13 Replies to “Chopin Nocturne Op. 27/2 Both recordings 1916,1925 Pachmann”

  1. Charles Blanchard says:

    I'm fascinated with these vestiges of a lost golden age. The 1925 recording passion and embellishments are wonderful. Thanks for finding these and posting them.

  2. zamyrabyrd says:

    Such delicious phrasing!

  3. stoklund says:

    Remember that he was 77 years old in this last shot(1925)!!!

  4. Beckmesser2 says:

    My pleasure.

  5. Gerard Carter says:

    Thanks for uploading these fascinating historical [and enjoyable] recordings.

  6. Gerard Carter says:

    @SophieMenter … one of the reasons Liszt went to London [shortly before his death as it turned out] was to hear de Pachmann play. The other reason, of course, to repay Walter Bache for his efforts in promoting Liszt's music in England – not very successfully in the early days.

  7. 65attila says:


    I agree.

    I think Schonberg was a great critic and writer but he went off
    the deep end when he savaged Pachmann

  8. rasmusahlmark says:

    Thanks for posting. And thanks for all the information!

  9. d1agos says:

    1'50'' best

  10. SophieMenter says:

    Pachmann was considered by Liszt to be Chopin's greatest player. This is no nonsense when we take into consideration that Liszt himself was well acquainted with Chopin's music and had even heard him playing many times.

  11. aardvaark069 says:

    Harold Schoenberg in his book "The great Pianists" is responsible, I think for this pianists awful reputation. Pachmann's playing belies such nonsense. I think that he was very great indeed.

  12. LeonFleisherFan says:

    Wonderful interpretations, and thanks for the detailed description, too, very helpful!

  13. Toxxic88 says:

    Great video! *****

    I really like how you put so much info about the artist in the description of your videos. Great idea

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