Best Phone Stand for Video Recording

October 9, 2019 1 Comment

Hi Doodle Friends! I’m Diane Bleck Founder of
the Doodle Institute. And I am so excited to share with you some of my studio
secrets. These are the questions that people ask me about all the time and I
am so excited to share with you the exact tools that I use for making all of
my wonderful videos on Instagram. I am going to be featuring in this video this new stand for my phone that I absolutely love. Down below I have a link my
affiliate link on Amazon so if you really want to check out this product
click that link and go and grab your own. Ready! Let’s open this baby up. This is what it looks like out of the box. I’m gonna set it here on my desk.
And show you how I take a cell phone and I put it in the holder like
this. Now it is at the perfect height above all of my drawings so that i can
record them hands-free. You can enjoy all these fun lessons so now let’s take
a closer look at this actual device and how I use it on my desk. We’re gonna
start by taking a tour of my desk. Here’s my journal that i love to draw on my Neuland Markers my other markers with the refillable bottle. And here is my water bottle from 1-3-1 method my favorite water bottle of all time. A little travel container right here of markers and my iPad. And some fresh-cut flowers and then over
here we have the journal. Let’s look at the angle that my phone will film from whenever it’s in the holder see how that’s the perfect height for me to be
able to draw. And there’s nothing blocking the view for you who are
watching my videos or for you to use when you record your own videos. Now
let’s take a closer at the stand. So like I said it’s spring-loaded the flexibility to adjust the height and change it based on what
you’re recording. Then look at the stand so the stand is adjustable as well
you can move it up higher or lower and then it has a really heavy base so that
it holds the camera nice and still. This is another one that I use that I’ll make another video for how I use that one but for now I want to showcase this Akron phone stand for making your own videos. Let’s take a closer look at the box so
this is perfect for hands-free while you livestream or make your videos it is
perfect for crafting scrapbooking baking pottery stamping live-streaming look
baking pottery stamping paper cutting and doodling and you see how she has the stand going up and over what she is filming for her videos I love starting
this new series showing you the technology behind the scenes that I’m
using for the doodle Institute but what’s great is you can use this to make
your own videos maybe you want to start your own online course maybe you’re
already making videos and you just want to up your game a little bit so check
out the links below there are links for this product as well as if you’re
looking at building your own online course I have a link to kajabi coz I’m
Micah job’ partner and then there’s also a link to my favorite water bottle
because I’m trying to create videos that support you where you are and sharing
everything that I know so that you can continue to grow yourself and share your
own story and message with the world.

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  1. Kay Hirai says:

    I love this video Diane! I will order one right now!

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