Colas Rail X Ermeo : Digitalisation du Relevé de composition et du Bulletin de freinage

Thanks to Ermeo, the field operateur of Colas Rail can register each wagon of a fret train from a form. To carry out this operation, the operator takes a picture from the form the QR code corresponding to each wagon The application will automatically associate information such as the tare, the lenght or the braked mass The operator will then inform the loading masses of each equipment recognized by the QR code All these operations will allow the application to automatically calculate the brake report authorizing the departure of the train The operator continues his intervention using the form If all the tasks of his form are not done then a warning message appears which forces him to complete all the tasks before finishing the intervention Once the operator has completed all his tasks, he can finish and send his intervention report. To do this, click on the “Finish and send” button An overview of the email appears then with fields already pre-filled The 2 reports are sent to him directly by email as well as to his managers in copy He has access to his statement of composition and his brake report in PDF and printable version

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