Derek Sivers & Ariel Hyatt Discuss Internet Marketing For Musicians

promoting yourself on the internet is a topic that I'm extremely passionate about and something I do all day long and I wanted to get Derek's take on marketing on the internet and Internet techniques and possibly some tips specific tips about what to do as an indie artist online I get this question a lot like people kind of think like yeah but what should I be doing online like what about what about some online advice I think you know online is just it's just people don't forget it's not like hey how do i market myself to robots it's like it's still just people on the other end that it's okay yeah you're using your computer keyboard and some wires to connect to them instead of you know putting your arm around somebody at a bar or something but it's the exact same techniques you can't think that it's like an entirely different world that you have to do entirely different things it's still human nature so I mean the basic principles still apply about thinking of things from the other person's point of view when I think about like why do people really go out to a bar on a Thursday night because they want to hear your tight harmonies in your introspective lyrics and listen how tight the base and the drums are locking together or is it because they had a shitty day at work and they just want to relax and have a beer and see some cute people at the bar and flirt and hang out and you're there to just entertain them or make the room feel cool or whatever depending on your kind of music so I think being considered of others is the is still the real point and whatever you're using to do that whatever you're using to get people's attention or win their hearts or do something outstanding it's still the the thing that you're using to reach other people is not the point i was at this conference once just to cut a few years ago where it was like the internet marketing panel and their big question was yes but has the internet truly broken the new artist yet so can this internet thing is fab we're in right now you know can this truly break a new artist and I like guys can you imagine like in the 80s saying like hey so we've got this fax machine technology but has the fax machine truly broken an artist is this a valid technology can it break a career it's like it's just another way to get a message from me to you trim to herd for people to tell each other so it's like you don't want to like spend too much time focusing on the technology itself just read you'll do much better if you remember that it's all just people at the receiving end and the receiving end is the real point not you know which wire out of your house the message went over very very very sound advice staying on that theme of internet marketing i know because we're an internet marketing company artists often call us and they're mystified by it they don't know you know what does that really mean how do i do it how would it what's my first step I mean obviously they know my space and they often have their own website and then they're up on your site and then those are the like all that that you know trifecta and then after that mmm it could be anywhere or not or they're not sure any specific websites that you like what you think embrace artists or where there's some community where they could even just go to maybe take a first baby step well again I think the baby step you could take is to veer off the mainstream you know my space amazon cdbaby itunes path and get into your niche now so you as a musician you got to challenge yourself to kind of maybe even need to like shut down your computer and turn it back on again and start surfing the web as a fan just pretend that you are now a fan of pick something klezmer and you're just like yeah you know what I'd really like to hear some good klezmer music and just go to google and like type klezmer and see what comes up and it might bring you to the you know the klezmer fan site and you go to the klezmer fan site and then you're reading somebody's articles and they have links to something or other and again just remember that there's just some dude on the other end sitting in his bedroom in Chicago that made the klezmer fan site and he's just some guy that would probably appreciate your klezmer music you know if that's what you do you know and so contact him

3 Replies to “Derek Sivers & Ariel Hyatt Discuss Internet Marketing For Musicians”

  1. DescendantKnights OfMalta says:

    the difference in loudness of the either voice is frustratingly uneven, and the opening music is blasting her crazy loud voice away…..

  2. goldhat3 says:

    Right on, derek tells it like it is as usual.

  3. heavenisearth says:

    Thanks for keeping this real and bringing it back to the audience just wanting to connect and hear good music.

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