9 Replies to ““Back Into The Dark” – A Stop-Motion Music Video by Bea Landers”

  1. Brian Garth says:

    solid work, Dave. I like that snare verb

  2. Martin Del Carpio says:

    Very cool!

  3. WhiskeyChildRecords says:

    This is an awesome video and track David! Way to go man! I love it!!
    -Trey 🙂

  4. zpink LondonBelow says:

    Rather brilliant!

  5. Loic Rathscheck says:

    Nice work!

  6. Деметрий says:


  7. Sunny Rosen says:


  8. The Gary Goblins says:

    Hauntingly great! A perfect artistic visual to the ending march of the album.

  9. Rich Rosen says:


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