100 Replies to “Editing The Same Video to Different Music”

  1. Jim Black says:

    Excellent example…music is everything. If you don't understand that…please re-apply for your old job back at Starbucks.

  2. Olamide ojo says:

    the third guy edit is most diff the best

  3. Ego Matthisum says:

    What?? just 4:45

    Edit: should not be a timestamp

  4. Ego Matthisum says:

    Who actually doesn't just comment for the giveaways?

  5. Diego Contreras Ego Aguirre says:

    Hello 🇵🇪

  6. Jaskirat Singh says:

    All you got to do win is comment

    Bit its not all to win😂😂

  7. Matthew Lavergne says:

    PotatoJet: I really like the birds flying by!!

    Me, as a millenial-meme:
    the birds work the bourgeoisie.

  8. Phoenix Races says:

    Potato's was the best. bro…

  9. Mattias Bergström says:

    this was a funny one =)

  10. Princess Jasmine says:

    Yes. I need the subscription. Hihihi. I LOL watching this!

  11. Jim D says:

    New Video – Squirrel vs Dog, Godzilla style

  12. Nevaid Shaswat says:

    Which Razer Laptop is that?

  13. sijil o says:

    Large library thats great , but ncs got you covered 🤗

  14. Thinking Art Entertainment says:

    Good music, but I still end up searching endlessly for the perfect song 😂😂😂

  15. Shinil Payamal says:

    The timing sure was perfect by Sam and Justin while coming up.🍹

  16. Musicbed says:

    Is this the best-sponsored video of all time? It's possible.

  17. Karthig1987 says:

    To be honest sorry that you guys had to wait 5 years but i liked his the best. The transitions to me werent overdone and also the parts where they changed also correspond well with the specific beats in the song.

  18. Joan D says:

    Am I too late?

  19. Richard James Milne says:


  20. Ankur Bagai says:

    JUSTIN reminds me of why everyone said faster isn't better xD Potato Jet, Takes note.

  21. Toon Debraekeleer says:

    I did it!

  22. Peterson Travel Channel says:

    You should challenge Matti and Peter to a similar type of contest 😉

  23. Sumit Shakya says:

    Am i late?

  24. Abrelo HD says:

    I want the subscription bro

  25. Quadcopterguide says:

    haha the water spitting. Would love a subscription!

  26. Octavio G says:

    You guys were fun to watch. Wish I had friends like that into the same thing to do fun challenges like this! Come out to Santa Barbara next time! Gonna sub to your channel. 👍🏼

  27. Kajo Engelicht says:

    Why is everyone making these
    Gene: iolhbuzs
    Me: huzhddfjm comments?

  28. Don Nguyen says:

    This was a dope video idea! Really liked the finished products from everyone

  29. Atish Nath says:

    Music bed 😍

  30. Damian Atlasik says:

    Damn… 19h late… i always pull out late…

    Edit. My phone… from my pocket!…

  31. Storyboard Video Productions says:

    Loved this – you guys are all dope (s) lol. Couldn't decide on a winner – all fabulous!

  32. Dave Bujold says:

    Justin SMASHED the game!. dope. More of those little battles!

  33. Capital Seaboard says:

    No commercials…. ACK

  34. Daniel_Sharon_ Puth says:

    Can somebody offer me a laptop or a pc..😔..i will surely pay u back🤗…if u will txt me +91 91762 37826…thank u

  35. derek wilson says:


  36. Carlos McMartin says:

    Yes more vids like this! This was super fun

  37. Agent Casey G says:

    I like the 1st one ☝️. Bromance made me spit up a little and the transitions made the rest come out. 🙂

  38. Neel says:

    Did I win something? At least 3 months subscription?

  39. Rage Studios says:

    so many out focus shots

  40. Ethan Williams says:

    Dropping a comment…

  41. Rod Clemen says:

    I Won!.. I think.

  42. Uday Paul says:

    Is that the same pier from GTA 5??

  43. Karen Cerino says:

    Gene, I feel like your edit made Sam look like a creeper, looking at the people on the beach from the binoculars.

  44. Awgust Rush says:

    Justin had best edit followed by Sam but Potato Jet had the best color grading 😥

  45. Flyest says:

    Did i win yet ?

  46. Jack Deagon says:

    epic vid! love the bts! need more

  47. Evan Bollag says:

    the gun hahahahah

  48. Jacob Anderson says:

    Seeing a larger variety of editing and shooting styles would be good for this side of the YouTube community

  49. Daniel Newton says:

    Let's all be honest, Sam clearly won the best edit award! Also; please do more videos like this!

  50. Bersabe Films says:

    This was fun!

  51. Svyat Svyat says:

    nice idea https://youtu.be/Xk6RZ4GipnY

  52. Yuri Kim01 says:

    Less is more . Jet for sure. Other videos were good as well

  53. Gary Yin says:

    🤣is so funny

  54. Gerald Rosenau says:

    Definitely interested in MusicBed these days. Their library seems much more expansive than what I am using now.

  55. Dwight Chase says:

    you mean snare but that's alright!

  56. Ron Flores says:


  57. Jeff Speers says:

    Enter here.

  58. André Camargo says:

    Looks like it was worth spending all that time editing the transitions

  59. Our Mi-Ammy Life says:

    Here’s my comment. Fingers crossed I win this time. 😀

  60. Jordan Alvarez says:

    damn it i never win shit but heres your comment for the youtube algorithm

  61. Supakuul says:

    Just casually hauling the Alexa to a beach.

  62. MrMovieMan941 says:

    Kinefinity mavo lf = Chinese arri alexa 🙂

  63. mr and mrs interesante says:

    Patty cake is the best transition.

  64. Nikola Obradovic says:

    I think Gene won since he was the only who finished well in time. Justin's was the best but went on for too long. Can't really compare half an hour's work with what seemed like over 3 times that time.

  65. Mon Gurung says:

    looks good, I am just learning

  66. swaygfx says:

    dude said, "chilling with your boy"..

  67. Tobias Lorenzi says:

    This is my comment! wohoo!

  68. Andrew Song says:

    Dropping a comment

  69. David Rider says:


  70. Aphroo Dude says:

    Great video, keep going! 😀

  71. Greg Elgie says:

    Was anyone else looking for Gene to do a Hasselhoff slo-mo Baywatch run based on the thumbnail?

  72. saarboi says:


  73. Martin Villa says:

    Am I too late to enter?

  74. THE MATT 222 says:

    I want music givaway

  75. John Leigh says:

    great fun and educational on approaches and style!

  76. 99% Richard Yin Productions says:

    am i too late

  77. Traversy says:

    dude the 80s called, Bender wants his ear ring back.

  78. Oliver Cukor says:

    am I late? I never win anything!!!

  79. James X says:

    very epic

  80. OfficialMouaStar says:

    Bro-chronicles got me wheezing lol

  81. Damian Santana says:

    potato jet? more like

    jotato pet

  82. Diwakar Rajan Online says:

    Why your videos goes out of Focus for most of the time.

  83. Ralf Greiner says:

    Gene:This is too epic. 😅 ist that possible?

  84. Ozarks Astrophotography says:

    That was a fun video! I really enjoyed that and it gave me some ideas on grabbing some music before I go shoot. That should save a ton of time shooting and finding the music. It just makes sense.

  85. officially azzam says:

    lol everytime I dont feel like YouTube this happens

  86. Pranay Khara says:

    I dropped a comment
    Now give me musicbed subscription

  87. Gregory Alusa says:

    Sam's video gives me that "Sanjay and Craig's" vibe😂✨

  88. Bryan England says:

    Fun to watch your competition. Inspiring!

  89. Ruttana Sim says:

    This was an awesome topic/video/challenge (Whatever you want to call it lol). More of these please!

  90. Jarrett says:

    SO Potato's was definitely the most "appropriate" and best color grade, Sam's was definitely fun and well paced, but grade was light. Still liked the grade being so light but he could've pushed it if he wanted tbh. Justin's was definitely cool, and entertaining for said video, but.. looked like EVERY travel video these days. He did provide some story, but it was lackluster in comparison to the previous two. Nonetheless, all were awesome, liked all of them! And take my comments with a grain of salt! As if I can take the time to critique, i should be capable of making videos that are "better".. to which I'm not haha

  91. Ivy Nezop says:

    5 and a half years makes you dizzy but immersed

  92. Khing Bassey says:

    Justin took too long, and potato asked for votes, hence my vote for Sam… Good job guys

  93. Grisho Dyankov says:

    giveaway? yes please

  94. Red Riding says:

    Jo thanks for the feature on your Video 📹 actually a guy told me on Instagram about that yesterday. That was very nice and made my day.

  95. Wandile Pila says:

    Would you recommend a Razer for someone who is a beginner in video editing?

  96. Bings225 says:

    Me plizzzzz :v

  97. Misham Faith. S says:

    I liked the gene's one better

  98. Showman Eyo says:

    Awesome content!

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