CANCER KILLER: 8 DAY FAST!! Reflecting on the experience. Recorded 9/15/2019

October 10, 2019 5 Comments

So, it’s Sunday September 15th, I am in downtown Green Bay We are staying at Uncle Bob’s with a barrel just as a Justice on ttle was gracious enough to let us stay at his condo downtown for free We hung out with him last night he is a big Packers fan. We’re here for the Green Bay Packers Vikings game Minnesota Vikings game I’m telling you Bob. If I didn’t know I’d be little creeped out by this place Bobby you’ve got Packer stuff everywhere Everywhere, I was I would be thinking that I was in like The Shining or something Packers superfan the mayor green beat Green Bay Bob Biagio. So anyway Yeah, it’s weird I’m reading the Quito for cancer book Miriam Miriam I afraid last name but Just crazy stuff I’m learning about the disease I ended my Nice just ended. But yeah, I had a I was on day 8 of my fast I went completely cold turkey got food drinking only snake juice and some milk thistle cinnamon Turmeric tried the cuckoo Kerman oil, which was fucking horrible. Oh but I’ll try to Work that in Miriam and I are going to she’s the author of keto for cants. They’re gonna talk on Tuesday at 10:00 Yeah, I’m changing everything I have The more I learned about Food that’s mass-produced and learning how absolutely awful unnatural that goes up and unnatural It is for the body so that’s just its impact on insulin and Everything I’m not a I’m not a scientist, but I’m taking notes with the Whole Foods It’s amazing how you got to think about what you’re eating now all I have to Just complete dietary change and you know what though? It’s a choice the choice. I’ve decided, you know if I want to live You know, that’s the choice. I have to make if I want to be Be weak and just feel sorry for myself. I can I can do that too. That’s a choice. I’m choosing to live right right down to the the toothpaste I’m buying found some different toothpaste it doesn’t is it made by one of the main manufacturers so Yeah, it’s a lot to think about but you know it’s one day at a time Learn a little bit every day and just you’ll make every day just make little improvements little changes I Got an eight last night It was bacon fatty bacon fatties bacon Very little very little meat on it and then a bunch of vegetables that were a low carb low protein No, no, no, we could get it but things like Brussels sprouts What else do we have in there all some some spinach Cabbage fun of not we did use red cabbage and he says use the green cabbage instead. I learned that So yeah snake juice has kept me going this past week basically Himalayan rock salt and potassium chloride with some baking soda mixed in sodium bicarbonate to you know keep Trying to keep the pH in my system up. I Read that there’s not a direct link between that so I’m not sure what’s think of that miracle. We’ll probably talk about that on Tuesday Again just astounded by the you know, I got a like a woman’s small hands fist tumor growing right here and You know still amazed the doctor didn’t tell me to change my diet at all that’s kind of bizarre to me Everything I’ve read says hey Cancer feeds off, you know alcohol pollute, you know, which is turning to glucose and Get all these other foods that you know high in protein which you know, the alcohol are the cancer grows Through I think it’s ptosis or whatever that’s not the wrong the wrong word for it But where it can process the protein I will get smarter on this trust meeting by the, you know, two months from now I’m gonna have all these words down and I look back at these videos since kind of know what the hell he’s talking about Which I freely admit. I don’t really know exactly what I’m talking about But what I’ve read and I’ve read a lot and watched a lot of videos and read a lot of books Already that they’re all pretty consistent. So Be careful friends. Be careful with what your doctor tells you you are. You have free Will you have choices you have other options make sure that you’re looking into them. They may not work for everybody But there’s a lot of them and I’m talking about the keto diet, you know the metabolic approach now but there’s a couple other things that I Could have helped other people that will try if this doesn’t work so more to come on all that, you know I’m not scared. I am I’m sad If my kids my wife who’s a dad to father dad? Dad no husband get them right but I Don’t plan on going quiet into the night. All right, so I’m not This isn’t my funeral yet. So again rumors of my demise Have been greatly exaggerated. So remember that you guys look at the camera Scott. That’s that’s a Sabbatical, I want everyone who watches this to take up rumors of my imminent demise have been greatly exaggerated Let’s fight Fight look fucking everything you got and remember the easy path Isn’t the answer the obstacle is the way run right at the problem Do everything you can to fight this thing? Look at different options Don’t just accept what one person tells you as as gospel. You’d be curious I mean yo achieve not just yourself but for your family and loved ones and You might think some of you might think well I don’t have anybody loves me you do and you know what you can serve as an inspiration for others who will Love you for your courage a hero, you know your heroic act a fight All right. This is long today, but I think I missed yesterday I did a lot of videos just saying I don’t know if I did know specific to this Vikings Packers that noon today gonna go for a little walk run I think I forgot my running shoes. Uh might be a walk. All right. Hello

5 Replies to “CANCER KILLER: 8 DAY FAST!! Reflecting on the experience. Recorded 9/15/2019”

  1. Pietro Del Franco says:

    Your skin looks amazing after the fast

  2. Daniel Stanley says:

    Scot, when do you go back for more imaging?

  3. Douglas Hardy says:

    Do some hardcore dry or death fasting!

  4. Douglas Hardy says:

    Look up Dr Joel Fuhrman videos as well as Dr John Bergman, Charlotte gerson, Dr Caldwell esselstyn…. It'll give you something to do while fasting

    Dr. Alan goldhamer runs a water fasting clinic and people have had their tumors disappear as well

    One lady from Chris beat cancer says she drank 5 lbs of carrot juice a day and beat cancer.

  5. Jauvid Moradi says:

    Fuck yeah! Awesome battle cry from a fasted WARRIOR! DO NOT GO GENTLE INTO THAT GOODNIGHT. YOU GOT THIS SCOT PEKAREK!!!

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