Best Free Audio Recording Software For Windows 10

you’re looking for the best free audio
recording software for Windows 10 the good news is there are some great free
audio editing software options and audio recording software options that will
give you professional results we’ll look at some of the best free audio recording
software options for Windows 10 coming up welcome to simple green tech where we do
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new here I’m Radio zane and i’m a media
professional that has worked in traditional media for the last 12 years
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subscribe to the channel in today’s video we’re looking at some of the best
free audio recording software for Windows 10 and the great thing is you
have several options available to you and each one will give you professional
sounding results we’ll look at three of those options in this video and I’ll be
sure to link to each one in the description so you can easily check them
out for yourself also the term best is just a matter of opinion what works best
for me may not work best for you so I’m going to let you decide what is best for
you and I’m not going to push one program over the other first up let’s
look at audacity this program has been around for a long time and it’s always
been free they continue to update it and add new features as well as get rid of
any bugs so just because it’s free doesn’t mean that it’s ignored if you’re
a gamer or a streamer and you need system friendly audio recording software
this option may be for you a lot of gamers and streamers use audacity to
record and edit as it doesn’t take up a lot of system resources while it’s
running it does have some built-in effects for
editing and it’s pretty straightforward to use multitrack recording can be done
in audacity if you’re recording music however one of the other options may
offer an easier experience for multitrack recording and audio editing
but for podcasts gamers and streamers that just want to record audio this is a
great pick next up we’ll look at the one that I’m really surprised is free
Tracktion T7 this is a full-featured digital audio workstation and I’ve done
some other videos on it showing how to use tracktion t7 a link to the
playlist in the description so you can check it out
tracktion t7 has a great interface that will help speed up your workflow and
give you professional results it comes with some effects and you can add VST
effects and plugins that you can either pay for or download for free
you can work with virtual instruments in tracktion t7 by using a MIDI keyboard or
the easy-to-use piano roll if you’re a musician or someone that’s
multi-talented and needs software that can record and edit a podcast as well as
record an entire music album tracktion t7 is well worth a try the third offering that we’re looking at
is the free version of Pro Tools called Pro Tools First you’ve likely heard of
Pro Tools if you’ve looked into audio recording as it’s often referred to as
the industry standard and up until a few years ago you had to have specific
hardware made by the company to even use the software but that’s all gone now and
you can download Pro Tools First for free and you can use pretty much any
audio interface I’ve even had success using the Behringer um2 which is one of
the most affordable audio interfaces on the market with Pro Tools first you get
the same interface and workflow as the pros use there are hundreds of Pro Tools
guides out there to help you get started and if you plan on working in a pro
studio one day you should learn on Pro Tools as you will likely encounter it
almost everywhere there are some limitations in ProTools
first like you can only have 16 audio tracks in a project but that’s actually
quite a bit anyway you can only record a maximum of four inputs at a time again
this is good for most singer songwriters podcasters or media creators but if
you’re going to be recording a large drum set you may find this limiting one
of the biggest limitations is that it’s cloud-based so you have to have an
internet connection to either record or edit you can’t save your project locally
on your computer also you’re limited to having only three projects on the go at
any one time so once you’re finished with a project and if you want to make
more you’ll have to overwrite the project that you’ve just finished but
one of the things that I really like about cloud recording is that you can
record on your studio desktop and edit your project later on your laptop
without having to transfer any files as long as you have the internet connected
you’re good to go Pro Tools first does come with some
great plugins to get you started but if you want to add any later on you will
have to purchase them directly from the Avett plug-in store you can’t add any of
your own plugins that you’ve downloaded or maybe that you’ve purchased in the
past if you’re a podcaster and typically have internet access Pro Tools first is
great for you if you’re a musician and plan on recording a lot of music Pro
Tools first is a great starter program but you’ll likely want to upgrade fairly
quickly so you can have more features available to you but you don’t need to
upgrade you can easily record an entire album in Pro Tools first and get
professional results without having to purchase any software now I have a
question for you what audio recording software have you tried and what do you
like about it or don’t like about it let me know in the comments below in my
opinion the best audio recording software and audio editing software is
the program that you know how to use the best so if you start with a piece of
software and it’s actually working for you and you’re getting decent results
stick with that program and don’t try to move on to something that you’ve heard
is better or you think is better the program that you know best will give you
better results than the most expensive piece of software out there that you
don’t know how to use for the most part the software doesn’t make the audio
quality any better what makes it better is your knowledge of the software and
how to use it properly however your hardware will have a huge impact on your
audio quality so if you’re on a tight budget
I recommend investing in the best microphone you can buy and the best
audio interface that you can buy and what I mean by that is the best that you
can afford at the time you don’t have to go out and spend thousands of dollars on
equipment just invest in the best that you can buy at the time there’s some
great microphones for 19 bucks and audio interfaces for under $30 I’ll link to some
of those in the description so you can check those out just in case you need
some hardware to get you going thank you so much for checking out this video if
you enjoyed it and would like to see more videos like this one please
subscribe to the channel for simple green tech I’m Radio zane and we’ll talk

42 Replies to “Best Free Audio Recording Software For Windows 10”

  1. Simple Green Tech says:

    In this video I look at 3 of the best audio recording software programs for Windows 10 in early 2019. There are others available, these are just 3 that I personally prefer. Let me know in the comments what program or programs you use for audio recording and audio editing.

  2. GWS says:

    I go for Tracktion 7

  3. says:

    You could have added Cakewalk by Bandlab and PreSonus Studio One Prime or MAGIX MusicMaker Free to name a few.

  4. demonyes chaos theory says:

    well I use soundbridge its also open source but a bit underrated .
    Now I am learning T7 .
    And audacity is a classic
    Soundbridge is a mix up whit reason and FL studio and a bit of studio one .
    It comes whit cool sound effects .
    But to add vst can by a bit a pain .
    T7 at least knows how to scan the folder whit the VSTs

  5. Michael Winter says:

    Hi Radio Zane. I like your videos. God sound and right to it…way to go, man. RZ, I've had literally a few hundred people tell me for decades I should get on radio, or basically to monetize my voice. Enough folks have told me; I have a poet friend in Cali that I've never met, but have spoken with on the phone. She dropped $300 on a local (Southern Illinois) sound studio track session. Nuts, man. So, what i REALLY want is a simple tool that I can record and then edit. All I need to do, function wise, is get rid of my breathing, and any other sounds I may emit while speaking. I would like to do the audio editing myself. I have a room that is acoustically favorable to my endeavor. SO, (finally, right?), what software would you recommend I purchase? I don't want free software. I've found the freebies are free for a reason. That said, I don't mind spending money to get what I want; to get rid of pauses and breathing sounds. (I am a smoker, and it comes through). Thanks again and I will be on the lookout for a reply.

  6. GriffinGTR says:

    I'm looking for something I can use this to plug an instrument into and hear it over my PC ,stream music at the same time , what software do i need ? thank you

  7. Juss BRAVO official says:

    Heck yeah!!! I currently use Audacity and it works great. Great video!!!💯🔥🔥🔥

  8. AMANDA NGURTE says:

    All are good. But 1 thing can i able to use melodyne in free daw

  9. parameswara Rao Yadamreddy says:

    Good video….i like it….i will try traktion T7……

  10. alex hurtado says:

    the reaper is bery nice

  11. Don DP says:

    Ty for vid… mama thought me “free is always better” 😜😜😜

  12. Brothers Club says:

    hiya.. is there any program which will let me put youtube video link for karaoke and also play the video for lyrics while i record my voice in the software? so basically all i am looking for adjust my voice in the software and just play the youtube video and and i click record button and it will record both together 🙂

  13. F Smittick says:

    I liked T7 so much I decided to upgrade to Waveform 9. I tried SoundBridge but it wasn't stable on my system. Thank you for doing these.

  14. TRIIXXII 777 says:

    HE GAVE ME MOTIVATION….. Bro i love your positivity.

  15. Chris Dewitt says:

    I need an upgrade from audacity I need Manuel pitch correction

  16. Jester Bilog says:

    does Tracktion T7 work offline? Thanks

  17. Sean Yannick says:


  18. Sean Yannick says:

    What about Nuendo.

  19. Toolive Worm says:

    Great vid. Can you add instrumentals to audacity?

  20. Kay & Rosé says:

    Really helpful video. Thanks for including the links to download

  21. open class usa says:

    Excellent video!!!

  22. RANJIT Jha says:

    Very nice explanation

  23. Blue Rhoads says:

    I use presonus and Audition

  24. Barkat Ali says:

    Please guide me with simple software for a new person like me. for the recording my Vocals. just without Music on my Laptop!

  25. ToxxikBlueSky Ben says:

    So protools 1st is cloud base and you said "you can't save the files to your computer" But I can still download the finished project once it's finished right?

  26. Gerald Arroyo says:

    Audacity has been saying "Trial" throughout my recordings, anyone knows how to take that off?

  27. Quinton Neal says:

    Such a great voice!

  28. RedBoiTheGamer says:

    Thanks! Now i dont need to use that terrible windows recorder that you can convert………………………

  29. Marsha Wharton says:

    Audacity has a buzzing sound when i record ive used multiple mics so that cant be the problem and i downloaded it on different laptops so something has to be wrong with the software

  30. Nou Vang says:

    How can I record myself with YouTube karaoke?

  31. David Frank says:

    Nice video…..I downloaded pro tools first but what I wanted to know is whats the difference between using interface on an effect peddle vs a normal audio interface like focusrite?

  32. L Y says:

    Thanks for sharing this info, man. I used Audacity for quite long but recently I try other DAW like Ableton, Fruity Loops & Adobe Audition…every DAW has their own plus and minus

  33. Martin Hodge says:

    Simple to the point.
    I think I'll stick to audacity for now. I figure, having fewer features might make it easier to learn.

  34. Anita Mitchell says:

    Thank you

  35. Sean McLaughlin says:

    this video helped a lot. thank you

  36. Joseph Anderson says:

    I'm searching for a program that can
    1. Record my electric guitar
    2. Allow me to create drums tracks for me to play to
    3. Have versatility to choose from different amps for sound choice. I play a range of tone from Hendrix to Metal. Same with drums. Versatility in sounds
    3. Is "simple" to use and doesn't require hours spent spinning buttons
    4. Able to record and save to my hard drive
    5. Windows 10 compatible
    6. Is affordable for the typical middle class person if not free
    7. Built in tuner is nice though not a necessity
    I value time and have a busy schedule so the more user friendly an interface the better. Thank you for your suggestions in advance.

  37. M.C. Ginga says:

    Is tracktion t7 free for all year long use?

  38. Lena Dolter says:

    great informative video. Quick ?, is there one you'd recommend that's easiest to add in music over the top of the audio for a meditation, for example?

  39. Retro Turbo says:

    You forgot about mixcraft 8

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