43 Replies to “George Fields ♫ Instrumental · Hip Hop · Beats Mix [2016]”

  1. one love says:

    I absolutely love this.thanks for posting.

  2. Deandre T says:

    🌕Damn just chill an light up🔥💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨

  3. Ali says:

    1st Beat:: A child is born Ina world of cons and pros. Up and downs. Smile . Frowns. Where people love you when you down. And smerk when you they see you up. But this time this child didn't get 1 fuck. Matter of fact he send them all up shits Creek. So people listen when he speaks. And behind closed doors it is he who is idealized and revered. Once play the rear. These days his a reminder like a motherfucking souvenir. Smile shines from ear to ear. Keeps his queen near. The future looks bright….. 🤘🏾

  4. Nick P says:

    Well done

  5. flo A says:

    Takes me back to West Africa in 2000-2002. Sounds like the music they played on one of them music stations when we first got satellite tv.

  6. Brian Mulcahey says:

    One of the best Chillhop sets so far, in my opinion.

  7. Marlon Malleka says:

    This is one of the best in my collection and I find myself having a good memories of what has transpired in the past and yet this music is still alive

  8. Dannell Wells says:

    Pittsburgh skyline representing!!!!!

  9. Juan Carmona says:

    I don't always listen to chillhop, but when I do. George Fields for the win. Stay chill my friends.

  10. Jc Lazaro says:

    work at home while listening to chillhop vids

  11. Waking Up says:

    ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ the music

  12. blobboflava says:

    Great mix, one of my favourite sounds in the house and at work…

  13. The RetroWave says:

    Really good! thx

  14. Grizzly Beatz: Free Type Beats says:

    Dropped a like for this. Beat is 🔥, checkout my latest upload

  15. Hich k says:

    people who really enjoy this type of music have a unique personality! this music makes me focus very good at work. upper my mood, brings me new ideas, makes me think so smart

  16. EnchantedHerbs says:

    Big thanks, me and the homies love free styling on this

  17. Under The Sun Records says:

    New George Fields music coming 2019!!

  18. Tony JONES says:

    Hot joints. Like the relaxed mood it puts you in

  19. Benny Banjo says:

    this is just dope shit!

  20. Cool Chocolate Dude says:

    Out of all the Cill-hop mixes this one is hands down the best!

  21. James McDonough says:

    Pretty sure that's Pittsburgh in the background. Another reason why I love this video

  22. Tracey Moore says:

    I play it for my students during class in my Keyboarding and Computer information classes.

  23. saved by Grace through Faith says:

    If u think this makes happy and is the best drug..find Jesus Christ..thats the ultimate drug and addiction

  24. atz says:

    Mauvais horaire donc jvais au rendez vous
    Fallait me dire que y avais pas la clim
    On est dans le parking aller chauffez vous
    Vous osez vous surnommer des artistes
    Mais.. J'en connais des meilleurs
    Des mecs pour qui la haine traverse les pupilles
    Yauras sûrement 2 trailers
    Parceque personne n'iras voir ton film

    Babe assis toi dans le vanne
    Donc je roule près du recif
    Jsuis pas méchant mais je vanne
    Des blagues de mec compulsif

    Lumière jaune pour subsister à celle du paradis
    Puisque les enfers nous donnent des passes gratuits
    J'imagine, le vent nous porter vers le ciel
    Ou cristallise, des flocons et des miroirs de ses ailes
    J'arrive pas à croire mes oreilles
    Lorsque tu chuchote des mots doux dans un calme à couler du miel

    Elle préfère les mots charmants
    Ceux qui réchauffe son inconscient
    Donc j'écris seul dans la chambre
    La lune est pleine, mes dm en attentes

    Acceptez les lettres et les rendez-vous
    Je ressens à travers le ciel éveillé
    Notre logique manque de solides écrous
    Savez-vous à quel degré sommes-nous liés

    Comme un perpétuel chant d’oiseau
    Les flocons de grâce vous habillent
    La somme des célestes étoiles roses
    Dévalant la place de mon coeur humide

    Je longe les routes de votre coeur
    Avec la passion de la tâche et de l’action
    Me lancez-vous un regard mêlant peur
    Et une amer touche de commisération ?

    C'est si simple de paraître poète
    Quand les lignes s'allongent en silhouette
    Derrière des vers on est comme bête
    Triste que la silhouette sois brut de tristesse

    Dire que des mots valent des actes
    C'est comme parler dans le vent
    Contre la vie qui nous hâte
    Une chienne qui plisse le temps

  25. Ashlei Evans says:

    For a long time, I was searching for songs that had the charm created by groups like Digable Planet and A Tribe Called Quest in failure. Here on one of my favorite youtube channels, I finally found it. Thanks

  26. Nils says:


  27. Crypto Rootz says:

    Dope Super Groovy!

  28. Dutch Daniel says:


  29. nikkigemini12 says:

    editing photos all day, and when I do I listen to chill hop. THE BEST!! I can focus so hard while this plays

  30. Amey Vadnere says:

    Really hip, happening and chilling! Hope more of your work comes out! <3

  31. Sudima says:

    I dont know why new school rappers never use these kinds of beats

  32. Murakami 62 says:

    32:43 probably the illest best I’ve ever heard

  33. #BlueForSudan says:

    10:08 to 10:45 sound like something in a vsauce video. ahahah

  34. Ethan Hofecker says:

    00:14 had me like whoa already

  35. BEACH LIFE78 says:

    Loving chill hop

  36. Jan Wenzel says:

    This at 10.45 min i love this sound everytime again !!!

  37. Red Label Records says:

    okay okay

  38. J. W. H. says:

    The first one is copied from Smif-N-Wessun – Wrekonize.

  39. Douglas Soul says:

    This is the ish right here, got a nigga high on music

  40. Chuck Norris's Action Jeans says:

    God damn lollll haaa. Yo ive heard a bollion beats n this is pretty god damn beasty u fuckn badass buckeneer bitch

  41. Chuck Norris's Action Jeans says:

    W [oooooooah nigggga yo the illest random godamn….. beat.. ive ever found. Im freestyin rock hard fo dis



  43. waleed khan says:

    @55:55 🤤

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