Dance Moms: Pressley LITERALLY Walks All Over GiaNina (Season 8) | Lifetime

two have a character piece, “Munchausen by Proxy.” Did you look up
Munchausen by proxy? It’s when a parent–
or anybody, actually– just holds their kid down and
just keeps on telling them they’re sick when
they’re not sick, and when they are, when they
aren’t, and what they can do and what they can’t
do until the point where the kid finally
figures out that they’re not, and then revenge comes. OK, so we need to
see that in two minutes on the stage with a prop. Pressley, you make
yourself invisible. If you’re invisible this
week, you could be dead. Got it? ASHLEY: Pressley needs to not
be invisible, as Abby says. I mean, I think it’s absurd. And honestly, I think it’s
really hurtful to Pressley. So she needs to get out there
and she needs to perform. She needs to show
up, prove Abby wrong, and get the jacket this week. GiaNina, you don’t have any
character the whole beginning, but then at the end when you
get to be the one in charge, the one that’s
mean, then you have all the attitude in the world. But I think that’s easy for you. It’s nature. All right. I want to hear the music. I think that
“Munchausen by Proxy” number is an incredible routine. GiaNina needs to be
amazing, because Pressley has great musicality. She listens to the music. She may just get the jacket. Pressley, are you going to
let her walk all over you to get the jacket? I’ve made it difficult for
her to step all over you. Such a peaceful
duet practice for Gia. She gets to sit the whole time. WOMAN: I don’t think Gia
sits there till the end. She’s sitting there right now. Gia is sitting so Pressley
could dance and have a better chance of
shining while Gia sits, and if Pressley doesn’t– Because if Gia was
dancing, Pressley wouldn’t be able to shine. That’s what was said. Get the [bleep] out
of here, Joanne. She put Gia in the
wheelchair so Gia wouldn’t be able to step on my kid. That’s what she said. Seems like Joanne
can’t handle the truth, is really what the problem is. There’s a jacket on
the line, and Pressley has a superior role in the
duo, and Abby likes her, and Joanne’s mad. She’s got Pressley
walking all over Gia now. Karma is a knee in
the back, I guess. How’s everybody feeling? I feel fine. So you’re happy
with the dance, even though she only gets up
for like maybe 30 seconds? Well, you know what I’m
not happy about, Stacy? I’ll tell you what
I’m not happy about. What? My kid’s being sat because
Pressley felt invisible. Look at yourself and
look at your own daughter. Stop looking at
everybody else to put the blame on everybody else. Gia never did anything. Come on. Abby sat her so your kid
would not be invisible. [bleep]. OK. You came in this week
and the first thing you said was that Gia was
sitting because Pressley needs to shine. Abby doesn’t want her
to feel invisible. No. Maybe she thinks Pressley’s the
better one to play the part. You’re mad because my
kid’s the lead of the duo. JOANNE: Absolutely not.
– You’re mad. Yes you are. Hello. JOANNE: Absolutely not. And you can wipe the
[bleep] from your lips. Ashley, I don’t even
want to hear her mouth. What is she saying? You’re only sitting Gia
because poor Pressley feels invisible, and that’s
the only way she’s not going to feel invisible. Oh, you’re like
always complaining. I don’t complain. Well, shut your mouth, then. JOANNE (VOICEOVER):
As usual, Ashley’s trying to rattle my kid
before she goes onstage, because she knows
if Gia’s at 100%, Pressley will not be seen. Good try, Ashley. I’ll still shine brighter
than anybody else on the stage, because this jacket is mine.

100 Replies to “Dance Moms: Pressley LITERALLY Walks All Over GiaNina (Season 8) | Lifetime”

  1. Lifetime says:

    New episodes Tuesdays at 9/8c!

  2. McKenna Mead says:

    Gia is so rude I will shine better then everyone else on that stage stage BECAUSE THE JACKET IS MINE!

  3. 「uwu」 says:

    The way she says "cuz this jacket is mine" is a mood lol

  4. Gymnast_101 says:

    Gianina is a BRAT Presley’s sweet and caring like for TEAM PRESS

  5. Siu Cheuk says:

    You know the drill: (but if you don't then the last number of likes is the person you are)
    1. Lilly
    2. Brady
    3. Gianina
    4. Pressley
    5. Hannah
    6. Sarah
    7. Ellie
    8. Kamryn
    9. Savannah
    0. Paris

    1. Maddie
    2. Kenzie
    3. Chloe
    4. Kendall
    5. Nia
    6. Kalani
    7. Brynn
    8. JoJo
    9. Brooke
    0. Paige

    Who did you get? Those two will be duet partners💖

  6. that’s the tea says:

    gianina is such a brat omgg
    i miss the old team so much this team is FULL of brats and kids who are too cocky and full of themselves, like just the things they say in the interview, the old team would never say things like that

  7. OverWatchShips says:

    The mom's are even worse than the mom's from season 3-4 lol 😂

  8. maya al says:

    ily abby

  9. Oviya Konar says:

    this show is just a bunch of Karens

  10. Smashy_Nat says:

    This is why i don't watch dance moms anymore

  11. Ronnie Leavey says:

    Omg Stacey annoyed me sooo much in this episode!! She was just picking on Gianina for no reason!!🤯

  12. Marelly Hernandez says:

    Just watch Presley get the. Jacket and not giannina

  13. someee oneee says:

    YouTube u are dru-
    Oh sorry my bad

  14. Abby Ross says:

    Pressley is my favorite dancer

  15. Maureen Doherty says:

    Joanne has to wake up and face the facts, GiaNina is not all that and a total brat!!! They both have stuck up attitudes!!

  16. GOAT says:

    last time i was this early maddie was crying over the watermelon game

  17. Jay Punze says:


  18. suhani bisht says:

    Gia is a brat

  19. Jin Beckner says:

    This team is really falling apart. Anyone else miss the old team?

  20. Amarjit Kaur says:

    Joanne is funny but not rude

  21. Little Ruby says:

    At 2:35 and at 2:53 pressly has aiirrrpooodss did anyone notice…

  22. SheJustWokeUp says:

    The poor kids

  23. No Neofiles says:

    1:14 yesss look at that wig its so pretty

  24. adoration for Avery says:

    I freaking love gia does Stacy ever shut up

  25. Sunflower ALDC says:

    Read this if your having a bad day

    Your beautiful no matter what anyone says 😊

  26. Ruby Layton says:

    Gia is just as cocky as her mother. I hope one day she realises

  27. Brianna Carter says:

    Lmao 2:37 Presley came PREPARED with those airpods😂

  28. Leisha says:

    Did this not place , the awards didn’t mention this duet

  29. kiran kumar says:

    I gave the 500th like

  30. matie 11 says:

    All these kids should come prepared with air pods for when their mom's kick off

  31. Quality Content says:

    I can’t stand Stacey 🙄

  32. Princess Bunny Alaina says:

    I don't even know what to say…

  33. Subscribe ti me for known reason !!! Tariq says:

    Lily and presely got the jscket

  34. Grace W says:

    Can we just appreciate how professional Pressley was in the dressing room 👏👏

  35. kiran kumar says:

    I juts don't get it why I really like Gianina more then pugsleey… Sorry I love to call her a pug then pere or pig when you round it off

  36. Cotton Blue says:

    I really just don’t like GiaNina she reminds me of a spoiled brat and I don’t like it.

  37. Claire Del Rosario says:


  38. Puppy Lover says:

    I already saw this from another yt channel but still imma watch it

  39. Jane Billie says:

    Idc what anybody else says Gianina is really smart and she is very supportive.

  40. Adriana Maldonado says:

    Gianina forces herself to talk like a baby I can’t stand it

  41. Lincey's World says:

    GiaNina little Petty

  42. Cheyenne Duval says:

    Ashley so annoying🙄

  43. scy ler says:

    Stacey needs to stfu

  44. EVA PAIGE says:

    Pressley: flexes air pods

  45. Kate says:


  46. Paige Morgan says:

    It's not confidence it's attitude

  47. Speedy9987 aj says:

    Why do the majority of the moms snitch on GiaNina when she is one of the best dancers on the team??

  48. ReallyAri says:

    Stacey is so annoying like GiaNina is pushing the wheelchair around jumping up and down, serving face, supporting Presley and stopping the wheelchair from moving while she’s literally on top of her and my eyes were still attached to Gia the whole time because Gia has a performance quality that Presley doesn’t and THAT was the point of the dance. These moms don’t get that technique isn’t enough you have to have the whole package. Also the moms get on Joanne for hyping her kid up and boosting her confidence, but literally said to Yolanda that Abby and casting agents judges etc, are there to yell at your kid and tell them they’re not good enough so you should be the one supporting them, but say Joanne is deluded and GiaNina is a brat for exactly that. The double standard is disgusting

  49. ariel grischow says:

    once again gianina being a brat

  50. violet sheaffer says:

    Who do you hope gets the jackets?


    How about you shut up gianina

  52. Princess Love Heart says:

    Is it bad, that I want to confront and hit Joanne or GiaNina cause of their attitude?

  53. ReallyAri says:

    And GiaNina did a good job with the ballet technique, she didn’t make any mistakes on stage.I just don’t see how she was the lead when Brady and Lily were both wearing white and did most of their choreo together and separate from the group. I think the reason they got third is because the “story” of the dance was confusing. Abby made it look beautiful but didn’t give them a dance to match the story. This whole episode was messy messy messy and I’m tired of everyone picking on one person whether it’s Gia this week or Sarah next week or Brady the next 🙄🙄🙄

  54. QUEEN CASSIE says:


  55. Erin says:

    Never early as this lol 💕

  56. TyTy Smith says:

    I feel like pressley's mom is trying to be the next Christi.

  57. Games4life 702101 says:

    “Karma is a knee in the back”

  58. Princess Sisters says:

    I haven't seen the movie, but this duet reminds me of the movie "The Act"

  59. Ashley Luland says:

    Stacey is a manipulative POS

  60. Ayzria Chan says:

    Idk why but I found GiaNina cute when she did the interview at the end 😂
    Though it felt like she was forced to say that

  61. Myha Stone says:

    Lilly and Presley got the jackets

  62. Aimee11 says:

    And Gianina the biggest brat

  63. Selvin Cruz says:

    Abby no seas ipocrita

  64. briar emeney says:

    All these moms are crazy atleast the og moms were always nice to all the kids for the most part!!! Just let abby do her job!!! Yes it's hard as a parent to hear some of the things she says but its only because she sees the kids as stars and she is getting them ready for that kind of life and how to deal with what it comes with!!

  65. chloe says:

    gianina has something about her that i really like, but something about her that i really dislike.

  66. Sophia Leonarez says:

    I love Gia’s confidence

  67. Rhiannons Review123 says:

    Blah blah blah blah because this jacket is MINE

  68. Kayla Thomas says:

    Gia is my least favorite . She just seems like a stuck up child .

  69. MM’s Pets says:

    Gia is such a brat

  70. Juan Parra says:

    Stacey really needs to stay shut ! Joanne never talks down on Lilliana but Stacey gets to do it to Joanne’s kid all the time

  71. Maddie says:

    Pressley has AirPods In she cant hear them

  72. Poppy Efemey says:

    Gypsy Rose

  73. Alliyha Brown says:

    I think the reason why I don’t care for this season is because the kids almost seem like they’re not friends which I get that they didn’t grow up together like the previous girls but it’s one thing for the moms to fight but when the kids don’t get along either….they’re never gonna gel as a team cause they’re letting the mom drama take over everything

  74. leviny says:

    I love Pressley!!!! Such a good dancer!

  75. Isobel Bissett says:

    GiaNina is so bratty she literally said she was the ONLY one gonna shine on stage and she will get the jacket instead of pressley like GiaNina to shut her mouth like seriously I don’t like her 🙄

  76. Freak says:

    but Presley is better then Gia…

  77. Sarah Syed says:


  78. Play Simpson says:

    Presley and Lillie get the jackets , thank me later

  79. Averno Roblox says:

    If Ashley wasn't there there wouldn't be any fight

  80. Xxmolly2009xX says:

    Why does Gia have to say that? She might be kicked off the team if her mum doesn’t stop making arguments

  81. Hasmeet Gill says:

    This team actually is good but I miss the originals so much like they were end game

  82. Dakota says:

    I want Presley to get the Jacket so bad.

  83. The FortWolf says:

    Gianina is like a baby

  84. marz neptoon says:

    Can Stacey and Ashley just evaporate? All they can do is bully Joanne and her kid. Ashley’s mad because Joanne isn’t mad.

  85. Winniek_ 273 says:

    Who else hates Gianina I find her rude and annoying

  86. The Fantasy ALDC says:

    Is this based off Dee Dee and Gypsy

  87. Tosin Agbi says:

    Stacey and Ashley BOTHER me

  88. Tosin Agbi says:

    No offense Presssley is average. I miss the old team when there was a spark and they were all friends not enemies

  89. Natalyah Cadiche says:

    For every like I’ll put a “🤪”
    Ik it’s not original but I’m bored 😂

  90. Mac Goldstein says:

    I think we all know that Gianna and her mom are the worst characters on the team

  91. Isabel David says:

    I love that presley is wearing airpods so she wont the moms talking trash about them 😂

  92. calligraphy_diy says:

    Who else is on a marathon???
    Btw I’m a small youtuber trying to start my channel and get it bigger! Can you guys help me on my journey?

  93. irene lai says:

    i was starting to like gia and then she says “i shine more then anyone else on the stage” and says that the jacket is hers

  94. It's A Fairy Life ! says:

    Gypsy Rose vibes anyone?

  95. LaURen BeIrNe says:

    You know the drill
    (The last digit of your like is who you are)
    0. Brynn

  96. Crystal Clinton says:

    For those who don’t know yet who get the jackets, the jackets go to lilly and Pressley! 😇🤩

  97. WouldAnyoneLikeSomeStew says:

    Use this as the Pressley is better than GiaNina and Joanne needs to shut her mouth button

  98. Gracie L says:

    These kids are literally professionals,😀

  99. Gurgusitas says:


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