ESTEBAN – Rhythm of the Rain – Guitar Cover

hi everybody this is Esteban I'm here recording a beautiful song that I've liked since the 1960s and the name of it is rhythm of the rain and it was performed by the Cascades back in 1962 and it became a number-one hit across America for slow ballad such a sweet little song nobody ever plays this song anymore it's just you might hear it on the oldies stations once in a while but people certainly don't play it live or recorded for that matter and I just like it so we're gonna record it it was written by an that guy part of the Cascades one of the band members a guy named Johnny gum oh gee um mo e and this guy was cool because he felt this beautiful this beautiful energy of the rain I could just picture him writing this the rain was there he wrote this song the rain can be a magical thing you know it's cleansing and at the same time it has a rhythm to it doesn't it so here we go this is listen to the rhythm of the falling rain [Applause] thank you for watching our video we love making these stay connected to us subscribe and give us a thumbs up and rock on rock on you

20 Replies to “ESTEBAN – Rhythm of the Rain – Guitar Cover”

  1. Thaddeus Proshansky says:

    Great tune and you play it well my friend. Tad Proshansky.

  2. Scot Horne says:

    Whenever I see a new Esteban upload I get a smile on my face. You are an amazing guitatist. Thank you for sharing. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸŒ΄

  3. tim taylor says:

    Man, I love everything about your playing! Do you give private lessons? In about a year my wife and I are moving to New Mexico, sitting with you for an hour or half hour would be a bucket list I can check off.

  4. Ronald Ziehlke says:

    "Big E", as always a beautiful masterpiece! You definitely have the Midas Touch when it comes to music. My only regret is that I can only give it one Thumbs Up.

  5. Bill LaCasse says:

    Very beautiful. Peaceful.

  6. Mr. Adam says:

    Another HIT!!!! Yes Esteban UK we love you and a new video from you made me happy. Much respect and thanks for playing it. This is relaxing mate and you're and always will be a true LEGEND!!!! Great stuff.

  7. Long Bui says:


  8. Randy B says:

    Best guitarist of all time 🎸

  9. WORRO01 says:

    I sure remember that song. You played it beautifully Sir! Thumb's up, Rock On!~John

  10. Allan Labay says:

    Bravoooi!!..πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ»πŸ»πŸ»!..can u do …LOVING ARMS…by Kris Kristofferson?? Tnx

  11. Rowlandph says:

    Hey, Esteban…I've always loved this song, too!.. a vocal…I thought it would have been a PERFECT!. song for Rick Nelson to have recorded…It has the same feel as many of his hits…But he never did. Now, I love this instrumental!…I'm going to work this one up, too!…This is perfect…for playing in soft and romantic situations!.. So glad you did this!.. Rowland

  12. Mario Mansuelli says:

    Thank you! A very fine guitar cover!

  13. mokasha1 says:

    That takes me back to high school, great music never dies. TY

  14. Keith Farmer says:


  15. edy lycan says:

    Viva la guitarra You are a great guitarist Esteban

  16. Burt Blahnik says:

    Beautiful song and beautifully done thank you thank you !!

  17. James Cardellini says:

    also, very soothing and relaxing. the music that is!! I don't mind a light rain shower, especially during the night, but sometimes all of this heavy rain can be so bothersome. Jean.

  18. Cherilyn Shelby says:

    So beautiful! Relaxing and calming. I could sit and listen all day and all night long…

  19. James Cardellini says:

    how fitting. it's been pouring here off and on for the past few days. funny, listening to you with the guitar makes it a little more bearable. have a great day. Jean.

  20. Joe Mauro says:

    Esteban is the heir Apparent to the seat left vacant by the Master, Andres Segovia!

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