22 Replies to “Clarity – Zedd (Lyrics) [HD]”

  1. Mrtyniq says:

    0:39 thanks me later

  2. Dominice Valdon says:

    Who do u love the most??
    The true singer or Jisoo????

    I’m just asking I’m not here for likes

  3. Tord _ Edits says:

    Who still hears this in 2019! 🤘🏻❤️

  4. Jennifer Watson says:


  5. Naufalsetyoo says:


  6. Hadeel magic says:


  7. players crib says:

    I like this music ive watch this 10 times

  8. Weebthatsover9000 says:

    Wow Haven’t heard this in so long I almost forgot it

  9. ஜ Aneku ஜ says:

    Jisoo sang this at the LA concert, I was just 10steps away from her- it was a magical moment:"( I've loved this song ever since it came out and it was amazing getting to hear it from one of my favorite band members💜💜

  10. Isabella Lopez says:

    Who else is on an old song binge?

  11. Isabella Lopez says:

    Man these old songs….

  12. Shay Love says:

    Wtf is jisoo lol

  13. Gachashadowalpha Gachatuber says:


  14. Lylakyla8 Games says:

    I’m signing this for a library project we have to say what it means to us

  15. Faithful Penguin says:

    Jisoo <3

  16. Kuro Heart says:


  17. hom soukasene says:

    If our love is fattening why are you my chicken wings?

  18. Lenata Gaming says:


  19. Lauh says:

    Everyone says the came because of some Jisoo. Who is Jisoo?

  20. Its Cold says:

    Who thinks it sounds better
    If our love is tragedy why are you my remedy
    If our love is insanity why are you my clarity

    My version
    If all love is tragedy why are you my remedy
    *if all love is insanity why are you my clarity *

  21. Shiela Halili says:

    I just came here because of unnie 💕💕

  22. putu sugihartha wibawa says:


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