24 Replies to “Funny Background Music – Funny Music Instrumental For Videos”

  1. black quaker says:

    👍 great level….

  2. Trooper Jones says:

    This really fills my day!! Love the video and keep up the great work!!

  3. black quaker says:

    Please upload New thriller music

  4. FesliyanStudios Background Music says:

    Hi everyone, please listen to the end and then let me know what you think. Download link here https://fesliyanstudios.com/d?id=235 (much more music on my channel!)

  5. Pavankumar Gadeela says:

    Quite funny from 1:30 nice music

  6. Nogal_Leaf says:

    actually sound like a sneaking scene in a comedy or something like that

  7. Jayson Espinas says:

    You background music never fail me. Thank you. Can I use your music on my videos sir?

    – your truly fan here 🎼🎶

  8. Peter Sparre says:

    Dude you are just awesome i be sure to credit you if i ever come around to a project for this <3

  9. Vigorous V says:

    Very well made! This song is going to be stuck in my head all day : )

  10. Lord Midas Productions says:

    Sounds like a duo of buffons sneaking and failing in every way 😂

  11. Kiarash Mazhari says:

    Do more dramatic/build up.
    Love ur music

  12. J-Yoshi64 — Just Call Me J says:

    I can see this being the opening theme for a children's show.

  13. Scout Trooper#27 says:

    Sounds amazing man! Look forward to your next music video!

  14. IbnuSyed 10 says:

    thanks bro for uploading this nice funny music…..

  15. Vines Dot Com says:

    Bhai copyright toh nahi ayega na?

  16. basennel says:

    That sounds great!! Thank you for sharing.

  17. Brian The Person says:

    Is it okay if I use this and other of your comedic music for a current funny montage video I'm making?


    amazing I was looking for this thing only

  19. attemting to animate says:

    thank you 👌 ive read the policy im going to credit you in my video that im working on 🙂

  20. Angeline DYOSA Castillo says:

    hey sir your sound is so amazing

  21. AzzyTube says:

    Great Music. Will use it in my coming up video. I just started youtube so my channel is pretty small but If I start making money later on then I will definitely donate to your channel. Thanks
    Check out my page and if you enjoy the content I make then make sure to press like and subscribe to my channel.

  22. Info india gaming says:

    Sir I am a little gaming YouTuber…
    My channel has not monetiz now… But in future I will go for monetiz my channel. My question is that how can I credit u for this music?

  23. BANG DONIE says:

    is this copyright free

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