25 Replies to “Billie's Bounce / Charlie Parker The Savoy Recordings”

  1. SymCloudyYT says:

    and i'm also using his account.

  2. SymCloudyYT says:

    my music teacher made me listen to this song. i never wanted to listen to this song!

  3. Chris Hansen says:

    I can't believe this came out in 1945, way ahead of its time.

  4. BadFellas 01 says:

    Charlie Parker is an absolute genius, so it's no wonder his pieces ARE SO GODDAMN HARD!
    I'm doing jazz grade 6 and I chose this banger as one of my pieces because I thought "Charlie Parker? OH YES!"
    I'm not saying I regret my decision (because I don't) but you really get to appreciate how brilliant Parker was when you have to PLAY his pieces. This is the easiest one out of 6 pieces in the book – the final ultimate one (of course) being anthropology.
    But it's CHARLIE PARKER easy – I must say the ONE BAR at 0:11 I only just got the hang of – it has some REALLY fiddly triplets and shit.
    Really incredible guy, plays it like it's nothing.

  5. Bronwyn Turk says:

    Im learning about him

  6. Dizzy also played piano, as well as trumpet, on Koko.

  7. hmmmm better than perfection???!!!,,,,,oh yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Kev Ctulu says:

    Jazz and Blues are my favourite music genres
    its the kind of music to relax and think about the important things in life

  9. GuitaRicky84 says:

    That scattin’ around 2:50 2:56 (obviously, Dizzy, Russell or Roach) completely bring you in the record session, like in a time capsule.
    My 2 cent on Diz.

  10. How old was miles in this

  11. mindisaction says:

    Who in the hell can out a tvumb down in a epic recording of history of music and XXth century, performed for some of the greatest and unique genius ever, three giants, three legend, Bird, Diz and Miles?… WHO?

  12. ajstorm3 says:

    I cant seem to get the swing part at the beging with my sax T-T

  13. That intro blows my mind every time.

  14. Doug Auzene says:

    Tune's approachin' 70 y.o.; And STILL Sounds Better than the $#@! passing for music today!

  15. Corey Gazit says:

    when you have to play this on a trombone

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