22 Replies to “Dancehall Riddim Instrumental Beat 2018 – Fruits | @GabrielDomenic”

  1. Victoire says:


  2. Official Mrvery says:

    Hello Domenic, kindly response to your email, I sent you an email regarded this beat and I need your wasup App number

  3. Konsam Dinku says:

    That's the thing i needed

  4. Cutlass Supreme says:

    Sounds like " no place I'd rather be Song"

  5. L. Josué says:


  6. Kimiah Cargill says:

    Why does all the music have that same beat

  7. DaWhiteWarrior says:

    Yeah feeling this one a lot bro, nice keep doing your thing bruva 👌💥🔥

  8. Welinton Taveras says:

    Alguien ya compro los derechos de este beat???

  9. arumah duncan says:

    mi have a bad dancehall song mi can voice on it please just can call my number if yo text BACK YO GET IT PLEASE GIVE THANKS MI LOVE THIS EVERY DAY MI SING MI SONG AN PEOPLE LOVE IT SO MI A ASK YO WHO EVA MEK THIS

  10. Edwin Ortiz says:

    I want this beat !!!

  11. chronixx Iconz says:

    waaa nice beat –Im suscrbng back to any one who subs my channel and like this comment .Lets grow together on youtube guys

  12. Topman Kyle Tv says:

    Can I use this please and thanks fam?

  13. Abdul Rasheed Mw says:

    I like dis beat and I wana do a song on it soon

  14. Botolo Evame Kido says:

    I love it

  15. karanja says:

    who dislikes this?

  16. A.Menace T.V says:

    Brutal papa

  17. Bennie Mellies says:

    Awesome production 👍💪

  18. DIEI BEATZ says:

    nice beat.

  19. Mistinzack Beats says:


  20. Kalask Indigenous says:

    how much for the beat

  21. Loyal Type says:

    i want too buy this beat bro

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