42 Replies to “Blockhead – The Music Scene”

  1. Blue Blur says:

    this comment section is literally just ‘technology bad’

  2. Antonio Rose says:

    True happiness cannot be imitated, and imitating will make things worse in the long run

  3. Isso é extraordinário

  4. molspagetti says:

    Watching stoned is good. Watching while tripping on acid is better

  5. zach10168 says:


    " The fuck is this ? The fuck is that ?! THE FUCK ARE THOSE ?! "

  6. I kinda feel this is telling me the secrets of the world.

  7. UnseenArts says:

    I wonder if the person who made this was high asf

  8. I would love to read the book version. Such interesting philosophy at play here

  9. If they remade The Wall they would be perfect for the animation part of it.

  10. Disco-ball television turns everything psychedelic

  11. Potater Tots says:

    I’m tripping ballz rn

  12. i didn't do lsd today i swear.

  13. im trippyinh. im high asf

  14. Mr Anderson says:

    Like the music and edit -sub from me!

  15. This song's animation has been stolen too many times.

  16. Esto está lleno de hipsters…

  17. Moral of the story Loneliness kills

  18. What is the type of music called

  19. socks says:

    met blockhead after his show at silk city in philly, he told me he had no idea someone made this animation at first, and coincidentally enough Anthony the animator is from philly as well, can't remember if he was at the show that night. Awesome vibes eitherway

  20. The fuck is this

    The fuck is that

    The fuck are those

  21. Lady_ OreoXD says:

    Who needs drugs when you have animation vids like this? I love acid animations.

  22. Almost forgot about this gem I heard 9 years ago!

  23. brownjellow1 says:

    Hey so like, what do we call that?

  24. I once saw another song to this same video. I can't remember Nd it any more. I seem to think the artist may have begun with a K but I can't be sure. I know it's vague but if anyone knows it would be appreciated. Much love. HP.

  25. Spruce says:

    this video should be renamed "How to show aliens you are the superior species"

  26. Jonathan Cw says:

    Huh i though the video was from ticking tin not this

  27. The title affected my interpretation of the song, I kept imagining a new era of music sound and musicians being pushed along and the sound adapting and changing and the artists follow suit, but at the end you can't keep up, so the media leaves, but the things you created are still seen and remembered by a completely new era of music and sound

  28. That ending is depressing.

  29. Cl n says:

    what the sample in the song

  30. sasha wood says:

    This joint seem weird to you guys?

  31. Trivia Boy says:

    Humans are so entranced by the pointless entertainment and it controls all of them

  32. Trivia Boy says:

    It gets angry when all of the animals are uninterested in what it’s showing them instead they’re interested in nature, so it captures all of the nature and shows it to its creation the human to entertain it, and it has the human entranced.

  33. bobby4tw says:

    year 2019, diggin this so hard!!

  34. Katakana! says:

    What did I just come across

  35. and suddenly all the critical theory I've ever read makes sense

  36. Shit, I think that’s what I’m Calling it from now on too.

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