Danny Trachtenberg Recording with Discrete 4 Synergy Core, Auto-Tune & Edge Solo Modeling Mic

Hi, my name’s Danny Trachtenberg I’m a
recording a mix engineer and a producer working with Octavian, Plan B, Stormzy,
Skepta, Kojak, J Warner. Today we’re in the Puzzle Factory. We’re working with J
Warner an artist I’ve mixed for in the past and currently working on his upcoming
album. – J, alright! – Yeah Should we, let’s just set some levels for you.
– Cool. – How’s generally the level in your cans? – OK. So we’re gonna be working with Antelope’s
Discrete 4 Synergy Core and their Edge Solo microphone for this
session. We’re working with quite a big Pro Tools session where we’re going to be
re-tracking some vocals and because of the Synergy’s ability to track and
monitor through the interface and through its kind of built-in,
upgraded software, it’s really useful for working with heavy Pro Tools sessions
that already have a lot of processing and you might need to go back in
and track whatever you need really while monitoring through its kind of
upgraded built-in software without disturbing an existing heavy mix session. – Let me just bring a little bit of compression
and EQ for you as well. Alright, how’s that sounding for you? –
Sounds cool to me. Nice, let’s just play a little bit with the autotune. Let’s just get it
sounding light for the time being. So the beauty of the Discrete 4 Synergy Core
is now introducing third party processing plugins such as the Antares Auto-tune
which is something I use a lot gives us the ability to monitor through
it if we choose or even track through it while having both the option of a clean
channel and processed channel to kind of work with in the mix. Cool, how’s that for your headphones?
– Yeah that’s cool. Right, let’s just play it against the backing track. What we found during today’s session is we wanted to start to revisit the vocal
sound kind of on-the-fly and using Antelope’s Edge Solo mic we could kind of
dial in a new sound. J could listen to them in real time as I was auditioning
each one and then as we found something that he sat with, we could just kind of
carry on the session without having to change microphones. – Cool J, I’m just
gonna flick through, we can do a couple few mic options. I’m just gonna
flick through some options and see if you feel like any of them work better. – OK.
I’m just gonna check out the Tokyo 800T. Here’s the Berlin 67. Here’s the Vienna 12. Bit more silky.
– Bit more silky? Nice. Let’s give this a pass, just clean without the
auto-tune and let you like vibe thru’ it. As we were kind of progressing through the
session and kind of exploring what the Discreet 4 Synergy Core kind of had
to offer with its processing capabilities we were exploring auto-tune you know
it’s the same. It sounds exactly the same as what we use in his
mix sessions, what he’s been used to tracking with in previous sessions in
other studios. – Yeah, lovely man. Yeah, so that note, it’s mad. I didn’t realise how
much I use that note that it’s bypassing. Which note is it?
Yeah, just G. There, is G in there for you now?
– Yeah. We played with the intensity of the retune speeds
that kind of found a way for us to kind of revisit the song in a slightly different way. Alright Jay, let’s do it. Let’s do a pass
with the auto-tune really dialled-in. Cool. – Cool, so let’s just dial it in
on your headphones now. Cool, let’s do a pass with where
we’ve got it at the moment There’s like moments…
– When I sing tuned, I sing differently. And I’ve got a whole different technique, the way I control my vibrato and stuff. We played kinda’ on-the-fly with the vibrato setting and that I think really changed the way that he thought he could approach a vocal performance.
– Just mess around with it. We’ll maybe find like, slightly mess with the auto-tune settings and bring in some of the vibrato on your tune just to play
with it, just yeah see how that works Nice – That’s mad! That is a game-changer!
Just singing straight and you’ve got vibrato. Having a product like this just allows you to
throw Pro Tools into low latency mode monitor through the interface’s own
software, add processing if you want to and be able to track clean or through
kind of the new features including third-party features like auto tune
without having to worry about messing with your session, bouncing things down,
creating a two track. Yeah, I just wanna say, thanks to J
and his team at the Flight Club. I’ve been working with those guys
for a while now and it’s always a pleasure.

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  1. Pablo Vázquez says:

    The opto2a…. Please……

  2. Keith Harris II says:

    Interesting, to say the least.

  3. Kord Taylor says:

    Really a great video. So glad I bought a Discrete 8 Synergy. 😀

  4. A d a c r ö m says:

    With the mic i'm still waiting for. I never seen a company doing everything to don't send something. 3 tickets and i still don't know where my mic is. Don't buy the Edge solo + dyscrete offer.

  5. Moonroof says:


  6. Gerald Good III says:

    That Antares at the end killed it. Keep it natural. Use it transparently

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