21 Replies to “Ferris Bueller's Day Off – Art Institute of Chicago scene”

  1. Aaron Caswell says:

    This may be a stretch, but i think Ferris and Sloan kissing in front of the stained glass window is symbolic of when Ferris asks Sloan to marry him earlier in the film. Most weddings are done in a church which more often than not have stained glass windows.

  2. multiverse specimen says:

    1:03 iconic shot

  3. Lukegoldstonofficial says:

    The scene at 1:02 how the heck did they make it funny

  4. untitled says:


  5. Rob H. says:

    This Art Institute looks so cool, but it's sad that Cameron didn't get to have happy family moments like that kid in that picture with her Mom, everyone should get to have great happy family moments, and the fact that a lot of people are denied that is just sad.

  6. GabrielleduVent says:

    Caillebotte must have been moved between the film and now, because it's in a different location. It's great to see AIC from the past.

  7. anarchonobody says:

    Anyone know the big painting at 1:03 (directly behind the girl) ? I want to recreate that shot with some friends .

  8. RACDANCE123BABY says:

    Poor Cameron ;,(

  9. Mzeak says:

    I been knew about this movie but stewie from family guy reminded me about it

  10. Ben Morgan says:

    This isn’t just one of the best scenes in movie history, it’s one of the best films in movie history period.

  11. Cody Norton says:

    What’s the song?
    I want to go to the museum and play it while staring at the art

  12. DJ Tommy M says:

    John Hughes was the best movie director in our lifetime!

  13. Adam Ohm says:

    0:40 my elementary school had a reproduction of that painting hanging above one of the stairwells. I used to think it was dumb and weird when I was a kid, now any time I see this painting anywhere (especially in this movie) it makes me miss those years.

  14. Анастасия Черноморская says:

    Great! Thank you!

  15. Brandon says:

    What's the painting at 0:48?

  16. Negative_ mario says:

    anyone into characterization, you just reached the pinnacle

  17. Richard Pitwood says:

    The other half of the Seurat painting of the banks of the Seine is in the National Gallery in London, and whenever I see it I think of its twin in Chicago and this film. Sorry I well up when I think of it, they should be together.

  18. Reaper Gaming says:

    What song?

  19. Emmanuel Johnson says:

    I never understood what this scene meant

  20. Mr. L says:

    I'm so gonna do this next time I go to Chicago

  21. Kevin Clements says:

    One of my very favorite scenes from any movie….pure genius

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