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– [Christopher] Footworking
is more than just a dance. We are taking our struggle and we redirect energy in a positive way. – [Diamond] I started doing
footwork at the age of 13. When I first started footworking, I was going through a lot of stuff. Family issues, my mom being
addicted, and being abused. I didn’t know how to express it. When I footwork, I just show who I am. Once your soul connects with
the music, I feel energetic. This is my meditation spot. – [Christopher] Footwork
is a form of resistance against oppressive living conditions. It’s a tool for young folks — it’s a way out. So it’s like artistic expression
through social liberation. You could take a thousand classes, you will never, you will never perform at the skill that any footworker that’s
from Chicago performs because you’re not from that struggle. – [Donnetta] I grew up on
the South Side of Chicago. I’m the only girl in the crew. Chicago footwork is a style. Our feet move at 160 beats per minute. And I worked my way up, like I practiced, I
performed, I put the work in. Footworking is an art
that I’m trying to master as well as to continue my
reach in tap dance as well. I’m just trying to spread the knowledge and culture for both styles. – [Keith] A lot of
footworkers have looked back, and see it as an African
tradition and African dance. And we were fortunate enough
to hold onto it long enough to still have it here in Chicago. And Chicago don’t get enough credit. And I just see so much potential. – [Christopher] We have to
be willing to educate, teach, and show using footwork as a platform. – [Donnetta] Through my
blood, sweat, and tears, this is the city where I
started from the bottom. This is my home where I went through all my trials and tribulations. – [Diamond] Without Chicago,
it wouldn’t be no footworking. Without footworking, it
wouldn’t be no Chicago.

22 Replies to “Chicago Footwork | If Cities Could Dance | KQED Arts”

  1. Nick Drexler says:

    cool spotlight on some great music and dance!

  2. Adam Conolly says:

    Well done!

  3. Clarence C says:

    I love diamond 💎

  4. Chadwick Lockharte says:

    I've been a fan of footwurk since '04. It's 2019 and i still love footwurk. I just wish that the people of Chicago as a UNIFIED PEOPLE bring the culture to the forefront before you teach it to others and they market it as their own. It could be very profitable to the Chicago area alone.

  5. ♏ScorpioUndaworldTerrorist♏ says:

    This dance hit worldwide

  6. People Flavor says:

    This is fucking beautiful.

  7. king of king shadow says:

    Omg y'all kill it


    Nice i need to get down with that!!..💯

  9. Expastelline says:

    Omg Baltimore does a lot of foot working but it’s a little more different.

  10. Jack Strange says:


  11. TheTechCguy says:

    First footwork video I saw: that one old one of Micheal Myers in downtown Chicago.

  12. Kaaayla says:

    My cousin on this dance team I swear they lit

  13. Kenisha Davis says:

    I wish if people had beef with each other they just do a footwork battle instead of killing each other mannnn that would be love i love my city i just hate all this killing because we have a beautiful city being from the westside and living on the southside over east and up north our city the shit…

  14. Shugah Funchess says:

    I Love My City Da Windy City Chi 💋FootWork & Being In Dance Groups Kept Me Out Of Dangerous Places & Deadly Situations 💪🏾🙌🏾😍💜💜💜💜#Chi-TownBabii

  15. Devonte Huggins says:

    Alot of other people footwork turn into sum Jersey shit

  16. Giannte Page says:

    Period fHAmily ❤️💛

  17. Sydney Alaina says:

    myy city. im on this dance team nd we b td ofn

  18. Monaedeezy says:

    Please pass it down to the next generation because this is more than a street dance. It’s ancestral.

  19. Yung Easy says:

    Did Miami invent the bop?

  20. NeoAxiom says:

    Sooooo Futsal Shuffle?

  21. KING RICK says:

    Lil homies at the End Tho ..Bang! Fire 2cold

  22. iconic qwueen•13 years ago says:

    I’m from Chicago and still can’t footwurk

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