84 Replies to “Dance Academy S1 E3: Behind Barres”

  1. Namita R says:

    God I friggin love this show

  2. Mia Gornall says:

    Love these ❤️

  3. Namita R says:

    ALSO when is the dance academy movie coming out on google play so I could download it or pay for it living in the US? I WISH I LIVED IN AUSTRALIA!!!!

  4. a n n a says:

    Yayy been waiting for this 💗🙏

  5. heloisa costa says:

    please, we need legend automatic

  6. Ali R says:

    seasons 1-3 are on Netflix

  7. Ellie McLean says:

    I can't hear Alicia banit (Kat) at the end 😭

  8. Rachel Ahern says:

    When is the movie coming out in Ireland 🇮🇪

  9. R. James says:

    Seriously now @Dance Academy. Why is the background music on all of these episodes different compared to the DVD version? Such a dealbreaker.

  10. Diana Angola says:

    Hola por favor en español, gracias

  11. Paula 24 says:

    I loved Dance Academy since I was 10 years and I will always love it because it's amazing!

  12. Trent Grapegush says:

    Date a guy or a girl that smells like Christmas.

  13. Rosie says:

    16:32 stfu Tara 😅🙏

  14. Jojo Z says:

    i had to laugh so hard at the karaoke part 😂

  15. Alexander Hernandez says:

    I hate Christian

  16. Tina Ramsaroop says:

    ship christian and Tara

  17. Tina Ramsaroop says:

    Christian is soooooo much better than Ethan

  18. Sven Vikk says:

    Rikki better be careful pouring drinks on other people. If it gets on her, she will turn into a mermaid!

  19. Katherine Black says:

    Is Kat's shoulder tattoo gone? So it was henna, wth?

  20. courtney's life says:

    Season 4 pleaseeeeeeerrrrreeeeeeee

  21. Hazel Grace Lancaster says:

    I hate Abigail and Christian

  22. alahna01 says:

    Abigail makes me so mad

  23. Victoria Fuentes says:

    I love this one alot

  24. Aaliyah Nixon says:

    Abigaill makes me scream

  25. Gabrielle Kelly says:

    Every time someone in this show brings up Tara as “training bra girl”, and they make fun of her, I find it really ironic because in the dance world (especially ballet), most girls don’t have large breasts anyways because it is the desired figure and it is awkward to be be leaping and bending over when one’s breasts are in the way.

  26. Amber Mockingjay says:

    I so love this

  27. Mohamed Nazeer says:

    Love Christian and Tara . Best couple . Hate Abigail.🎤🎼💃🏿😍😍😍

  28. Annalena B says:

    Could Ethan just go away pls

  29. Shanaz Nizaam says:

    I just love this part

  30. Lee Beal says:

    Tara my girl love her and Kat 😍😍😍😍😍😁

  31. The Light says:

    So does the brother actually exist? It was never explained.

  32. pauline m says:

    Anybody else from Germany?(or is it somebody? I'm always mixing it up…)

  33. All the time says:

    salut hello in french please

  34. lock heart says:

    This used to be on teen nick, but now. teen nick just shows trash. Waste of a line up.

  35. kylie boring says:

    Rewatching this for the millionth time and Abigail is still my favorite character ever, even when she's mean! Anyone else agree?

  36. vampire BTS says:

    I'm working on being a dancer lol status: gave up two years ago

  37. Laura Gilbert says:

    What language are the subtitles in?

  38. Elijah Berger says:

    I love times a million. I dare you to turn on the subtitles and try not to get annoyed..

  39. Sierra Noel says:

    Just bc someone is on the smaller side of average doesn’t mean you can make judgements about their underwear. I love T 😂😂😂

  40. Lily-Luna Potter says:

    I love karaoke but only when i am drunken

  41. Sotonye Frank says:

    Why dey be havin flip phones

  42. Oline Øhlenschlæger says:

    Dont mind me, i´m just dying from nostalgia

  43. Anna U says:

    Whats the music piece called from the very first scene?

  44. OliviaAlexandra Weber says:

    Abigail is such an Abigail. The name just screams meanie

  45. Kate McCoy says:

    Well she probably shouldn’t have locked her in the room

  46. Catherine Aditchere says:

    Those vocals are on point

  47. Catherine Aditchere says:

    I seriously don't know why kat is getting mad

  48. Sheyla Portillo says:

    When is the movie coming out in miami!!! Like whennn??

  49. Myriame Belval says:

    Thats rikki from H2o

  50. zoe squad says:

    Christian is so cute

  51. Honey Cabs says:

    New subscriber 😁😊😊

  52. hi im kpop_editsedits25 says:

    Christian should have just put the wallet on the floor and make it seem like he dropped it….😐 i would do that….

  53. Nari Royer says:

    This is seriously bringing back my childhood. The messages behind this show are so inspiring, really miss shows like this playing on tv,

  54. Haylee graceful ASMR says:

    Abigail is so rude but I love jay Tara and Sammie

  55. Maddie Fishblob says:

    notice how aggressive the boys are in that scene, and 5 seconds later, it shows the girls argument (which is not physical whatsoever, but so PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE DAAAMMMMMMMMMM)

  56. This acc Is useless says:

    I high key hate the blonde dude

  57. Japan 8794 says:

    Christian: "You're not really my type."
    Dance Academy writers: Hold my pointe shoes.

  58. Violet Kitty Cat says:

    This is off topic but…

    If someone is annoying AF and asks whats up ?
    Just say… THE UNIVERSE

  59. Michelle Logan says:

    No I don't

  60. Tamesha Grant says:

    I like. Singing

  61. Katy Garcia says:

    Ethan: *Grabs Christian and shakes him
    Also Ethan: “woah dude relax” when the same thing happens to him

  62. Matthew Kretschmer says:

    I love where they're splashing around in the water, 13:27.

  63. bla lu says:

    I feel so much fun in dancing, i hope i could find my own place for dancing. I mean the private one

  64. Ayano Otori says:

    Tara is so annoying

  65. Chelsey Mccall says:

    I love Tara and Kat but mostly I act like kat sometimes Haha I miss The show so much I'm a dancer too 😊

  66. Xroxielove Skye says:


  67. Xroxielove Skye says:


  68. Dancing With Sami says:

    Wait,so Ethan’s a robber?Or that Asian dude we saw when Tara was wearing her bra in the boys changing room?👙

  69. Abiodun Duyile says:

    In the first episode everyone loves Abigail and hates kat then now everyone hates Abigail now likes Kat

  70. everysoundthereis says:

    Sammy is so cute.

  71. sera talamoni says:

    That Abbigail is so evil and jealous.

  72. Naswiha Abdalla says:

    I keep trying to remind myself that this isn't real

  73. LaFleur says:

    One question I have since childhood: how the hell are they alway haveing the phone number of every single student of the whole entire school?
    Situations like that always give me anxiety that people are gonna reveal my thoughts about my crush. Watching this also reminds me of my nightmares where I walked into the gym for school sports not dressed completely bc I have somehow managed to forget do get dressed completey…

  74. Aquamist 13 says:

    Wow rikki is sassy 7:15

  75. Bob Keyes says:

    Ricky yeah

  76. Bob Keyes says:

    Do you cause love ricky

  77. angelic :3 says:

    15:10 LOL

  78. Universeoutsidemyhead says:

    am I the only one who noticed this?

  79. strnka says:

    christian reminds me of calum hood?? haha

  80. bloop blap says:

    does anybody know where they are at 12:18?

  81. Chelsea Coupette says:

    I just realized Ethan never dance at none of the three season in Degrassi

  82. Roshan Amos says:

    Those bathing suits look cute

  83. Sameer Arora says:

    Tara is better than me. They did say her technique is like a twelve year old and I’m twelve so I guess my technique is at least a 11 year old.

  84. Kitty S says:

    really need to know where to get the leotard tara is wearing from 16:08 anyone know pls pls pls pls pls let me know thank you!!!!!

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