Canon EOS-1D X Mark III Autofocus When Video Recording

♪♪♪ Hi I’m Charles Zablan, from
Canon USA, with a look at video autofocus in the Canon EOS-1D X
Mark III. The EOS-1D X Mark III refines Canon’s proven
Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus, adding not only Face Detection, but
Eye Detection and new Head Detection technology. Equally important,
the Mark III now adds impressive Servo AF capabilities, for
focus with moving subjects. For technical reasons, AF is not
possible for RAW video, or during 4K at 60p or 50p. AF can
cover anywhere from a small, single Spot AF point to nearly
the entire picture area, when Face Detect + Tracking is
selected. Movie Servo AF can be turned on or off. When active,
you can adjust Servo AF’s speed — great for adjusting the rate
of rack focusing — as well as its sensitivity, for locking-on
or immediately re-focusing on new subjects. The same
impressive Subject Tracking settings in still imaging are
available with video, for following subjects around the frame. People Priority sets the AF system to focus upon and
follow human subjects, but it can be turned off to prioritize
other moving subjects. Even Manual focus can still
take advantage of Dual Pixel technology. Tap the screen to
select one AF point location, and use Focus guide to confirm
sharpest manual focus. And, there’s Manual Focus Peaking,
which can display sharp focus over the entire screen. For more information about
the EOS-1D X Mark III, visit
Thank you for watching. ♪♪♪

8 Replies to “Canon EOS-1D X Mark III Autofocus When Video Recording”

  1. Tech1Tv says:

    Dual Pixel is awesome and my favorite. I love it in my Canon 77D

  2. Tri-Blend Media says:

    Yes Canon we need this camera. We can not wait to start shooting with the 1dx Mark lll!!! We have been waiting for video specs like these for years!!!!

  3. Madalin Pana says:

    No dpaf at higher frames….

  4. Juan Hernandez says:

    What are the technical reasons that Dual Pixel AF is not available on 4k 60p?

  5. Paul Kretz says:

    My 500$ SL2 has DPAF at 1080p60. Why 3 years later over $6k camera doesn't have it at 4K? Moreover, my 1080p60 has sound, and here 1080p120 is silent…

  6. Star Light says:

    LOL Nikon D6 4k will have auto focus,,,,, what will canon say !!!

  7. unknownapplication10 says:

    In raw 24p mode can we able to use dpaf

  8. Bogdan Hududoi says:

    bmpcc 6k is better. Why 6k camera can't use dpaf in 5.5k? If you, guys, will make a software update, I'll buy 2 of them.

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