7 Replies to “[FREE] Polo G Type Beat – “Court Dates” | Melodic Sad Instrumental”

  1. Rap Beats RB says:

    Awesome Beat 👍💎🔥🎵

  2. Glock 16 Music says:

    Drums goin hard bruh 💯

  3. LEZZTER LOW says:

    That vibe tho 🔥💛

  4. SAD G says:


  5. SAD G says:

    Bruh damn really tasty🔥🥶

  6. Prod. Dylxnvd says:

    FIRE🖤🔥Lets support each other,
    U underrated af👊🔥
    Road to 125 subs👀🔥

  7. Munguli says:

    I hate music like this but this HIT DIFFERENT

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