so if you've been to Disney World or Disneyland like two times you're familiar with Disney street performers or straightness fear as I understand it's now being called now I'm not talking about the face characters of the furries that's a category all its own I'm talking about the citizens of Main Street the citizens of Hollywood and any other act that you find playing out on the streets of a Disney park now I happen to come from a Disney loving family so much so that I've lost track of how many times I've been to Disney World I've been around the Wynn Avista block and trust me when I say I love Disney street performers if we're walking down Main Street at Magic Kingdom and I hear the dulcet tones of the dapper Dan's the day is officially put on hold I don't care Space Mountain has a 20-minute wait dapper day interesting grim grinning ghosts and it ain't even Halloween season the part of the gimmick of Disney Street miss fear is audience participation pulling some poor schmuck from the audience to half-heartedly participate in the shenanigans and the moment I roll up to the party I'm a blip on these guys radar they all simultaneously feel a disturbance in the force and look each other like the sacrificial lamb has arrived I'm a target for two reasons one I'm a theater brat and performers can smell each other from a mile away and two I'm the idiot in the crowd that actually looks like they're having a good time biggle dopey grin so basically I look like I can take it pull me from the crowd and I'm not gonna make a harassment claim added bonus sometimes I make the Act better case and point one time a couple years ago I was at the Magic Kingdom and I was just farting around on Main Street a gun some ice cream and noticed that the citizens of Main Street route and about now the reoccurring characters on Main Street are the dapper Dan's the fire chief and at least two older suffragettes style ladies there might be more characters on that Shore and they were all out singing songs with a four-piece brass band behind them I stood up close to the front and I'm enjoying my ice cream and the show then suddenly they all start singing supercalifragilistic expialidocious oh and you know me I start singing right along with them even bouncing up and down on my toes a little bit like a dork and as they end a chorus the fire chief and I make eye contact there was a very decisive look that came across his face he pointed at me and said do you know the first verse a little stunned by the question I said oh yeah and he said come here you're singing it before I knew it he grabbed my hand and pulled me up in front of everybody to sing the first verse of this song now most people would lock up shrink away have a bad case of performance anxiety but this this was it my time had come and I sang that first verse like the ostentatious little attention star theater kid that I am I scream at all the audience loved it and I was even getting some surprise smiles from the other performers and after they were done with their show I went up to them and I told them thank you so much for such a great time and they were very complimentary and sweet and even the fire chief leaned in surreptitiously and asked me do you work here I told him I've been to Disney World so many times that I might as well you


  1. Bluë Bërry Gachä says:

    I KNEW the ice cream was gonna fall 😆

  2. connor perkins says:

    Mascots…. not furries

  3. RoboFox says:

    R.I.P. Rebecca's Ice Cream

  4. Brandom Vasquez says:

    This is one of those videos where i would like an actual video of the perfomance instead of the animation…..

  5. Anela Rei Tan says:

    the people in the fur suits are professional furries 😂

  6. ZaiSaysHai :3 says:

    I thought the title meant that you were bullied by the Street Performers.

  7. The Road to Cosplay and Comic Con says:

    Disney Cast Member: * breathes * wait * looks at me * oh yah we got another disney musical loving brat * grabs me*
    Me: ( the theatre singing brat that I am ) * Bursts out singing disney *

  8. Yello Dino says:

    Saxaphone isnt brass

  9. Ammonite The SeaWing says:

    Adorkable Becca is best Becca! >w<

  10. Alivia Holmes says:

    Let me count how many times I've been to Disney 1,…. 2,….. Oh wait 0

  11. Izzy Da wizzy says:

    One time the Dabber Dans (plz forgive me if that’s not right) where on the carousel and it was hilarious!

  12. Emma the Cat says:

    That’s happen to me…

    It was weird

  13. im already tracer says:

    They pick on me too! But when ever they make me do something (they made me sing I wanna be like you once) my "come on abbey show them you got in to two state choirs" self bursts out of the wall..

  14. Penguins408 says:

    One time I found someone’s wallet at disney world when I was young. I took it to the lost and found and got a free fast pass on space mountain.

  15. fire demon says:

    everyone have 1 of those places they visit a lot like mine is a place in sweden called high chaparal (i cant spell XD) for me that place is magical its western themed and people got replic guns (mainly pistols) and i have ben there 14 soon 15 years in a row and i will be there this year so if you are gonna be there be on the look out of a male in a blue shirt and white pants thats me

  16. Roberto Abreu says:

    This is the first time I see your face in a video, and I have to say…

    You are beautiful

  17. Puzzle Puddles says:

    i think you are obsessed with disney

  18. Everything YouTube says:

    I have been to Disney once and I was 1 or 2

  19. haddie love juduh the dog I love my dog says:


  20. Tayba Hadi says:

    Who do you like more?
    Like= theodd1sout
    Comment= let me explain studio

  21. The Stanimal says:

    I love how dramatic she is it's too perfect

  22. ELiANA TAPiNOU says:

    Omg her vocie is like LaurenZ!

  23. Puffy Freddy says:

    No Rebecca, it’s because your cute 😝

  24. paige snook says:

    ive never been to disneyworld/disneyland.

  25. Conaday Sweet says:

    Hahahahahahahahahaha yes

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