Frighteningly phenomenal evil clown is “” for @todrickhall – The Greatest Dancer – BBC

Oh! Whoa. Oh, my God, no. Absolutely not. CLEARS THROAT I think they’re nearly
ready for you. How are you feeling? SPOOKY, OFF-KEY CIRCUS MUSIC Yeah, well, I want to say I wish you
the best of luck and, yeah, they’re ready. It was a… Great chatting with you and, erm…
Oh. Whoa. Go get ’em. What’s this going to be? Phew! Got to be honest, not sure
I want the lights down for this one. He seems a little bit scary but,
lights down. Quiet, please. I’m excited and scared at the same
time. I am the same. Anything could happen here. MUSIC: Enter the Circus
by Christina Aguilera # Who’s in the shadows? # Who’s ready to play? # Are we the hunters? # Or are we the prey? BANG/LAUGHTER Yeah! Yes! Oh! CHEERING Come on! Yes! # of survival CHEERING
# This is a wild game Yes! # This is a wild # Game of survival # This is a wild game of survival. #
LAUGHS CHEERING AND APPLAUSE # This is where we come alive # Out of the shadows # And into the light # Oh # This is where we come alive… # Oh, my God! Come on! # And into the light… # Hi, Harrison. Oh, we’re out of
the character. That’s OK, good. Can you just say, “Hi, everyone.”
Hi, everyone! He’s got a normal accent as well.
I just need to hear it. Sorry. Cheryl, you’re still standing.
What did you think? I don’t feel like I…
I’m not ready to sit down. You were absolutely fantastic. You didn’t break character from the
beginning until the very, very end. I thought it was unbelievable.
You were so fantastic. Everything was just,
like, technically precise. The turns, I was watching the floor and you stayed
right on the centre of that… That big toe was like,
“I am not moving today.” You are everything
and I’m just saying, I would love to have you on my team. Fantastic job. Thank you. Harrison, let’s forget about
the dance for a second. You are an actor. You became this other being
and to see you act your way through
that song was just phenomenal. CHEERING
Thank you very much. Last season I really had a special
feeling about one dancer
in particular, and that was Ellie.
And she went on to win it. And I have that exact same feeling
about you right now. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Thank you very much. That’s praise indeed, isn’t it? Harrison, you just had some
incredible comments from
our captains. How are you feeling? Words can’t even describe
how I’m feeling right now. I’m just so happy and thank you
so much for those comments, they mean the world.
You are amazing. Guys, one more time for Harrison. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE
# This is where we come alive… # Well done! That’s the one I would want.
Him? Gosh. We’ve been waiting for that all day
long. This has just been incredible. I think Todrick
would like him for his team, so there’s going to be a fight.
I think we all would. Woo! Whoa!

94 Replies to “Frighteningly phenomenal evil clown is “” for @todrickhall – The Greatest Dancer – BBC”

  1. john player says:

    Hm weird..

  2. BBC says:

    Stream new episodes of The Greatest Dancer first on BBC iPlayer 👉 ​​

  3. Smerah Sezza says:

    Loved Harrison's, he was amazing. Acting and dancing was top notch.

  4. George Gregory says:


  5. BRIGHT MINDS says:

    Being alone has nothing to do with how many people are around.

  6. iiGothic Pinkii says:

    Which the design was a bit more creative

  7. jjeongx says:

    Damn cheryl is so hot

  8. Abu Huraira says:

    Words of compliments are more precious than the money
    This is exactly what I saw during and after this amazing act
    This is gonna make him do even better in time to come

  9. Unknown User says:

    This show seems great.

  10. L J says:

    We must not partake of table of God Almighty and table of demons. Please stop evil or we will go into black hole. ☦️

  11. Editor XV says:

    I love this show 😀 , also cheryl cole and oti mabuse!

  12. Mathieu Leader says:

    Bob Gray is a great dancer

  13. Heidi Stinton says:

    I usually love watching dancing but this show I just don,t love plus all the tv on bbc1 this Saturday 4th Jan 2o2o crap.

  14. Misimatoka Stanley says:

    I love his contemporary dance literally he's like so much wish he can be in Otis team cause she is such a good professional

  15. Christine Buckingham says:

    Amazing dancer! Wow!

  16. whelkshuffler says:

    S H I T E

  17. Unspoken Truth says:

    You see, people love Evil, don't they?

  18. 7 violett says:

    The splits he did in the air went crazy

  19. Baasim Balawle says:

    We used to see the percentage vote on the screen!!

    Where is it this year?😠😠

  20. Lemurai says:

    If that was America and that was all he did, they would have boo’d him off stage, anybody dressing as that clown needs to bring something more interesting to the table.

  21. Maria-Michelle Doherty says:

    cheryl you mask is slipping you pulled it too tight damn your man is showing

  22. Tamanna Ali says:

    Loved it just like I did last year but why couldn’t we see the percentage vote this year?
    That made it exciting!
    Little less exciting without it! ❤️

  23. teambriarx nolet says:

    Yeessssss Harrison you have grown us so much since playing Oliver on the next step

  24. Phiusmes says:

    lol is this English Україна має талант?

  25. Allie Cliffe345 says:

    Is he from Taking The Next Step he won didn’t he???? Xx

  26. Kerry Platt says:

    WOW! Amazing 👌

  27. Allie Cliffe345 says:

    Yess Harrison u have got so much better since taking the next step xxx

  28. Jason Green says:

    Harrison was more deserving of going straight through but wasn't surprised he was beaten by the sympathy voted toddlers. Harrison was amazing. Really talented and as well as a fab dancer a great actor as well. Incredible. My winner so far.

  29. Mark Eightfourone says:

    Good stuff but shouldn't that read 'phenomenally frightening clown . . .' not 'frighteningly phenomenal'!!? What does 'frighteningly phenomenal' mean BBC?

  30. Sarah Slowley says:

    See this is what would happen if IT perfected his craft of dancing and went to the UK to become the greatest dancer

  31. Guy Tetreault says:

    Trump is best best very BEST most best clown of Putin 😥💮😥 no other clown can do better

  32. AE-6507 says:

    TF am I watching ….

  33. Scott Pepper says:

    Most miserable clown I've ever seen, wouldn't want him to cheer the party up.

  34. Svyat Svyat says:

    can you believe this 4K HDR

  35. Nick Thorp says:

    On the thumbnail I thought it looked bit like Kate McKinnon being awesome.

  36. Leman Russ says:

    Why is cherly a judge. She cant sing or dance. Wtf!

  37. Sylvia Young says:


  38. han goorhuis says:

    We are most amused

  39. Blast Thunder says:

    Same old thing. I only watch it for gorgeous cheryl.

  40. Mayukh Maitra says:

    to be honest, it was nothing extraordinary. Those were some rudimentary contemporary moves

  41. D j says:

    I couldn't tell who the evil clown was… Cheryl Cole maybe?

  42. Antique Macabre says:

    Daaaaaaamn. Such talent. I'm floored.

  43. D j says:

    Cheryl what do you think… I mean your opinion is not really needed as you don't really do anything apart from get married/divorce get married/divorce date younger men/get pregnant… Pretend you can dance and really can't sing.

  44. The Unfathomable says:

    Why is that prat wearing all the watches and gold chains ? Hard to tell which was the clown.

  45. jason ross says:

    People watch this crap?????

  46. Justin Connolly says:

    Love those negative comments from some on here, saying basic contemporary moves etc, I thought he was brilliant and it’s no wonder as I’m sure this guy is Harrison Vaughn, 4 time Contemporary dance World Champion, lol basic contemporary what utter tosh. The guy was superb.

  47. Boysie says:

    looks like george sampson

  48. Jo Mayorga says:


  49. beautoxxbeautoxx says:

    Great dancer! Though I hope he didn't end up going to the fourth judge if he wants to get paid for his work… 😏

  50. GoblinKillerDude69 says:

    Unpopular opinion: I didn't really notice anything particularly special with the dancing Harrison performed besides the flexibility, but then again, I can't judge dance because I'm not fond of it. I'm sure it takes a lot of skill and practice, but in case anybody wanted to know a stranger on the internet's opinion, I gotchu.

  51. Irresponsibly Dead says:


  52. Miss T says:


  53. westsideAUKILANI says:

    That was shit

  54. dead chat says:

    Wow audience and judges reaction are so awesome and wow pheonemonal dance literally

  55. Azliana Lyana says:

    I've got goosebumps! Amazing performance 🙂

  56. bahar dan says:

    What’s happened to Cheryl Cole’s face 😦 I think she’s getting too much fillers 🤔

  57. munna says:

    This is gymnastics not dancing

  58. Edward Lord says:

    OMG that frickin scared me aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! 👍 😘 xx

  59. Elsie Sutcliffe says:

    This. Was. Perfect. I love the style and if he carry’s on like this I REALLY WANT HIM TO WIN I’ve watched this over so many times

  60. Lisa Moreton says:

    Wow an amazing dancer . He reminds me of Yungblud .Definitely a winner .

  61. It’sHarryJ says:

    Why can’t we see the votes on the screen?

  62. RC Trips says:

    What an amazing dancer I watched it last night

  63. Jerry Jones says:

    More shit from the BBC…….FFS.

  64. pete jones says: that is talent …Not folks with singing dogs or fools that can play musical instruments with their noses …a dancing entertainer with a scare factor. .well done harrison

  65. WorldOfRandom says:

    I have cracked the code! Harrison is the winner of taking the next step search it!!!!!!!!

    Like this so people can see it

  66. pete jones says:

    Oh wow he's a scouser. ..I for some reason thought he might be American. .

  67. FINE China says:

    I the only one who thinks the office greeter is way hot.. love the clown

  68. Nikki V says:

    Easily the stand-out moment of the show. I learned about him a few years ago (my interest was piqued because we share a surname – although I'm pretty sure we're not related) and have been following his career ever since. This gave me goosebumps and is an incredible piece of work. Well Done Harrison… I'm excited to see what you do next.

  69. Jens M. says:

    To be Seen in any Dance Studio. Nothing Special.

  70. Brandi Dolfo says:

    Good job 👏 penny wise!!!

  71. Shaden Kamel says:

    This is so fake OMG

  72. Bem Fawkes says:

    That seemed effortless, what an ecstatically, energetically elastic dancer. Fabulous!

  73. HillCo Monkey says:

    I thought it was more a gymnastics routine more than dancing. Yes, he has talent.

    Sorry to say that the guy with a 100 watches on got my attention more than the Clown. Just "Why???"

  74. kerry anne Boland says:

    Love the music and dancing is fantastic

  75. Shiree Unicorn 1 says:

    That was creepy no wonder he gave poor old curtis a fright

  76. Donovan Steadman says:


  77. Abi Trickett says:

    Harrison is an incredible dancer you'd be a fool to say he isn't but I will be really pissed off if he wins because he has won a world championship,31 other championships, a next step competition called taking the next step) as well as being in Matilda on West end. This is a competition for people to get out there and noticed HE ALREADY IS!!!

  78. Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana says:


  79. keith zebrowski says:

    He was original and his dancing was incredible. He has a chance to win

  80. Jake O’Doherty says:

    Anyone else crying?

  81. Freya Iddon says:

    This guy is called Harrison Vaghaun, he is 16 and dances at Jelli Studios in Liverpool. He won the series “taking the next step” and won first place at the dance World Cup (Boys Jazz and Showdance category) with this dance. He is insanely talented!

  82. Happy McNugget says:

    Some people are easily pleased. Probably voted Tory too.
    Good technique, most of that audience would never go to a ballet even if they had a free ticket.

  83. Graeme Gunn says:

    This is embarrassing to watch.

    What is wrong with everyone?

  84. Kazza 8240 says:

    Ok I know Pennywise is the Dancing Clown, but ballet??? Naw man, too far 😂 he could at least have added in the move from the film where Pennywise dances to the organ. I'm sorry if I offend anyone, but I fkn love that damn clown, and I only caught this on tv as there was nothing else on…….. I could turn really geeky and say the makeup and the outfit didn't look right, but I do appreciate that not everyone is as daft about Pennywise as me. All in all, I'd give 4/10. Needs to be more scary and creepy to impress me.

  85. Natalie Middlecote says:

    I loved Curtis he was like ha he help

  86. Kirsty Riordan says:

    Can he still make it through? I've never watched this before. So don't understand the concept of the show lol

  87. vale decem says:

    Yo pennywise Will be joining us in ww3

  88. I do what to name anymore ok this forced me to says:

    I'm only subbed because kitchen gun

  89. chris day says:

    Why’s that idiot got loads of watches on

  90. Edy Donggo says: ♥️💋🙏

  91. Jo-Ash Scott Official says:

    If Pennywise could dance this is exactly how I would envision him. GENIUS!

  92. jennifer berry says:

    Well done harrison amazing performance #teamharrison Come on!!

  93. Up The Saints123 says:

    The guy at the desk looks a bit like AJ from strictly

  94. Memeliaa Chhakchhuak says:

    Pennywise character so talented💖

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