease a little slideshow of the people that died in the snap so there's spider-man ant-man but wait he's not dead he's in the quantum realm right but the Avengers don't know that oh very cool there's also a picture of Sheree wait Sheree is dead we didn't know that she's dead sir oh man and we're also gonna show Hawkeye but he likes swords now so he's Ronin he's now the bad guy from the first guardians of the galaxy movie now that was Ronin this is Ronin Oh confusing names are tight yeah they are well it's gonna be really nice to see him again yeah and he's gonna give this really sad look so you just know his whole family's dead oh my god and now we're gonna have the title reveal no we said publicly that nobody had guessed the title yet right we did say that it must have been hard to come up with something that nobody would figure out actually super easy barely an inconvenience oh really yeah it's gonna be called Avengers endgame that was probably the most guest title though yeah yeah and we also said that the title wasn't spoken in Avengers infinity war but endgame totally was well here's the thing did you know that you could just lie about stuff oh you can yeah you could literally lie about anything hefty shots probably won't be in the final movie Wow and so how does the trailer end well you know how in 2015 people were like yo ant-man movie nobody wants to see that yeah I remember well we're gonna make those people cheer for ant-man by having him show up at the end of the trailer oh yeah those puppets will cheer for him I think you might have a little god complex developing there buddy oh whoops whoops say and anyway then we'll have the month of the release show up with the Avengers a in it oh so the a in May is gonna be an Avengers age oh that's right we told people this was coming out in May yeah we did well add that to the list of Lies I guess what hey guys it's Ryan here hope you enjoyed that special pitch meeting I usually make these videos for full movies but this seemed like a special occasion let me know in the comments section what you thought of the Avengers end game trailer you'd also check out a lot more pitch meeting videos on the channel and check back soon for a new one bye bye

38 Replies to “Avengers: Endgame Trailer Pitch Meeting”

  1. 21joncarlos says:

    Please do the Incredible Hulk (Norton) pitch meeting.

  2. Shane Montgomery says:

    Confusing names are tight!
    Yeah they are.

    I’m dead…

  3. maggoli67 says:

    Odd…the trees didn't vaporize…yet, Groot did…baffling!

  4. Deborah L. says:

    The moment you discover you’re Screenwriter Guy.

  5. Alice Wang says:

    1:16 crying me too

  6. Monkey Man says:

    im 99% sure the trailer had fit thor fighting thanos in the final war

  7. Daniel Lipko says:

    Didn’t watch the trailer to avoid as many spoilers as possible for the movie, but now I’m here after seeing the movie, for this pitch meeting to finally see what the fuss was about.

    It was tight

  8. Aaron Tharp Productions says:


  9. George Bourlos says:

    probably you need help for Pitch of the actual film: a. quantum suits can travel through space too (not just time) -actually Black Widow and Ronin carried a spaceship in their pockets which quantum appeared before Vornim planet… b. Pim particles handed to Thanos enough to transport a whole armada, c. Nebula network is like intergallactic wi-fi d. Thor's hammer wields thunder by itself

  10. MaximusAlcarinque says:

    Endgame Pitch Meeting, rn, por favor

  11. Nightbreaker says:

    When is the movie pitch meeting coming?

  12. Beaudoin Motorsports says:

    You're a monster

  13. Miriam McGrath says:

    Can’t wait to see it I’m watching it today it’s going to be so hard not to tell anyone spoilers

  14. edirin otuburun says:

    "Yeah! Those puppets will cheer of him " that was priceless😂👍and really evil😈

  15. Devin Brady says:

    Ryan is tight!!!

  16. JAMES WELLS says:

    I want that triangle shirt. Shoot.

  17. Plush Wizard says:

    I already saw avengers endgame it’s so sad when Thanos kil……. never mind

  18. Prometheus Boi says:

    Lying about the title is Super Easy Barely An Inconvenience

  19. Sammuel Parris says:

    Who is Ronin?

  20. ianaspickles says:

    "So there's Spiderman,-"

  21. Inferno Productions says:

    Blue jacket Ryan embodying my feelings after infinity war and this trailer Is tight!

  22. Maura_The_Mango says:

    We are getting so close and I haven't even comprehended the fact that Peter Parker is going to be brought back to life next week wow

  23. Yoshi Dinono says:

    "You just know his whole family is dead"
    "Oh my god."
    That reaction was priceless.

  24. Charli Ansell says:

    Man, forget about spiderman… *sniff*… Those crows were the real tragedy

  25. steph g says:

    "those puppets will cheer for him!!"- oh man, that was great

  26. Bailey R says:

    Spoiler alert: all of the trailers are fake. The Russos haven’t even begun filming. They will do it the day before Endgame’s release on iMovie

  27. chrono050 says:

    His beard was glorious.

  28. hali hali says:

    Please do the room (tommy wiseau) and princess bride!

  29. Ethan says:

    Marvel needs to air one of these before every movie

  30. Harry Red says:

    Oh you're a monster
    I know right. 😂

  31. ines GUERIRI says:

    What about loki!!!!😭😭😭😭😭

  32. G Toyadha Tagya B says:

    I like how they pokes fun of those sad fans. X'D

  33. uk69uk says:

    Didn't realise these guys are from Cadia.

  34. Doggy AMG says:

    From Screen Rant, Russo Brothers 2

  35. Kazuki Kaito says:

    Im crying rn

  36. Andrew DiMatteo says:

    "it must be hard to come up with a comment to put on this video that is both funny, yet also relates to the video"
    Me: actually super easy, barely an inconvenience."

  37. Mini Wolfsbane says:

    Pitch meetings are a breath of fresh air from other channels! You don't use the f-word every two seconds and the dirty jokes are practically non-existant. I wouldn't call it a G-rated channel exactly, but it's funny without stooping to others depths. Thank youuuuu!

  38. Carrington Parks says:

    I think you might have a little "God- Complex" developing there buddy…
    oh whoops.
    whoopsie! 😂😂😂

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