Does Music Make Food Taste Better? ft Linkin Park

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– Can music change how food tastes? – [Together] Let’s talk about that. (dynamic music) – Good Mythical Morning! – Everybody welcome to the show. Chester and Mike from Linkin Park. – Woooh!
(applauding) Thanks for coming, guys. – Thanks for having us. – Yeah. – Well, we’re glad you’re here, because we need your help today, because– – We heard. – There’s been a study. When Oxford does a study,
we call Linkin Park. (laughing) – We also call BS sometimes. (laughing) – Alright, so Oxford
– Fair enough. – has conducted a study
and they have concluded that music can change the
way that we taste food. – Now, we like to taste foods. – I like tasting food. – Well, we don’t need you for that. – Dang it.
(laughing) – We need you guys for the music part. – For the musician part. – Oh, OK, alright. – Can you help us with that part of it? – We can do that.
– We can do that. – Alright, let’s put Oxford to the test. It’s time for ♫ I tried some food and got sung to ♫ But in the end did it
make the food taste better – OK, Mike and Chester are
over in the performance zone. – Yes, how is it over there, guys? – It’s warm. – It’s very nice. – It’s very nice.
– Good. – That’s good, we’re in
the food eating zone. – Yes. – That’s where we’re gonna be. – So, Mike and Chester are
gonna be performing songs to opposing music tracks,
while we eat snacks and then we’re gonna evaluate
how those opposing tracks impacted our tasting sensations in specific categories, that the Oxford study called out. – Right. – Let’s do this. (rock music) – [Together] Round one. – OK, according to the study,
volume correlates to flavor and the louder the music, actually the less flavor there is, – Counterintuitive. – so as the music gets
quieter, it tends to bring out more flavors from what you’re eating, – OK, and we’re going–
– supposedly. – We’re gonna be testing
with a cup o’ noodle, classic late night nibble and let’s turn this
thing up to 11, hit it! (rock music) – OK. – Ready. – Yeah. – Woah! – Bet you didn’t taste anything. – I had no room for tasting. (laughing) – That was intense, fellas. – No head space for tasting. – And there was, but there
was like a helpful caution in there, that the product is hot. I think that came directly
off the packaging, which is brilliant. – It was hot. The funny thing is it was
very hot temperature-wise, but I don’t feel like I experienced much, because I was so into the music. – Yeah, that was, that was
the main thing on my mind. Flavor took a big back seat. – But we should flip the script now. – Yes. – Bring things down. – I think we’re gonna need… Chairs over here. – Wow, we’re bringing in stools. – I think we’ll go acoustic
with this one, boys. – Go acoustic, let’s
bring down the volume. – I would say when you want
more flavor, bring in stool. (laughing) – We have a brand new song for you guys. – Right, next single? – This is off our upcoming album. (laughing) May 19th. – Alright guys, serenade us. (gentle acoustic rock music) (laughing and applauding) – Wow. – They’re really bringing it. You’re bringing the flavor in that one. That was very, that was very moving. – I don’t know if it was
the slowness of the song or the subject matter,
because as you talked about just having a few left, just 26 left, – Yeah. – I began to realize
how important this was. (laughing) – Right, I became more thankful and I became more aware of
the flavors contained therein. I think I did, I mean I
feel it’s spicier now. – Yeah. – And it could be the
accumulation across both songs, but I, probably not. – No, it’s the science, Link. – It was definitely the science. – It’s Oxford. – Wow! – Yeah, that one worked. – That was moving. – It’s very interesting. (laughing) – It ain’t over yet. – [Together] Round Two. – OK, we started off kind of broad with just the general flavor test, but now we’re gonna get more specific with sweetness versus sourness. – And here’s what the science says, higher pitch music brings
out the sweetness in food, while lower pitch music brings
out the sourness of food. – Would’ve thought it
might be the opposite. – Right? But science is counterintuitive, man. – Yeah. – But what better way to test this theory, than with the sweetest,
sourest food around, Sour Patch Kids. – Yeah, Chester, hit us
with some high pitch. (gentle, lullaby-style music) – Wow! – Boy, what a wonderful time. – You guys are heading in a new direction. – Thank you. (laughing) – We’ve got eight more songs on our album, where that came from. Just wait till this thing
comes out, you guys. – Oh man. – So was that sweeter? I think we’ll have to compare
it with the next one, bud. – I mean, I gotta say, I
believe that was the sweetest experience I’ve ever had
with Sour Patch Kids. – Yeah. – But I don’t have
anything to compare it to, except previous Sour Patch experience. – Yeah. – But we gotta try the
other side of this thing. – So now let’s go low. Mike, hit us with some low. – Oh I got low, low for ya, hold on. – OK, Chester’s gonna add to the low. Alright, grabbing some low
end back there, alright. – OK, I see what you’re gonna do. – Alright buddy, you ready? Come on in. Hit it. (slow rock music) – Yeah, give me the low end. – I’m bringing it. (laughing) – Alright. – Let’s go for the environment. – Yeah, you had a good message there. – There’s a little message, did you guys catch the message in there? – Yeah, right at the end, right? It was about global warming. – Yeah, patchouli kids. – We care about the earth. – Patchouli kids (laughing). – Listen–
– Did it go sour– – When I said patchouli kids,
did it affect the taste? Did it make you, ’cause
that’s like a smell, right? – I know it seems like we’re
just completely making this up, but I’m not making up the fact that I feel like that was
a more sour experience in the best way possible. – Yeah. – I feel like there was
another dimension to it. – I mean, I was like bopping and it brought out the sourness. – And the bass, it was really the bass, that wasn’t plugged in,
that Chester was playing. (laughing) – [Chester] It was my–
– Yeah. – That was the part that really did it – It was my superb slappa-the-bass. – He do slappa-the-bass. – So lame, I’m saying that we are… – I’m convinced so far but– – I’m saying this is happening. – Let’s continue this experiment. – [Together] Round Three. – Now let’s test the spiciness
of food, subject to music. – Now, this one is the first
one, that is intuitive, because the science says
that the faster the tempo, the spicier the food.
– OK, yeah. – The tempo actually increases
the sensation of spiciness. – Alright, so let’s start out slow. Chester, give it to me slow. (slow rock music) – Ooh man! (laughing) That is a single! That’s the first single,
oh, you’ve already had that. This is your like fourth or fifth single. – Off the new album. – This is Hit City. – That was a very sultry
Cheetos experience for me and I don’t have many of those. (laughing) – Still a little spicy. – I’m feeling the spice
now, but I gotta say, the first like five or six, when I was just really into the song, I just thought I was
eating regular Cheetos. – I thought I was eating
something very wrong, but very right. (laughing)
– Oh Godness. OK, let’s speed things up. Mike, you ready to take
things to another level? – That’s all I ever do. – Right.
– Alright. – But I need a Rhett and Link hat. Let’s do it. – Nice. – March it up. (fast rock music) – Yeah, turn it up. – That’s his name. (applauding) – What a coincidence. – That’s crazy, right? – His name and the– – This is a great hat, you guys. – This guy’s name. – I really like this hat. – Now listen, that made me
eat a whole lot more Cheetos, I tell ya that much
(laughing) I’m like 25 down. – Yeah, (speaks foreign language) – It was, wah, I gotta keep up! – Through the roof!
– Wooo! – But did it make it spicier,
is the operative question. – Well, more Flamin’ Hot
Cheetos is more spicy, so by default it almost
made it more spicy. – Yeah, my tongue is pretty much on fire, as well as my desire to
listen to that song on repeat! (laughing) That’s pretty great, man. – I think the conclusion here is that Oxford University
knows what they’re up to. – Yeah, who knew? – Yeah, they needed to hear that from us. – (laughs) You’re off the hook, Oxford and I don’t mean in like a slang sense, I mean in like a, we’re
not on your case anymore. – Yeah, and thank you guys for
those wonderful performances. – They were fabulous. – Thank you for allowing
us to be part of this really fantastic scientific experiment. – And thank you for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – You guys say, “You
know what time it is.” – [Together] You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Jacob – And I’m Carter. – and we’re canoeing on
the Eo river in Indiana and it’s time to spin
the wheel of mythicality. – Linkin Park’s new album, One More Light is available in stores and
everywhere music is sold on May 19th, so check it out. – And check out us
hanging out with the guys on Good Mythical More,
so click on through. What’s this wheel gonna stop on? – [Together] Don’t google that. – This is what we want you to not Google, Dird. – How do you spell that? – D-I-R-D. – D-I-R-D? – Whatever you do, do not Google dird. Click on the left to watch
the show after the show, Good Mythical More. – [Link] Click on the right
to watch another episode of Good Mythical Morning. – [Rhett] And make sure to
check out our new channel, This is Mythical by clicking
the video at the bottom. – [Link] Thanks for
being your Mythical best.

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