Cherish a girl who learns dance, she experienced many unimaginable pains!

don’t move me! don’t sit on me! teacher: put your hands forward! another girl: go down by yourself! Bend your hands this leg side is higher another girl: I am stretching like this too student whimpering teacher: breathing
and counts from 10 student yelling: I want to go home! let’s helping her get out go away, go away… did she scratch you? she scratched my belly don’t Tighten muscles, relax! good! you doing very well you doing really good just like this, relax! breathing, breathing! don’t stand up or your body will be tightened, then the stretch will be useless! I will press slowly 10 more seconds added if you scratch me again move left legs a bit lower breathing, breathing, exhaling deeply! exhaling is relaxing helping her move her legs relax, don’t tighten your muscle! move the left leg a little bit more that’s right, a little bit more! OK! relax, Your legs have gone down a lot! move a little bit more move a little bit more take it easy relax, relax your crotch!

4 Replies to “Cherish a girl who learns dance, she experienced many unimaginable pains!”

  1. Артём Егоров-Кириллов says:


  2. Patricio Montero Mayuri says:

    Ellas gritando y uno rogando que le hagan lo mismo🥺🥺

  3. anano chavleishvili says:


  4. qian jiang says:

    Si ma fateli soffrire di più

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