59 Replies to “Free NBA Youngboy X YFN Lucci Type Beat Instrumental 2019 Ride For Me”

  1. Pat Barnes says:


  2. Pat Barnes says:


  3. LIL Lean says:

    Fire shit bro

  4. kidn play says:

    I can feel every instrumental he makes ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾

  5. J Cadney says:

    Damn bro killing it with these NBA Youngboy beats 🔥

  6. Life With Leah says:


  7. Tempah says:

    y killed it fr

  8. Damion Dairsaw says:

    Lit one here riding through Atl 💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨

  9. Oxidize Beats says:


  10. jaydogbit8 fire channl says:

    That's epic wood keep it up trap Lord and you may become trap god forever

  11. KoupO says:

    I need this

  12. Fricphil Beats says:

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  13. blk ghost Batmon says:

    Hard Af yo..u go boy

  14. E. Mollusk Beats says:

    Keep those beats coming dude, you got it!

  15. DJ LOOPY says:

    Keep it up , I do music to so please check it out I hope u all like it. I'm still learning how to make people happy

  16. luhkim says:

    Piano melody go CRAAZZYY! Liked and subbed!

  17. Norwall says:

    This is sick!

  18. Jame Marton says:

    Rideing with the choper all day thru the nite my phone steady ringing like it's on a Percocet btb I'm on the I mannn I hope I don't die

  19. Lil E Entertainment says:

    If I put this in the background of my video will it get copyrighted

  20. Klutch TM says:


  21. brooks dowda says:

    Nice beat📻

  22. at the beats bar says:

    Love the piano melody and the drum work is dope

  23. Kingg X says:

    Keep it up brudda you doing good. Yah!

  24. Killshot_humain says:

    bro wood did u do a beat 4 funnymike?

  25. electric Blue records says:

    Wow great work!🔥 Check my stuff and lmk if you're down to collab⚡️

  26. Kgotso Hlapolosa says:

    this beats makes me happy

  27. Waves In2Weeks says:

    Great work bro haven’t heard a bad one from you yet🔥🔥💯

  28. 30KillaBeatz says:

    Yo your amazing! talented tunes! Subscribe back!

  29. JLOP BEATS says:

    Sick! Dope melody! Great work!

  30. Allidou Yago says:


  31. CaNDie B. says:

    This Flawless,Sexy,Sassy,Smooth,Wordless/Banging,Bangy,🔥-Ass Banger is 💯%Proof of "Great Work"!!!👍

  32. Amusingjerra SH says:


  33. Amusingjerra SH says:


  34. Keshaun Toney says:

    I got the best song

  35. Tanya Jackson says:

    This is a good song

  36. Anthony Luciano says:

    love is blind so sleep with both yes open too many times I let down my guard left me scarred betrayed by the who said they ride for me that's irony//as far as my eyes can see I see red flags now snakes all slither now there vibe warn me// those homies aint ya homies they with u because u got a check there's no loyalty or respect that's bribery//hate me for my image my handle on business hate u had too witness ya bitch how she cried for me//hate me for my riches fuck you bitches fuck you snitches ill slide for me// my worst enemies used too be friends threats never came from a rivalry//

  37. TT G says:

    Heat i got some 🔥 lyrics for this hit me up

  38. TT G says:

    Str8 up

  39. MissKari Baby says:


  40. BUB-IT: DA ODDKAST says:


  41. Shanice Young says:

    I got a hit to this beat

  42. PharohBoyz says:

    Love your beats bro ! We upcoming artists from opelika, Alabama ! I promise you we the next hottest duo 💯❤️ check us out https://youtu.be/lG7_Wj98cQI

  43. Qwueen Sav McCarter says:

    Yes I love this one 💙🎤🎶🎚️

  44. Akbar Maluk says:


  45. zech smith says:


  46. Jahniel-Kayin Coombs says:

    Me and my brother rapped to it

  47. elijah is lit says:

    This beat got me hot like a mug

  48. Deron Jackson says:

    good type beat

  49. Phyre Mane says:

    I just bought this beat. Put sold on here plz

  50. Davon Wright says:

    Hey baby

  51. Darnell Mccain says:

    Good one homie them thumbs down people hater's

  52. Alizay Gomez says:

    Ride for me

    U say you down to ride me where I’m the ride at you coming home for me

    Ha hahha
    You ain’t got shit Man U is always trying start beef

  53. Fritz Ammani says:


  54. Fritz Ammani says:


  55. Will Brooks says:

    Anyone bought this track yet….I’m writing to it if not….I love the skills woodondabeat

  56. Mwaura Saez says:

    This shit 🔥

  57. youngbull 5000 says:

    I want to buy this

  58. tyron small says:

    Hear my pain that's been stuck in side of me that stood tall as a mountain or tree

  59. Lil B On The Track says:

    nice beat bro. liked and subbed. keep it up. hope you will help me too

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