DanTDM forgot to stop recording… (VERY SAD)

like the video unsubscribe right now of this spider will crawl in your face when you're sleeping so today we're going through down TV and his biggest seed for us including him for getting to stop recording so makes you watch the end for the craziest thing but number six is forgetting to stop recording now this is very bad because dantdm is obviously like a PG family from the youtuber but in these clips he actually slipped up and forgot I was recording pretty much and swore on camera this is very bad guy so keep watching for the last one because he says an incredibly bad word everybody this is Dan and Ryan from the Diamond minecart and today we're going to be playing welcome off a dog but when you look him in the eyes in normal survival mode he will turn into a crazy ass son of a bitch it's coming back you coming back he's coming back to finish it off oh my god oh oh yes look at the doors I'm battering both guys gets even worse than now let's check out this over conflation and this is the even worse one like that was like they're all right one let's remember this one is like normal pug I want to make him a bit shorter as well look at all these a host it's like a very wolf what damn it shell don't get the in man and one oh my god Huff Oh scared me number five is dantdm draw my life now keep watching for all the information because this actually includes in being Jemma his now wife and also his mum and dad breaking up and get a divorce and also is struggle in school to get friends and it gets very sad guys so watch them for respect to damper let's check this out basically my dad was in the army which meant he had to go to different places around the country for his job which also meant that we had to follow him around and move houses we did this so much the me and my brother ended up attending about 10 schools by the time we were 10 moving around all this time kind of meant that we never really made too many long-lasting friends as we knew we'd always have to leave at some point in the near future there's something we always had were tooth one each other and to video games led to me and my brother having an awesome relationship kind of like best friends and we both developed a love for video games the sticks with us until this very day and something big happened what we thought was a happy family really wasn't as my mom and dad decided to get a divorce at the time and this hit me really hard as I go from seeing my dad every day to maybe just once a week but in the long run it definitely turned out for the better number four is dantdm in a movie now dantdm is actually in the movie wreck-it Ralph – or Ralph's break the internet it's a very good movie came up recently and in this movie he is actually a boy who is eBay's messenger and is actually insane guys let's check out aunt Edie I'm actually doing the voice-over right now why do I'm your friendly email at messenger just here to let you know you'll be expires in eight hours okay thanks e boy you got it governor the guys know let's check out Dan actually reacting to this and he gets very very embarrassed let's just check it out really cool boy so we're gonna react to that right now I'm gonna show you guys that you ready let's do it these are the two directors which you would have seen in my previous videos just play the thing here we go who are you I'm your friendly ebay alert messenger I'm your friendly ebay love messenger just here to let you know your bid expires in eight hours thanks evil boy you got it governor that I love I love you boy he's so cute he's so cute and he has a very important job in the film I'll have you know if he doesn't remind Ralph and vanellope that they need to buy their steering wheel then films over they're done but a boy comes to save the day number three is Dan's old channel now Dan's old channel is called Pokemon Dan level 45 and this is actually his first time using a faes coming he looks very different so keep watching but on this channel obviously did Pokemon videos it's really cool but let's check it out everybody down here with a quick very quick video update about poker cast episode 100 so poker cars episode 100 which is a massive number by the way so thanks for the support through 100 episodes the hundredth episode is going to be a special livestream episode I don't know whether I'm going to go on Twitch or YouTube just yeah I'm going to do another PT cgo stream before that stream just to test the connection of stuff I've got a new way to stream a new laptop to stream off up and make sure it's a better connection than before so the live stream is going to be on Sunday the 13th of this month so make sure you go out there and it's going to be at 8 p.m. GMT so that is I think that is 3 p.m. in US central time if you're number 2 is Dan on BBC interview now BBC is the biggest news channel in the UK and then actually got on there who's talking about being the richest youtuber it's the whole world in 2017 and a lot more so keep watching because the last interview bit gets very crazy so keep watching please tell our audience how do you go from working in a supermarket four five years ago to earning more than 12 million pounds this year part of me is not sure I just do something that I absolutely love and put out there for for anyone to what and turns out a lot of people like what I do which is I can't ask more than that it's crazy actively you are an entrepreneur you craft and edit your videos you come up with the ideas for them obviously so there's creative side to it as well just upload them yourself you sell merchandise you go on tour in that sense you are an example of a British success story are you treated as a successful entrepreneur or are people a bit sniffy about what you do I think both like YouTube is a very new thing as a website it's not that old number one is 25 see for us about that now no one knows DC for so make sure you keep watching book the first secrets apart are quite crazy guys but keep watching to the anchors it gets even crazier the first one is that I have a really bad habit which is I bite my nails nothing there whatsoever number three I can play the guitar and I have been doing so since I was about 13 or 14 years old so and before if I had just one food that I can eat for the rest of my life I would choose sweet chilli chicken bit of a weird one but it's so sweet it's so spicy and it's so beautiful number eight I've only ever had one fight in my life because I'm just not that kind of person but but I won it by by hitting him with a shoe just straight up took my shoe and hit him with it he wasn't best pleased and I won guys now let's check out the NBA's absolutely insane keep watching number eleven I once had a nosebleed that lasted for two hours it's a lot of blood to come out your nose number 12 may not surprise you too much I actually watch YouTube more than TV I'm on my TV the things I can watch YouTube that's always on always number 15 my favorite film of all time I've seen it I don't even know how many times is The Incredibles fantastic film is 17 I am the world's best of procrastinator and if you don't know procrastinator is it means you waste a lot of time when you have a deadline say I have a deadline on Friday I'll do everything else but that until the last moment on Friday but guys if your watch the end keep watching because you're about to see a bonus seek for about dantdm and nice how much money he actually makes so keep watching also to see is Sept or at the end Alicia no Nassim but first of all off youtube dantdm is currently getting about 160 million views per month on YouTube and because of the lifeís videos and stuff that's making him about five hundred thousand dollars per month off youtube but eyes not only does guys he actually does a lot of secret things as well like obviously he's been on tour which he makes a lot of money off as well and as well as is a support or prayer coded to sponsors and us merch that makes him a lot of money so overall I'm everything dantdm is currently making 1 million dollars per month we're guys now let's check out his cell Tom keep watching for the best bear the end coming in coming in so a few days ago I said that there are big changes happening which is why I took a little bit of a break from videos and this is one of the big changes welcome to where you op this this is my new main desk which is probably a bit you don't see that often a victory going exactly the same kid as before this wall is all made out of kind of Tetris blocks and I've got some goodies on hand got my Mario Kart trophy my Mario mushroom tip over here actually we've got a big ol console gaming station which is where I'm going to record all my life my port I start painting on the swage anything console is gonna be in this area probably live streams as well but guys now I'm gonna play the best bit let's check it out check this out a massive piece of custom artwork we've got done weird lots of characters I've got fortnight fresh bamboo pikachu cop head with some adventure time character up in there as well and this is one of a kind custom made just for the office we didn't actually know it's gonna be this big it's moveable to me off business or of this big we will we're blown away and I think that's absolutely amazing it should be directly in the background of my FaceCam specially all the DDM custom arcade machine now this plays all the classics we're talking all the way from the office if you're watch the end click on one of these videos right now click the one that you most prefer and peas

38 Replies to “DanTDM forgot to stop recording… (VERY SAD)”

  1. Toffazel Hossain says:

    I missed when dantdm used to curse i forgive dan

  2. FunzySun says:

    And he says something id crazy but it's not you liar sh*t

  3. FunzySun says:

    Yeah…idc bout this all of this i really don't care im just love with DanTDM

  4. Momo Dangor says:

    shut up

  5. Greg Spencer says:

    Me:that won't happen it's not gonna like jump in ur face or somthing


    Me: hurgh wutgh …….wait is that a AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  6. Alice de Nice !!! says:

    bruh, i have arachnophobia.

  7. EndermenKing 09 says:

    I look up my channel and get something better THIS

  8. alex gaming says:

    He never forgot to stop recording that was a really long time ago when he swore

  9. Jade Rom Lucero says:

    He puts a roblox logo

  10. ironpic aiden says:

    1:17 he says like oceans and the other videos are old and he swore back then.also none of these are secrets because they are all in his videos and he never forgot he was recording anything

  11. Dottie Kennedy says:

    Stop you scarb me ban tbn

  12. Autumn Bell says:

    Who else only liked because they are scared of spiders??

  13. Amos Uoti says:

    How did you get this knowlege

  14. Rodzina Zowada says:

    I have a PHOBIA of spiders you know

  15. Rocio Chase says:

    It's an accent, it may have sounded like the S word we know he wont do that…and when his channel was still blooming he said very very mild curse words

  16. Springjaw The Bunny says:

    Omg a grown person swore someone arrest him…

  17. Syniqall says:

    Why do you make these videos

  18. ElectricGaming - Minecraft, Roblox and more! says:

    I know some of these, especially the Wreck-It-Ralph 2, PokemanDanLvl45(We need to suprise him with a silver, and gold button)

  19. Trung Crafter says:

    Yeah, ur saying like he don't know how to edit stuff
    Also, the draw my life one, yeah, he didn't forgot that he was recording. Why the frick would he tell that story and ILLUSTRATE THAG to no one

  20. Bremirda Zapanta says:

    every peapol swore u now that rigut

  21. Wong Edan says:


  22. Merry Ferry says:

    A spider crawling on your face while sleeping? Your forcing people to like your videos and making people subscribe you

  23. Balasubramanian Iyer says:

    He didn't swear in his stream he said options and laughed very hard😆😅

  24. Tarvet Kukk says:

    Yeah there´s some lies Oboat

  25. Gacha Edits says:

    That was very long ago

  26. Not My gaming channel says:

    I'm a team tdm and you do not disrespect Dan like that if you're a fan of Dan let's reunite and unsubscribe to this guy

  27. Clare plays sims4 says:

    Oh he swear totally not cool

  28. Purple Shadow says:

    I didn't even knew Dan could swore ,interesting.

  29. biegaczsts says:

    The eboy one is not a secret he said it in the vid

  30. Jeremy Bancroft says:

    Why do always plug (VERY SAD)

  31. Matty Does stuff ! says:

    Roses are red violets are blue I just got click baited and you did to

  32. Simon Gibson says:


  33. Cookie Chow says:

    He said in a video that he does not get any money from merch

  34. Unicorn Puppy says:

    You know this doesn't help anything or do you any good….

  35. DJZNE 2000 says:

    I love how this guy exposes dantdm for his life as a child towards nowadays though he is a very successful person so don’t put hate on this guy it’s bullying

  36. eVade Karmaa says:

    wtf look at the tags some of are james charles minecraft and lazerbeam and popularmmos like why are these tags in here

  37. DarkGuyZZ says:

    Wow Owen changed is name

  38. diamondbluejth 15 says:

    What I cannot believe it you say he is PG now I say he is a Rated R Youtuber

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