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  1. Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) – The Concertos for Keyboard
    Keyboard Concerto No.2 in E MAjor, BWV 1053
    I.Allegro (00:00) II.Siciliano (08:04) III.Allegro (12:41)

    Keyboard Concerto No.3 in D Major, BWV 1054
    I.Allegro (19:01) II.Adagio e piano sempre (26:51)
    III.Allegro (32:43)

    Keyboard Concerto No.4 in A Major, BWV 1055
    I.Allegro (35:33) II.Larghetto (39:41)
    III.Allegro ma non tanto (45:23)

    Keyboard Concerto No.5 in F minor, BWV 1056
    I.Allegro (49:33) II.Largo (53:10) III.Presto (56:07

    Keyboard Concerto No.7 in G minor, BWV 1058
    I.Allegro (59:57) II.Andante (1:03:47)
    III.Allegro assai (1:09:46)
    Columbia Symphony Orchestra
    Direction : Vladimir Golschmann
    Stéréo recordings in 1958,67,69, at NewYork

    Keyboard Concerto No.1 in D minor, BWV 1052
    I.Allegro (1:13:41) II.Adagio (1:22:28)
    III.Allegro (1:29:50)
    Academic Symphony Orchestra of Leningrad
    Direction : Vladislav Slovak
    Live recording in 1957, at Leningrad

    Piano/Klavier : Glenn Gould
    New Mastering in 2018 by AB
    Label : CBS / Sony

    Johann Sebastian Bach PLAYLIST (reference recordings) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KdO6AwfY20&list=PL3UZpQL9LIxOLRwxl1dEfDrH3c8mX5UB1&index=7

    Click to buy this recording : https://www.amazon.com/Bach-Concertos-Keyboard-Klavier-Strings/dp/B00000DS7S/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1534602420&sr=8-2&keywords=gould+bach+concertos

  2. 森川翔太 says:


  3. merobedas says:

    Ein fantastisches Album!

  4. Bach e Gould… Che dire?!

  5. This is so Bach; Glen Gould. A solid support orchestra. Recording still a comparative gem. Grateful thanks to Mendelssohn, Schumann, and Beethoven not only for pushing the issue of dragging Bach's ageless, but forgotten, works out of a cupboard and placing them on the musical pedestal they deserve, but also for thus providing humanity with an arts experience that can, somehow, penetrate to the deepest most private part of its soul. Cathy

  6. Hugo says:

    I find these Gould performances nothing short of ridiculous. Playing Bach like he was playing Beethoven. Quite shocking.

  7. bad recording,lacks lower frequincies.

  8. Boris lo says:

    WHY GOULD NEVER RECORDED THE 6th . ( crying internally )

  9. 13.3.19. Bach is my carriphane broheem&Motsart too.

  10. Mais uma preciosidade partilhada por "Classical Music/Reference Recording"… Muito agradecido, que começo a dever-lhe – e muito – um conhecimento mais profundo da obra do nosso muito querido e eterno J.S.Bach!

  11. Thank you so much for this music!

  12. Beauty at its height. Thank you so much for posting it.

  13. Mihay Bodo says:

    Interpretación "chaikovskiana", gusto de la época 🙂

  14. I love his interpretation and the fluidity of his inspired game, the piano and the strings are in phase, what humility ! A masterpiece of intense music

  15. LasPiano says:

    Glenn Gould, Pianista diciplinado que com seus estudos procurou a perfeiçao em todas as peças que executava, nota mil por este album e outros tantos, grato por postar, maravilhoso ouvir a grandeza das composiçoes de Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) , maravilha, 16-12-2018, Domingo, as 10:56hs.- LASPiano.-

  16. DCM8828 says:

    I have heard that plants grow better and more healthy in an environment where the music of Bach is being piped in. I really believe that is true. This music invigorates, brings enjoyment and life.

  17. JSBRWLBGB says:

    merci d'avoir mis en ligne ces chef-d’œuvres. L'interprétation de Bach par Gould reste et restera inégalée. Elle possède quelque chose de quasi divin. On peut dire la même chose de Mahler avec Bernstein, de Beethoven avec Karajan et de Mozart avec Böhm.

  18. Who will catch the eternal singing of a bird swaying in the breeze of a windy afternoon?

  19. it works ..but the backing orchestra? is it a taped backing? it sounds like a full orchestra and the ''clavier'' is a bit tumpetty tump in comparison..

  20. osoialncuiq says:

    Thank you for the information in the notes! I knew that Mendelssohn rediscovered Bach. I didn't know about the Schumann article, and what Beethoven though of the Bach concertos. This is really interesting! Bach is my #1 composer of all times, and his keyboard concerto are probably the best pieces ever written. So any new detail about them is exciting.

  21. todas las grabaciones de Gould debiesen haber tenidoun microfono para oir su tarareo…

  22. "S'il y a quelqu'un qui doit tout à Bach, c'est bien Dieu."

    (Emile – Michel Cioran / 1911-1995 / Syllogismes de l'amertume / 1952)
    Cioran avait oublié Glenn Gould

  23. BLUE BIRD says:

    Bach always makes the world seem a safer place. Thank you for sharing.

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