Cra-z-Art Light Up Nail Design Studio Toy

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up good luck so today we have the Cra-z-Art real eight
in one nail design studio and before I get started on a few designs of my own let’s
take a look inside the box you get so much in here you get some false nails
which I’ve already started decorating you get the nail polish of course a nail
file you get glitter you get sequins you get
stickers and you even get your own pieces to make a bracelet which is
awesome but the one thing I have to show you is the crazy lights now if you’re
really into doing your nails with your friends or like having a really cool fun
sleepover then check this out literally it’s like having a little disco in your
bedroom now the reason I love this design studio is because it’s really
easy to use and if you’re not very good at painting nails like me I’m not the
best as you can see I love this because it comes with fake nails so here are
some nails which I’ve already started using the awesome nail polish so let’s
finish them off I just need to finish them off with the blue glitter and the
glue and then I’m gonna get some really cool stickers on them now luckily we get this little stand
here to put our false nails on while they dry and just use the little shovel to
push down all of your glitter and then pop it back inside the container now you
do get lots of cute things to decorate your nails with but while my other nails
are drying I think I’m going to add some gems to my mermaid nails for my mermaid
nails right let’s get these to dry just put
them on the stand here there we go perfect more or less a straight line
I’m going to have some fruity nails super-easy here the
mermaid ones I love these ones right so here are the five foils which we get
very shiny and the instructions just say to cover your nail very finely in glue
so I’m just gonna do that and I’m not sure which foil I want to
use because I really like the blue one but then the silver ones cool as well
and I do like the pink ones and the multicolored one so it’s gonna be a hard
decision I think I do want to try the blue one so I think the idea is that the foil
color will kind of like come off and kind of stick to the glue and then that
will transfer onto your nail but I’m not sure if I used enough glue so I don’t
know if it’s gonna work my first time should we just take a look can
definitely see the color but I don’t think I used enough glue so that’s my
first attempt and just make sure you use more glue than me let’s have a quick go
at trying out the stencil and the nail art pen there we go I think I’ve got a
bit too much on there but luckily the stencil will catch it from dripping onto
my nail not bad for my first attempt now do you remember the false nails which I decorated earlier well now
they are dry and I’m going to show you how to apply them with the sticky tape
which is super super easy so basically I’m gonna lift up the sticky tape here
and I’m going to put it onto the nail just peel off the top and
stick on your nail now at the start of the video I did tell
you that you get some pieces to make your own bracelet so you just pop on a
button and then stick on your jewels now once your gems are in place just get
the metallic thread and wrap it between each one my finished bracelet and I have enough to make one for a friend so that’s been
my little look at the Cra-z-Art 8 in 1 nail design studio I thought it was
really cool and made some really cute nails and accessories now if you’d like to
make your own nails and accessories here’s what
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for my next giveaway thanks for watching and I’ll see you all later bye

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