23 Replies to “Funny Background Music | Awkward Instrumental Comedy Music”

  1. Rayeem Afran says:

    All sounds are same!!
    Try to make some new….

  2. Dykurt says:

    I use it in my videos it so cool but can u do something funny like "PULL UP YOUR JEANS "

  3. anex - انيكس says:

    OMG those music!!!!

  4. Vondo BaBa says:


  5. Punjab aale kake says:

    copyright free or not?

  6. Jack Cooper says:

    This song helped me for my theatre arts class skit, thank you very much

  7. _Lost_ Eeo_ says:

    Upload the songs of BEASTBOYSHUB youtuber which funny song he uploaded in PUBG mobile Solo Vs squads.

  8. ᄋᄉᄋomq.eunbi says:

    Don’t mind me…just use this audio for a bts one shot XDXD

  9. Don Julio says:

    hey bro is it ok if i use this for my video? ill shout you out

  10. Jeff Tamad says:

    Boss can i please use your funny music for my vlog .. please ..can you give me permission im a new vloger

  11. ѕнєяlιитѕυ Official says:

    What's the title?

  12. Nathaniel Winter says:

    banjo kazooie pause music remix lol

  13. It's me Hilary says:

    Oh yeah this is what i were looking for

  14. Lukas Kuth says:

    this video makes me feel awkward

  15. Mateusz Heli says:

    Masno ni🔥

  16. Kriti Sharma says:

    Hello sir/mam I got a strick for useing your music…but I m useing just for seconds……..I cannot bye your music licence because I have money problem…….so my request u to please remove the Strick please…..💗

  17. Rianne Maravilla says:

    Can I get this video for my tiktok video?if you dont want its ok


  18. Stephen Emperado says:


  19. بوجى بشكل تانى says:

    very nice really helped me

  20. Reylen says:

    I really like this one. Better than any trap music.

  21. starry nightx says:

    I will use it :3

  22. fadhil al luthfi says:


  23. গল্প Buzz says:

    Awesome music

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