35 Replies to “Ester Dean – Crazy Youngsters (from Pitch Perfect 2)”

  1. Makiya Gamble says:

    Yup my very talented cousin 😌

  2. jose reyes says:

    Nunca me cansaré de escuchar esta canción y menos de ver las tres Películas. 💖

  3. Heldo Zapotoczny says:

    I'm a music lover and I know a lot about it, and it sure is the best song I've ever heard. Very well built.

  4. Heldo Zapotoczny says:

    Amazing song, best of my life. I'm completely in love with this song.

  5. Celyn Jasmine Gerial says:

    I love how brittany and Anna are here in this mv😍

  6. tupac shakur says:

    2019 anyone???

  7. panda person says:

    2019 anyone?

  8. Maui de los Santos says:

    June 2019 anyone?😭💕

  9. Richeline Fabien says:

    Ester Dean is a amazing girl 😘 Merci à toi Seb la frite 😄😊

  10. Antonnio Mccall says:

    I’m not the only one who saw Alex Wassabi ahhhhhhhahhahahaahhaha so excited this song is really good she’s so talented

  11. Dems Dems says:

    2019 and I need pitch perfect 4!😤😤

  12. Amanda Kurnia says:

    This song is so gooddd

  13. Rkenneth Pvelga says:


  14. Furriends Corner says:

    Songland brought me here. Ester Dean, I’m a huge fan!

  15. Jennifer Potter says:

    Damn this girl is so talented that I wish she would get the recognition that she deserves.she can write and sing her ass off.im glad that Elizabeth banks gave her this opportunity

  16. Dems Dems says:


  17. Lover엑 소_ says:

    her voice is really amazing, i really love it

  18. Boody says:

    still listen t this from 2015

  19. dunica nica and dundee says:

    i love pitch perfect 1 2 3 and anna kendrick all

  20. Will Re says:

    I love Ester. This is an awesome song. Maybe she wants to be a producer or whatever, she has great talent.

  21. taekwandokid89 says:

    Amy Marie gaertner 😍

  22. Melisa Cesario says:

    Ester Dean is one Good singer

  23. loan ptr says:


  24. Jeric Posedio says:

    i love her voice so much why this women didn't get notice much
    sorry for my bad english

  25. Yenzy Hebron says:


    2019: Woah

  26. Iska Mok says:

    2019 anyone? 😉

  27. M Diandra Nugraha Aditama says:


  28. OFFNightcore YT says:

    Why can’t they make a number 4 🙏 😩

  29. Crystal Pistey-Lyhne says:


  30. AllIKnowZ says:

    Crazy and will almost graduatteee sooo 2019! We got a lot of things to do !!😢😢😂😂❤❤

  31. Proud to be Ocampl says:

    I love her songs, I lobe how she dance, very perfect

  32. 현수초 says:

    She is soooooo talented yet underrated. She should release mooree songs n musicals movie I LOVE HER VOICE SOOOOO MUUUUCHHH SO UNIQUE AND SPECIAL 😍

  33. Noemi Rota says:


  34. Cem says:

    I didn't know she sang the chorus of Superbass by Nicki Minaj :OO !!!

  35. Ashley says:

    Love her. Music and her amazing

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