Dance Moms: The ALDC Performs “The Chosen One” (Season 8 Reunion) | Lifetime

September 12, 2019 20 Comments

[cheers] [music – rigz, “ladybird”] RIGZ: (SINGING) Only love me
when it soothes your soul. Only want me when
your armor’s torn. But that longing
keeps me at your door. Find me waiting. Long for healing but
I crave the heat. You’ve awakened
passion underneath. Now the flame’s a
sign of what you seek. I’ll be waiting. The morning light
doesn’t seem as bright as the flames we left behind. Ladybird, your children
burn with this one desire. [vocalizing] We set our house on fire. [cheers]

20 Replies to “Dance Moms: The ALDC Performs “The Chosen One” (Season 8 Reunion) | Lifetime”

  1. Lifetime says:

    New episodes Tuesdays at 9/8c!

  2. TJP says:

    These mother's should be ashamed of themselves these children should be in school !

  3. Madison Iocono says:

    First like

  4. xHillary says:

    I love this group dance! 💞

  5. Madison Iocono says:

    And view

  6. giaaa says:

    why is there only 5 comments…

  7. alice hyland says:

    this is my favorite team yet, playing for a ninth season🙏🏼

  8. Unicorns Forever says:

    When you think you are first and the video was posted a minute ago but you are not🙄

  9. Sarcastically Sardonic says:

    The level of talent is so high

  10. -AlexTheThespian- -and I oop- says:

    Can you do unaired solos from s1 – s7?

  11. Gisele Frederic says:

    I love these girls (And boy)

  12. Dalton Goudy says:

    you guys are gonna post rock bottom right? paris ‘s unaired solo from episode 15

  13. Breyer Crazy says:

    Who wants a 9th season?!

  14. Michelle Reyes says:


  15. BJ 3rdgeneration says:


  16. melissa romero says:

    I feel like Sarah shined in this dance. She probably made the moms shut up 🤐

  17. melissa romero says:

    What was the story?

  18. thedancemomsteam411 says:

    Why was this so much better than the competition version? I love this dance now!

  19. 『 WackyChu 』 says:

    How is Sarah In The Group Dance She Wasn’t Allowed To Dance Or did she dance in the original dance and then for the show she didn’t dance

  20. jackque kahn says:

    Missed the end with Brady carrying Lily off. These kids are amazing!

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