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  1. Tanyaka Arts says:


    Yōi, yōi,
    Dōn da Yo!

    Shū chi-in gakuen
    Shūchi no jijitsu
    Minna akogare no seito kai
    (poku poku poku poku poku poku po)

    Kaichō to Kaguya-san
    Ishigami-kun to shoki no Chika♡
    Gōruden menbā to omoimasen ka?
    (shoki no Chika, shoki no Chika, Rā!)

    Midareta kuni de ikiru watashi tachi
    Dare mo ga honne kakushiteru kedo
    Donna mondai mo rabu tantei Chika♡ ga
    Kaiketsu suru wa
    (IQ3 de mo makasenasai!)

    Shuki shuki shoki shoki shoki settei (dōn)
    Ukauka shitetara sugu sotsugyō (fū)
    Chu ki chu ki dokidoki fōchun terā
    Itsu da tte dare da tte koi shitara hiroin

    Chikara no kagiri kagayaku no da (yo)
    Chika tto Chika tto Chika Chika♡

    Shuki shuki shoki shoki
    Chuki chuki dokidoki
    Shuki shuki shoki shoki
    Chuki chuki dokidoki
    Mori e okaeri♡

  2. NEK.O. says:

    I don't no whats happening, but i think its good…

  3. Benji says:

    Me: in the bathroom dancing

    Parents: wtf is he doing

  4. Marina says:

    Guys, you can right click on a video and click loop to make the video repeat forever.
    Say goodbye to those 10 hour versions that get copyright striked

  5. Darkomen says:

    Who saw the colossal titan one?

  6. retroadrien 89’ says:

    she move like sid the science kid

  7. Reynann Ducol says:

    The people who disliked this is deaf

  8. SnowyDayzz __ says:


  9. maria madriz says:

    UWU this is weird somebody call 911 I’m sufficating from my brother that listens to it

  10. Raymond Telly says:

    I just played drums over this and that shit was lit

  11. João Victor says:

    I can't really tell if this is 3d or 2d

  12. Flare5197 says:

    "go back to the forest"
    *Flies directly into the sun*

  13. もちちゃん says:

    Chika: dances
    Depression: CLEARED

  14. Sunnybunn 62 says:

    Me home alone dancing in front of a mirror pretending I’m on America’s got talent

  15. Zetrakil0513 says:

    Kawaii!! (OoO)/

  16. Sanes says:

    Animator: So, how many frames per second are we going to make for this outro?

    Animation Director: Yes.

  17. DAJC 75 says:

    Doctor: “We are very sorry, sir, but you only have 1:35 mins of life”

    Me: Watching this video

  18. Youtube algorithm says:

    You've gotta wonder what my FBI agent thinks after me watching this three times in a row

  19. Ezequiel Suruguay says:

    Ya me Enamorarme

  20. Robi Wankenobi says:

    Animator : Please boss I haven't seen my famili since 99 days ago
    Boss : Says no with chika voice

  21. DisStream says:


  22. Lug-Out says:

    I was searching for the “chika chika” song from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and this is what I get…

    I‘m not complaining.

  23. Oliwier Gaca says:

    Jebać gucia

  24. zetsuu says:


  25. Ayado-chan Şalgamoğlu says:

    Şuan Ankaranın Bağları eşliğinde bunu izliyorum. Mükemmel kombin. Bu kombini bulmam konusunda bana yardım eden mahallemde düğün yapan gelin ve damata teşekkür ederim. Mahallenizde bir weeb yaşıyor.

  26. patriae victoria says:

    By the dragon lords and under the iron sun I declare Chika's dumb ass my waifu. All you NEETS get OUT

  27. Dzintra says:

    Disgusting rhythm and disgusting voice

  28. Blue Animates says:

    Patient:Help Me Doctor,I Have Depression
    Doctor:Do you watch anime?
    Patient: Yeah, Why?

    Doctor Proceeds To Show Video

  29. ABLABLABLA100 says:

    Looks like motion capture 😀

  30. G.M says:

    No more WAAAARS no more ANGEERR no more VIOLATIOOOONS !!!!

    But the FBI doesn't go away

  31. Nam Anh says:

    Where is Ricardo?

  32. MrKaiRatai says:

    I’m crying… this is beautiful.

  33. Dankest Dave3870 says:

    M e m e s

  34. Squishy Bananas says:

    This is amazing

  35. Gowther says:

    My weeb friend pays me to find songs like these cute ones. Please help me my fellow community I've already earned like $23.50c.

  36. The Redstone Pyro says:

    The colossal titan bought me here

  37. Nessie Cabayao says:


  38. Shariful Islam Khan says:

    Why am I in love!!‌

  39. Tater Man says:

    I watch this every day

  40. kinka jisumi says:

    Quem mais se apaixonou por essa linda loli

  41. Chocolate Cake says:

    I thought there was only the manga of this anime until I saw this video

  42. Kever says:

    This is what happen when u got too much budget on hand.

  43. RoZZy HRJ says:


  44. Fan manga Anime says:


  45. Asma koya hassan says:

    What is the name of this song???????

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